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  1. EDIT - I used HDD Raw Copy Tool (Ver. 1.10 Free) Here they are showing folder names Partition 3 Partition 4
  2. KaosEngineer, any idea from looking at those drives as to what I would need to do to engage the dashboard on boot? I see that its having issues with the G:\ drive, but this is the same directory structure and reading I had when it initially worked for a short period, I'm just not sure what I need to do/edit to get the dashboard to show up.
  3. KaosEngineer, here are the partition contents: (Partition 3 is C:\ and Partition 4 is E:\) Partition 0 Partition 1 Partition 2 Partition 3 Partition 4 Partition 5 If you need an expanded view of any of them let me know, again any help would be appreciated and I thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you for the replies, I botched the recent img messing with the config files so i am currently re-imaging. KaosEngineer - I will post pictures of the drives contents once it is finished loading a fresh image back on. SS_Dave - I nulled the Key with the original harddrive in after softmodding and copied the EEPROM via FTP, then locked the new harddrive with that EEPROM. I am using the original composite video cable. Im not sure what the display is set to though as i cannot view a dashboard with the new drive although my TV shows 480i when the xbox starts up and it shows the input
  5. So im working with a v1.0 xbox and I am trying to install the img from a 2tb Origins build. I have my original HDD softmodded and it is working fine. I was able to null the original HDD key and pull the EEPROM off and after successfully mounting the img to a new 2TB HDD was able to lock it with the pulled EEPROM with XBHDM. When I turn on the system with the new HDD it will show the xbox logo with "Microsoft" in white on the bottom, then it goes to a black screen. The LED stays green. Looking around I saw suggested that this meant that the softmod or .xbe was broken or that the shortcut linked

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