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  1. I´ve been looking for something like this. I´ll try it out and see if i have some feedback. Thank you for sharing!
  2. Thank you! Trondheim, and you?
  3. Hi. Totaly new to the ogXbox modding. Have one Duox2 chipped xbox. No casemods or anything fancy. Looking to buy another chipped xbox to do a casemod and something cool.
  4. Hnrix

    Flash Duox2 Lite

    Thanks to the both of you for all your help. I was lokking at my hdd when i cleaned the xbox earlier today and i dropped it so it died, So i popped in a new (old) 200gb ide drive and did a full hdd rebuild with hexen. Worked perfectly. As for the bios, i came to the conclusion i should not mess with something that is working.. Again, thank you for your help.
  5. Hnrix

    Flash Duox2 Lite

    Ok. I wont do anything for now. I am newb to xbox modding, so i only want to flash and reinstall to learn something. But the only thing i figured out for myself is that i have a duox2 lite chip installed Thank you for your help wikati.
  6. Hnrix

    Flash Duox2 Lite

    In the Hexen Flash menu it says Unknown. Could you tell me if my installed games disappears if i flash the bios and format the c: drive to install unleash x dash?
  7. Hi. I just got an 1.6 Xbox with a DuoX2 Lite modchip. Can someone tell me how i can identify the bios flashed to the chip? And can i flash any bios to the chip with Hexen 2017? I bought the Xbox 10 yrs ago, so i am wondered if there would be any advantages for updating the bios to a newer one than the one thats on there now?

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