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  1. Ohh didn't know this is the proper way to introduce yourself! But welcome! joined a few weeks ago either! so what are you up to?
  2. Okayyy so I downloaded the xbox origins and most of it works perfecly, But I got a backup of my savegames and I want to restore my savegames from my childhood. I made a backup using my OLD harddisk which was softmodded and used UnleashX to connect to my PC using ftp. Then I used XBSM45 Savegamemanager and succesfully downloaded all my savegames... Then I put the 2tb origins hard drive back in and used the same program, but now to restore / upload all the savegames... Now I cannot say it was a total faillure...because a lot of savegames are great! rollercoaster or gta san andreas for example... But other games like need for speed or rallisport challenge.. On these games I might see my username, but no scores or whatever... Does anyone know why this is?
  3. Thanks! XOSVP looks very promising.. immediately send the guy an email!
  4. hmmmm do you think it's necessary? because it's with all the 4 xboxes I own... It only changes when I change the ouput cable
  5. okay... So it appears not to be the game.... the problem is in the output.. Im was using this component cable on this tv... Using the standard AV cable solves the problem, but ofcourse the quality of the screen goes down to 480p... Not what I want! Using the HYPERKIN HDMI cable makes the whole screen shake....| I already invested some money in a proper cable, but im not too succesful.... I consider buying a Pound cable for the tv and a Vbox 2 adanced for my pc... Strange thing is... I got this terrible cheap samsung tv.. and the hdmi happens to work a lot better on it.... soo that makes me doubt.. don't wanna waste more money on stuff that doesn't work..
  6. I started downloading directly, so I will let you know very soon! Thanks
  7. hmmm I could try a different copy, but this is from the 2tb originals (This one), soo I would think that everything should work nicely. I have the EvoX for F and G partition
  8. But do you agree that it is strange because I think need for speed underground 1 and underground 2 would not differ much from eachother.. and nfs underground 2 should have at least the same or better graphics than underground 1... you see my point?
  9. Pal And why set 480p in nfs underground 2 if underground 1 is nice this way?
  10. I would say it's not interlacing because the screen is not moving at the pause screen. As far as I know interlacing is only occuring when the screen is moving. Video And which resolution should I choose then?? I would like to just use one setting to use all my 2tb of emulators and games you see
  11. Heyyy Soo I finally got some xboxes succesfully tsoped etc. So Im finally actually playing games!!! BUT, I see realy differences in the quality of the games..... Like there are some stripes trough the screen of the game ( sorry for bad explanation). Just see it for yourself: (first picture is GOOD Need for speed underground 1, Second picture is BAD need for speed underground 2) Does any1 know what causes this ugly stripes??? some games have it , some emulators have it and some don't.
  12. Emustation (stock harddisk)
  13. Okay im sorry... I have to be honest.... Im pretty stupid I actually tried to TSOP an xbox which has Xecuter 2..... It has the xecuter 2 bios G drive Is not enabled in (rocky5's emustation) on the Stock harddisk (200gb) , how can I do so??
  14. Heyy Since I fked up my awsome rocky5 softmod (deleted root files) And instead of uploading all those games, emulators and art... I decided to be lazy... and install this prefabricated HDD (https://www.arcadepunks.com/2tb-origins-original-xbox-fully-loaded-front-end/) I had to do a TSOP and download for 16days and Raw copy for 10 hours..... sooo kind of lazy but still... So I finally managed to get this working, but unfortunately my G drive is unavailable Could someone help me?
  15. KaosEngineer said in a earlier topic: In a command prompt window, list the disk drives Windows 10 recognizes using the following wmic command: - wmic diskdrive get model, interfacetype What's it list under the InterfaceType column for the Xbox HDD: SCSI, IDE, or USB? The stock XboxHDM23USB configuration requires it to be connected as a USB device. I think some docks connect via a SCSI device driver instead of as a USB attached device. So I tried this and my HDD is detected as SCSI

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