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  1. Hi All, I figured out my problem. All custom PNG files should be in the F:\Apps\XBMC\skins\origins\720p\media folder.
  2. Hi All, I am not sure how to set the thumbnail for the "My Games" shortcut tile on the home page of the XBMC Origins skin. Currently, the shortcut has no image. The XML code below is from home.xml. I have tried to set the path for the icon tag, but my PNG image (xbox.png) never appears. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. XML code from home.xml <content> <item id="1"> <label>My Games</label> <icon>xbox.png</icon> <-- PNG IMAGE NOT SHOWING ON SHORTCUT TILE --> <onclick condition=
  3. Hi Can someone with the 2TB origins HD share their F:\apps\XBMC\skin\xbox origins\720p\home.xml file? Thank you.
  4. Hi All, Thank you all for replying. I resolved my issue. Turns out that I needed to wait for a while (at least 40-60 seconds) for my Hexen disc to boot from the dvd drive. There is nothing wrong with my DVD drive or the Hexen disc. My apologies.
  5. Hi Admin, Thank you for your reply. The DVD drive reads my retail XBOX games and audio CDs perfectly. So I don't think the DVD drive is failing. It only has trouble reading the Hexen dvd. I was able to load the Hexen DVD during the initial TSOP stage. After TSOP, the Hexen is no longer loading. I prefer to use the DVD to repair or fix any issues in the future if my HD fails. Any ideas?
  6. Hi All, After successfully TSOPing my 1.4 xbox, I can no longer load the Hexen disc. Is this normal? I am running unleash X as my dashboard. I was able to load the Hexen disc to complete my initial TSOP, but not anymore. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi All, Can someone provide a link to Earthworm James's N64 rom pack? All the links to on this board have been removed or expired. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All, I would like to know how to TSOP a 1.5 xbox without softmodding. Is this possible? Can you point me to a tutorial that can show me how to TSOP directly without softmodding? Any help is apprceciated.

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