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  1. Hello KaosEngineer. the evoxdash system says: BIOS: Evox M8+ 137HeXEn Kernel: 1.00.5838.01 Is that all right? So, my plan will be: 1-Order the replacement fan. 2- Use the "Evoxm8plus.bin" that comes with the OGXbox Installer 2021 DVD, plus EvTOOLS to adjust fan speed to 40% 3- FTP Xblast to C:, the .xbe to F:APPS/Xblast and the modified bios to C:BIOS 4-Run Xblast and have fun? Is that all right, or I am missing something? Once again, thank you very much.
  2. Hello Guys. I need some advice. I have a Xbox 1.4 with a windbond chip that I TSOPed a few years ago using a Hexen disk, I don't remember exactly the bios that was flashed, but when I turn on the xbox the evoX logo comes up, so I'm gonna guess my xbox has a m8 plus. The console works fine, but the fan is very noisy (it's a Sunon), so today I disassembled the xbox, replaced the thermal paste in both gpu and cpu (i've gained like 5 degrees), cleaned and oiled the fan and...it's still very very noisy and loud. So, I've been looking for a replacement fan, and found that people recommend the "Nexus 70mm Real Silent Case Fan". But, they also recommend to up the fan speed (to 40% I think) because by default, it won't cool the console as the stock fan does. To do that, ¿I should flash a new Bios right? the m8 plus using EVtools and selecting 40% fan speed? something like this: My DVD drive is dead, so I can't use Hexen, or the OGXBOX Installer, but I can FTP to the console. Any advice on flashing a windbond chip? Thank you so much for your time.

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