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  1. Yes I believe you can. Download the source code for the dashloader, edit the list and rebuild the application. Download the Code ZIP archive from Rocky5's Xbox-Softmodding-Tool github.com repository (download link). You'll need Visual Studio 2003, etc. to be able to compile the code found in the extracted content of the ZIP in the subfolder: Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/App Sources/Shortcut xbe's/Dashloader/
  2. Which AV cable are you using? Which brand/model of TV?
  3. Rocky5's dashloader for a hardmodded console does this too. You can configure the 8 main buttons; A, B, Y, X, Back, Start, White, and Black; on the controller to a different dashboard to start when held on power on. The hard modded version of Rocky5's dashloader is provided with the unofficially patched iND-BiOS 5003 release: IND-BIOS 5003 Shutdown+Ram Patched+XBL Enabled.zip - Google Drive This patched BIOS fixes a few bugs that exist in the original 5003 release and allows Xbox Live packets to be sent for when Insignia becomes available - the homebrew Xbox Live replacement soon-to-be-released (when? when it's done...). Note: To use the dashloader, you do not have to use iND-BiOS. The dashloader is named evoxdash.xbe and replaces that file on your hard modded Xbox's C drive. (REMINDER: you do need a replacement dashboard on the hard drive at one of the locations listed below.) Most modified Xbox BIOSes check for that file, C:\evoxdash.xbe, first in their boot order list. Rocky5's dashloader has its own much longer boot order list than a modified BIOS. It is used to load the actual replacement dashboard installed on the hard drive unless you hold a button on the controller that has been configured to load a specific dashboard. The first file found in the following list becomes your default dashboard: C:\XBMC-Emustation\default.xbe E:\XBMC-Emustation\default.xbe F:\XBMC-Emustation\default.xbe C:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe F:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe C:\XBMC4Xbox\default.xbe E:\XBMC4Xbox\default.xbe F:\XBMC4Xbox\default.xbe C:\XBMC\default.xbe E:\XBMC\default.xbe F:\XBMC\default.xbe C:\dashboard\default.xbe E:\dashboard\default.xbe F:\dashboard\default.xbe C:\dash\default.xbe E:\dash\default.xbe F:\dash\default.xbe E:\default.xbe E:\dashboard.xbe E:\evoxdash.xbe C:\XBMC.xbe E:\XBMC.xbe
  4. I've never seen one. wait, wait, I do recall that XBMC4Xbox can view pictures stored in a CBR or CBZ file. So, if the manuals were available in this format, maybe... See: https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/wiki/Pictures#Comics I'm not sure if XBMC-Emustation retained that feature. IIRC, there was a comic book reader application too for the Xbox, or maybe it was simply using XBMC to view the file's content. Edit: Found it - xCbr_v0.1.1_xbox.zip.
  5. Purchase a Brook Wingman XB adapter or Ryze119's OGX360. If you have the technical know-how, you can build your own OGX360 from the plans and firmware available the developer's github repository - OGX360.
  6. Advantage: Faster boot time. The BIOS does not have to wait for the hard drive to become ready to load the configuration file from it. Disadvantage: If done improperly, it can brick your console. The takeaway: DON"T DO IT! Edit: You are asking about injecting the config file into the iND-BiOS, correct?
  7. The AC power connector pins soldered to the printed circuit board do look cracked - no longer able to make a good electrical connection. Reflowing them is the first step to attempt repairing the power supply unit (PSU). Do you have a multimeter to measure the voltages present on the motherboard power connector? It is a FoxLink PSU which has the problem of poor strain relief on that connector which lead to MS releasing the power cord replacement. Their solution was only a band-aid to prevent the Xbox from catching on fire, not a real fix for the problem but less costly than a recall and replacing millions of poorly designed power supplies.
  8. Buy one of the Xbox breakaway cables from eBay or Amazon sellers. Thanks for posting a photo of the PS1/PS2 to Xbox controller adapter.
  9. No, I don't need the backups after discovering which softmod package it is. Check the E drive for a Mimesis subfolder. If there is one, its content needs to be backed up.
  10. Ah ha, found the source of the info on the font + audio exploit that was posted at biline.ca. It was written by mkjones himself and posted at the now defunct forums.xbox-scene.com web site: http://web.archive.org/web/20141025205854/http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?/topic/195972-what-are-the-font-and-audio-exploits/ Also, now available at forums.xboxscene.org - a web site built from a ton of archived data from the old web site: https://forums.xboxscene.org/index.php/topic,90105.msg741629.html#msg741629
  11. Okay. After a bit more digging, I found that softmod lite package: https://the-eye.eu/public/xbins/XBOX/Console Based Applications/exploits/_Packages/mkjones_packages/mkjones-softmodlite.zip Edit: I've never used it. I always installed a modchip on the consoles I modded back in the heyday of the xbox modding scene. I started installing a few of the more recent softmod packages such as SID (Softmod Installer Deluxe) [actually not released recently. It's been out for many years.] by xbox-hq.com or Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool releases starting in 2016 IIRC to the present.
  12. I found a bit of info about old softmods / font exploits that change the Xbox Live tab of the stock 4920 dashboard to Phoenix. http://www.biline.ca/xbox_ude.htm: I emboldened the text that mentions the XBOX LIVE to PHOENIX tab change.
  13. Ah, yes that is a very old version of UnleashX - 0.31.0229A. The latest is 0.39.0528A Build 584. A few of the prior releases to the latest also show the Kernel version number on the System Info page.
  14. Touching the RF shield to discharge yourself is not going to help with the Xbox. It has no Earth ground connection to discharge the static. If you are worried about ESD, get an anti-static mat to place the console on and an anti-static wrist strap that are properly Earth grounded. Always wear the wrist strap before touching the Xbox.
  15. Hmm, looks like the E drive has a lot of content stored on it - original size 4,895 MBs down to only 417.23 MBs free.
  16. Can you make a backup using FTP to download all the files from the C:\ and E:\ drives as well as the F:\Bioses folder. Edit: Then, share it. I'm interested in determining how your console is softmodded. (edit 2, 3, 4, ...: Oh, so many typos!) When in UnleashX, press the (Y) button on the controller to display the System Info page. What is the kernel version of the BFM BIOS that the Phoenix BIOS Loader (PBL) installed?
  17. I noticed that after I posted the link to the thread on the EOL web site - no links allowed.
  18. I don't recall ever seeing a softmod that changed the Xbox Live tab to Phoenix. There is a Phoenix BIOS Loader application that will load a Bootable from Media (BFM) BIOS. Check the kernel and dashboard version in the stock dashboard's Settings > System Info scroller. Note and post the K and D values displayed on the lines at the end before it repeats. After using the Phoenix tab to get into UnleashX, press the (Y) button to display the system info page. What is the version of the kernel seen there?
  19. Part of the Duke controller's cable is missing. Replace it. What is this PS1-2 adapter you mention? Can you post a picture of it?
  20. You need to purchase the rest of the cable. There's a short breakaway piece that you are missing. Whoever you obtained this controller from did not provide you with the entire controller. There are more seller's of this item than the one provided below. I have no idea how good or bad this particular breakaway cable is. It is simply one of the first one's I found with a Google search "Xbox Breakaway Cable": https://www.ebay.com/itm/293852156310
  21. Is it a 3rd party controller or an original Microsoft controller? There is a controller test application you can run on the Xbox that may help diagnose the problem. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w560ora5ao1aagf/TestLaunch.zip/file For a bit more information on this Xbox application, see: https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/wiki/testlaunch
  22. As long as the console is connected to AC power, the clock is powered. The power supply has a standby voltage supply that is always on. It is used to power the PIC processor (v1.0-1.4) or custom Xyclops chip (v1.6/1.6b) - System Management Controller - SMC, clock cap charging circuitry and clock. The Xbox uses soft power on / off that requires a part of the console's circuitry to always be powered.
  23. Use the D-pad to move up and down slowly through the menu, not the Left and Right triggers. Those are used for fast scrolling through a long menu list - for example, to quickly move up/down in a long directory listing. Once you get close to the item you wish to select, use the D-pad.
  24. Try the link that was posted by @the420m1ke on Feb 9 three posts before yours in this thread. [spoiler]The Rad Mod 1.6.rar - Google Drive[/spoiler] Edit: why isn't the BBCode spoiler tag working? Does it work this way: <div data-ipsSpoiler>https://drive.google.com/file/d/10e262A4qW8PCJ8CLwQxxtFrE7Lasp3Ad/view</div> No! oh, well.
  25. Oh wait, I finally read the comments for the posted images and see that you were able to fix it after connecting D0.

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