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  1. I think I got lucky. I was looking for an Xbox below 1.6 to do a RAM upgrade on. I found one with the X3 front switch panel for the same price as any old Xbox without it. Just got it and it turns on. The chip turned out to be the newer CE version. But it's installed with the Xapt3r adapter. In https://command-tab.com/static/x3_ce_v10_v16.pdf there is an image of the standard kit: The parts that came with this Xbox are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. If I want to solder it I will need 9 also. That I can make myself from one of the scrap headers I have. But what is 8 and 10? My guess is that 10 is irrelevant. Is 8 for some drive activity led flashing? Is it available to buy somewhere?
  2. I have a 1.4 with a flashed TSOP on Cerbios running XBMC4Gamers. First symptom I noticed was a half-second complete video and sound blackout every so often which wasn't too intrusive, but I had other boxes to play on, so never thought too much about it until now when I've started using this box again. I'm not getting the half-second drop-outs like before but what I am getting is really stuttery FMV playback. It's a bit weird in that it plays game preview videos OK, but once I start a game, any video sequence playback is all stuttery - like a record skipping every second or two. The gameplay itself is flawless. I swapped the HDD into another system and it played fine while the other system HDD had the same issue in the problem box. When I got this particular system it looked almost like brand new - and still does, and looking at all the caps, they look in pristine condition. Does choppy video playback point to anything in particular to anyone?
  3. I haven’t worked on this one in a week or so but I pulled it out last night to see what was up. Here’s what it does: It will boot fine and run for hours with no issue. If you reboot or turn it off after a certain point you’ll get a solid green light but no video. It will recognize if you’ve pulled the av cable out but when you plug it back in there’s still no video. Once you get to the no video stage you can’t even make it frag. I pulled the dvd and hdd out both separately and together but nothing changed. It will boot to a game during this time though. The odd part is if I unplug it and let it sit for ten mins I’ll have video again until a reboot or shutdown. If I let it sit overnight it’ll work and you can even reboot or turn it off and on successfully for a bit. While it was working today I decided to do rocky5’s softmod. That worked fine as usual. I bring this up to note this. When it goes to the no video stage it won’t even boot far enough to the led to orange like rocky5’s softmod does. When it has video it does this fine. I’ve tested voltages, replaced cables, caps, etc. The problem still persists but I at least know more about it and can recreate the issue. Any thoughts? I’m leaning towards failing/bad bios. I’m curious if throwing a hard mod on it would remedy the issue. @Bowlsnapper this is that weird one you and I talked about briefly a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Hi guys, first time posting here. So, I live in Brazil and the OG Xbox never got sold here. Recently bought one with a defective 110V PSU to attempt to repair and have currently reached a dead end trying to solve it. What I currently have is the following: ===PSU's PRIMARY SIDE=== - First filter cap (the really big one near) has a reading of approx. 170V. - When powering off, the voltage drains off filter cap normally. ===SECONDARY SIDE=== - No bulging caps, haven't recapped. Shorted VSTB to POW-ON to test and got the following: - 3.27V on VSTB to POW-ON, which I understand is what is needed. - 3.16V on VSTB to VS, which I think is low. - 5.3 on DNA1002D's pin 1, which I'm not sure is supposed to be that high. - 13.5V on the HV end of the optocouplers and little to nothing on the other end, which I think is wrong. - nothing on the pins for 5V nor 12V when shorting VSTB to POW-ON My best bet is the voltage is off on the secondary part of the PSU, maybe because of a faulty transistor or resistor (haven't found the fault) and POW-OK isn't triggering the feedback circuit, but I'm not entirely sure. I'm an amateur at best and know I shouldn't be attempting to repair a PSU with little knowledge, but am taking every precaution possible. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I'm bringing up my console collection to the modern ages... Or at least trying to keep them from wasting away in a pile of leaky capacitor fluid. I have a 1.4 OG that was modded with a Xenium Blue chip. Original HD, DVD, etc. Just modded to turn it into a media box back in the day. Prior to the restoration, I would get an initial green light, then flashing red light constantly. I've recapped the entire system, reflowed the LPC to the Xenium, and verified continuity. There was slight corrosion under the clock cap and a few of the CPU caps had bulged. Post-rehab, I can boot initially to the XeniumOS 1.0 menu. I have two old BIOS images available along with "Original BIOS", however when any of the options are selected the eject button LED goes from solid green immediately to a flashing red light. Two spin-ups of what I believe is the DVD drive, no video, no audio. Flashing red continues until a single press of the power button shuts down the system. Eject button works during this time. Component A/V cables will not work display the XeniumOS menu, but RCA cables will. I've seen another post on reddit discuss an EEPROM failure as the potential cause, and I'm starting to think that's most likely it. In the EEPROM tools section, the Game Region is "INVALID!" and cannot be flashed to another region. Before I go down the rabbit hole of procuring another EEROM, flashing, and reinstallation I wanted to see if anyone here had any other thoughts on the issue. I appreciate any insight you folks may have. Thanks!
  6. On to my next project. This is the 1.4 board that came from the 1.6 Halo console. It's why I transplanted. This is the shell that the 1.6 was in. I can not get it to boot with video. It'll even flash green and orange without the AV cable plugged in, but when it's plugged in? Nothing. One time. I got video output ONE TIME for no apparent reason. Got the green blubber and everything. Couldn't believe it. Next boot, nothing. Just a green light. I found a lot of bugs in this case for some reason and they may have caused a short... I'm hoping it was just in storage... And that I didn't fry it when I tested it the first time... I didn't know there were like, 147 bugs inside, man... Any idea where to start? Or should I just give up now? I did verify that it's not a corroded AV port. @SS_Dave @KaosEngineer
  7. Hi guys, i have an openxenium with latest OS and cerbios 2.3.0 mounted on a 1.6 xbox and it works fine. When i place the modchip into my 1.4 xbox it won't boot (it frags). D0 is connected to the correct point on the motherboard. I believe cerbios 2.3.0 is an all xbox version ?. Should i flash a 1.4 bios into it with the launch menu ?. I also have a duo x modchip and That one boots fine.(on the 1.4 board) I am puzzled ,can it be a poor connection on one off the lpc header pins ? Somebody can give me advice ? Thanks.
  8. Sorry, but I have to annoy you again... I once again bought a cheap ogxbox at a flea market. So far so good. Unfortunately, the box now has an error that I've never had before... and I don't know how to fix it either... When I turn on the box, the box starts to "pump". The LEDs flash alternately. go off and then on again. Fan stops and starts again, screen is black, hard drive is clicking and turning. After 5 - 10 seconds, the box is stable, the fan is running, but the LEDs continue to flash in all colors. Despite this, no error code is displayed even after a long period of time. When I press the eject button now, the DVD doesn't respond at all. If I then start the box via the eject button, the error pattern is the same at the beginning, but then the DVD is opened and the box then boots normally. Then I can even turn off the box completely and turn it on normally. Everything works as it should. If the box was switched off again for some time, the problem starts all over again. The box is a version 1.4 with TSOP patch, but the box also has the same quirks with modchip and original MS BIOS. I've changed pretty much everything that can be changed. IDE cable, yellow DVD cable, DVD ROM, hard disk, power supply unit ... the CPU/GPU cooling paste has also been renewed and the clock capacitor has been removed ... I don't see any signs of wear on the board, and the capacitors still look good... As always, any help or hint is appreciated... Cheers and Thanks
  9. I'm so proud so far I'm a totall newbie to soldering but i just did my first succesfull total refurb of a transluent 1.4 box (full recap mobo, powersupply and DVD player, new cooler paste & pin header mod chip install) and it still works hahaha but i'm unable to find the location where the D0 cable needs to be soldered to the 1.4 mobo (i believe its called the Xbox motherboard D0 point) to let the Openxenium chip to work fully. I know i'm probly overseeing this but is there a picture where i should solder this to the the mobo? i see a lot of 1.0 and 1.6 YT clips but none for the 1.4 Thanks !!!
  10. Hello people. managed to pick up a very very cheap xbox. only paid a 10 quid for it but its mint. only thing it switches on automatically when its plugged in. i did check for traces and 1 is gone but i will jump these when my wires come. clock cap his been desoldered but 3 power caps are gone which ive ordered and will change was going through some old stuff and managed to find my xecuter v26 CE. i had this for years and luckly i still kept it. replaced this with X3 so i kept the old 1 now my questions. will this work on my 1.4 will it need reflashing as i cant even remember what bios was on it (been so many years) i have all the wiring, fresh as in never been installed. does any 1 have a guide on how to install. i think 3 wires just need soldering. as my X3 was a solderless install and of course if i do need a reflash, can any 1 suggest a good bios CHEERS GUYS. MUCH APPRCIATED
  11. Long time reader first time poster! Sorry to start in this way but I'm completely lost and if possible I need your help all... First disclaimer, before the attempt on both console to install the modchip everything works fine (stock console no softmod or other modchip). As per the title I've installed the same Aladin XT Plus 2 (pick-up from AliX) but at the end (after the first boot) both console start to have the same issue as per below : Tries to Boot 3x then FRAG (Christmas Lights) Usually due to a failed or improperly installed modchip or the IDE cable being plugged in upside down somewhere. Check modchip wiring and IDE cables. If you did not do any soldering, it could be a bad PSU. - On both console I've already removed all the wires for the Aladin (beside the connector on the MB) - Cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol - Replaced the power supply - Recaps (Done only on the 1.0) - Searched on the motherboard for broken component or any other strange visual sign of issue Is clear that the Aladin I've is faulty but what I can try now to revive those two console? Thanks!
  12. So I want to build my ultimate XBOX, I already managed to get my hands on a 14.ghz 128 mb ram xbox (1.4 revision), planning to install stellar. But I also want to put it in a nice case. Luckily I can get my hands on a crystal xbox fairly cheap. But this is a 1.6 revision. I know there are issues putting a 1.6 in a 1.0-1.4 case with grounding, how about the other way around? And is there a fix for the grounding issue? Reason I’m asking is that I would probably put the 1.6 board in the 1.4 case to recoup some of my money. I briefly considered putting in a modchip, but sadly the marked for modded xbox in NL is rather slim. With chip, hdd, sata2ide connector and IDE cable I wouldn’t be able to recoup my money
  13. Please help I cannot flash this XBOX I have tinted both point but when I try to flash with HEXEN2020 it says MODCHIP NOT SUPPORTED i have tried to test it by flashing a non windbond/sharp option and it says that the chip is flashable I have very little equipment so using the HEXEN CD is my only option at this point
  14. Smuddge

    1.4 no power

    Was given a few broken xboxes. The one im having trouble with is a 1.4. No power at all. History: was told they replaced the power supply on this one and "something blew up". I see absolutely no signs of anything blowing up. What i have tried: another known working power supply. Another case (incase power button was problem). Changed all the caps to new ones although they looked to be in like new shape. Checked bottom for tracerot from clock cap (which was already removed). Looked over whole board for any previous work (none everything is stock except clock cap was removed). I don't want to give up on it. It is the best looking one of the three I was given. Just not sure what to check or change. I haven't removed the heatsinks to check gpu and cpu. Any input from anyone would be great. I have a multimeter and can check things as suggested. Thanks in advance.
  15. XBOX 1.4 board, ST bios chip. Bridged the usual two points. HDD was dead, so installed Jafar chip and tried to lock another HDD but failed. So booted IND bios from Jafar, run Hexen 2021 and tried to flash onboard bios. It seemed to work but when rebooted the console it still had the stock bios. Tried another HDD which managed to lock to the board using Xblast by booting from Jafar, booted Hexen disc from the soft modded HDD and tried to flash bios but gets stuck trying to erase the bios and nothing happens. Rebooted, then ran xblast OS from the hexen disc and tried Net Flash but again gets stuck. Redid the two boints on the board and re-checked, they're defenitly bridged. At this point I'm at a loss to why it won't flash the bios. Board has some signs of corresion.
  16. There's a few games not working on faster cpu. Does anyone know how to get Return to Castle Wolfenstein (NTSC) to run with a faster cpu ? (1 ghz, 1.4 ghz) ? On startup it dIsplays the first copyright screen and then it freezes just before loading the ESRB notice. HDD spins down to low activity. Same result happens if I use xbepatcher on the default.xbe. On my stock xbox this game runs just fine.
  17. I have a 1.0 model xbox with a faulty 3rd party PSU installed by a previous owner, I also have a 1.4 with a bad video out port that I use as a parts console. I was wondering if there is anywhere I could buy a 1.4 PSU to 1.0 PSU adapter so I can swap the 1.4 PSU in, or if there is a pinout diagram so I can do the pin swap myself. Thanks
  18. Hi! I got an xbox 1.4 in Coma(black screen without sound),with modchip it works only with Cromwell, XBlast or iND-Bios(loading screen), but doesn’t recognize HDD... I’ve another two 1.4 scrap, one has dead GPU and another Fragged(stock / maybe trace corrosion)... Any repair suggestion? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi, I have a problem with starting XBOX. When I press power, nothing happens, only a hissing sound and a "knock" emanating from the console, as if from the power supply, (something like the console board wanted to turn on but could not). No picture and no errors led on the console. Please advise what can cause this, I will add that the 1.4 board is in very good condition, there are no loose capacitors, the paths are intact and in very good condition. The power supply is checked and working. I changed the console TSOP, ver ind-bios 5003 and it worked for 2 weeks without any problems. Please help.
  20. I gave my friend a 1.4 crystal case I got in a bundle of Xboxes online, I forgot to tell him about needing to remove the metal shielding from a pin. Because of that, it would not boot or show any signs of power even when he put the board back in the old case. This case was completely empty so he did use the 1.6 power supply which is also important about not mixing them. There's this one particular transistor on the standby rail on the 1.6 motherboards that can fail. I have swapped this and it is working again
  21. As the title says i'm after a full cap replacement kit for a 1.4 Xbox. Looking for a UK seller to avoid humongous shipping charges. Looking to replace the caps on the MB and power supply board. This box will be my 2022 Ultimate Xbox build with Cerbios, Huge HDD, Xbox HDMI+ and whatever else I deem fit to add Any ideas anyone? The only place I have found so far is Console5 in the US and the shipping to the UKis $40 at its cheapest. That's a lot for a tiny parcel of caps.
  22. Hi all. Soldered the points required. Ran Bios Checker v5, saw the Winbond. Using Resctoox to flash the bios, when it locked up. It locked up before I even saw the bar. My Xbox will boot, but now the Bios Checker says unknown mod chip ect. I pulled the board as I thought maybe my solder skills weren't what I thought they were. I was able to check continuity on both sides of the and got tone from both sets. Any thoughts at all? This box is softmodded. Ready to pull my hair out. Thanks for any input
  23. I saw on reddit that they recommended a Taiyo yuden or Nichicon 1F 2.5V, but it seems these are now out of production.
  24. Hi everyone - I just successfully finished my XBOX HDMI+ install with open xenium. I was able to get the patched bios working following these instructions: https://github.com/MakeMHz/xbox-hd-plus/blob/master/patches/README.md#xbox-kernel-patches-kpatch---xboxhd My only issue is in-game reset lo longer works? Does anyone know a solve to this? Is it possible for me to patch my new bios with LBA48 v3 to restore this function?
  25. Hi folks, A friend pointed me in your direction, and I hope you can shed some light of this issue. I picked up an immaculate Xbox today, boxed, sealed manual, still had the plastic over the eject and power buttons, not a mark on the case I played some OutRun2 and Dead or Alive 3, no issues. I then decided to “stress test” and run a game for half an hour, and chose Halo 2, letting it sit in its promo/demo loop. After around 35 mins, the game froze. I ejected the disc, returned to the dash, and reloaded the disc … nothing. The green light around eject just flashes, but there’s no action from the drive other than 3 whirs then nothing. Tonight I took the console apart, and it’s immaculate inside. No leaks, no dust, no bulging caps, not even a spec of dust on the fan … I doubt this console has seen much use, which is what makes this issue even harder to understand. When I had the lid off the drive, I tried to load a game, OutRun2 … but the behaviour is the same for any disc. The lens moves to the top of the track and back 3 times, and each time it returns to its “home” position next to the disc spindle, the spindle tries to turn and moves, if it’s lucky, a centimetre or two. It does this 3 times, then nothing. I don’t get any disc read errors, because the disc doesn’t seem to spin up. The drive, like the rest of the system, is very clean but it just stopped working so suddenly. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to return this to CEX for them to scrap it, especially given it’s condition, so I want to try and save it. If the drive is toast, as I suspect it may well be, what are my options in terms of modding without a working disc drive? Thanks all. Edit: I have uploaded a video of the drive in action, here:

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