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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, new to the forum but looks like it's the right place for me to visit. I have an Xbox 1.6b (2005, Australian 240V model). Tonight it wouldn't fire up at all, completely dead and unresponsive to the power button. I opened it up and there was no obvious damage on the mobo. All i could measure on the 20 pin molex from the psu were some very low voltage (0.6V) on the 5V pins. 12V was reading 0. Ac input fuses showed good continuity. The only thing that looks suspect on the psu is the component in R10. I measured across the pins for R10 and its reading open circuit. I reflowed the solder on the AC input pins, no change. The xbox has been moldded since purchase but has been working perfectly until tonight. Nothing has been changed in the last 15 years. Still in original case. The original power cable seems to be intermittent now but other cables tried and no change. Any suggestions to help diagnose would be appreciated as I couldn't t find any replacement psu online anymore. OG psu is Tuscany rev 1.0. Tyia, tssfka
  2. Hey all, only bringing this up as a new topic since a quick search here didn't find any results. I happened upon this game at a retro shop near me, and something about seeing a Sega game I'd never heard of for the Xbox compelled me to snatch it up. I wasn't the biggest Xbox fan growing up, and only recently got into the scene, so please don't make fun of me for my ignorance (or do lol). Anyways, I tried to boot the game up on my Halo Edition system (I believe revision 1.6b), and... got a bunch of gibberish all over my screen. I can take pictures if anyone is super curious, but the various "Alternate Display Modes" lists I've found for the OG Xbox list Gun Valkyrie as one of the only two games for the console that cannot be played in progressive modes, specifically on this revision and despite the games themselves supporting it (the other seems to be Panzer Dragoon Orta). I've been pretty curious about this for some months now, but, like I said, I'm pretty new to the Xbox ecosystem, and it's pretty crazy this even happens on the 360 I guess? If anyone can shed some light on why, or what changed in the 1.6 revision that would break these two specific games in these specific modes, I would be grateful! I'm very intrigued! I have a softmodded system, so if there's a way to bypass or workaround the issue, I'm all for trying. I'm content using the RetroTink 5X for now on 480i with this game, and would like to pick up Panzer Dragoon someday as well, so if there's nothing to do about it, that's acceptable too. Like I said, mostly curious! Thank you.
  3. I Tsop'd and de clock capped a 1.1 Last night after realizing I can't do my other Xbox because its 1.6b? Literally the last batch of Xbox's Produced must be with its Manufacter date 16/08/2005 Ideally I'd like to have this hard modded rather that just Soft because my eyes have been opened. I'm looking for a reputable place to buy a Chip at a decent price and which chip would be the best? I could buy the Aladdin Chip now from here http://www.modchipcentral.com/store/home.php?cat=273 Will this work with the above 1.6b xbox? Edit: Noticed this is an American store and might not deliver to the UK
  4. Out of nowhere today my 1.6b, X3, 2tb Xbox won't boot. Symptoms are: no frag, the console appears to be booting dvd drive will not eject when the button is pressed. The eject button blinks quickly and you can hear the drive spinning down but it never ejects long press of eject and power gives the pink executor logo on the panel and displays the outline of the Flashbios screen but remains blank Single press of the power button lights the Xecuter logo up red for a few seconds then blue as normal, no boot So, I originally thought the chip might have somehow died, but it absolutely cannot be. I completely disassembled the box, removed the X3 from the pinheaded, put the original IDE cable and hard drive back in, and bypassed the X3 board that interfaces with the power/eject buttons. The console appears to be booting but no audio or video (tv behaves as if it is getting no input signal). I have tried with both the OEM composite cable and the OEM component cable (breakout box) with no change. So now I'm convinced the chip is fine and something died in the console but can't find anything similar when searching. Everything on the motherboard looks fine and this console has worked fine since being modded in 2005. Any ideas?
  5. Hello Folks, I try to intsall a XBIT 1.5 Chip in a 1.6b console. I was having a pretty bad time, since most of the information is gone due to forums and websites are not available in 2018 anymore... But thanks to the wayback machine, I managed to get some information about the installation process of the chip. Well, it looks like that the chip is/was only compatible to v1.0 to 1.5 and the 1.6 revision was not out when this chip was released (I've read somewhere, that there is a 1.6 adaptor board). Anyway, thanks to google, I found out that it should be possible to use that chip in a 1.6 console, but I'm unsure if they used the 1.6 adaptor. After rebuilding the LPC port, I installed the chip as usual (Double checked the pinouts from thechip and the LPC port), left d0 unconnected since I've read, that this is not necessary on 1.6 consoles and performed a LFRAME cut. I flashed evolution-x m8 1.6b bios to the chip with a virutal installation of windows xp (the softwate really sucks and won't work on WIN10...) Well, all I get is the christmas light (Console turning on and off 3 times and flashes red/green) without any video signal. If I bridge the LFRAME signal with tweezeers, the console boots as usual. This either means, that either the connection between the console and the chip is wrong or the chip is broken and I don't know how to find that out. I tried multiple thing, like reconnectnig the LFRAME, soldering in D0, used the 1.5 pinout for soldering, used the 1.6 soldering (but without the adaptor). At the time, I think the chip is broken, because flashing works, but validating the files gives me an error. As said before, I read on a german forum, that you can actually use any not 1.6 compatible chip with a 1.6 console by cutting the LFRAME and not connecting the d0 point. Won't work for me Has anyone some tips, help, suggestion for me? Thanks in advanve!

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