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  1. YEY My OG Xbox now have 1TB disk! Thank you for support. Topic ready to close
  2. Ok disc swapped but have a question: I set in XBpartitioner 1,3 to distribute 924GB to f but dashboard and DVD2Xbox say f is still 521GB That is a dashboard bug or redistribute f 50% g 50%?
  3. Lady luck gave me middle finger:my 80-wire ide cable fall
  4. BIOS flash-ed (without crap-o-pug) tomorrow (in GMT+1POLAND)time to swap HDD
  5. Thank you heh I must wait for my "new" composite cable(3 plug). I can`t use my component(5 plug) because black scren
  6. I not first owner I got with chip below is photo of my chip AND I must have coposite cable for reflash
  7. I`ve X 1.6 Hardmoded with Aladdin Advance 64 BIOS checker say: evox.m8pus.bin stock>1tb(sata) I try HEXEN method but after swapping HDD HEXEN block in "xbox linux" boot screen (red LED) I don`t know adapter non compatible or BIOS (hexen disc work) XBpartitioner 1,1 show this error:(photo) What to do? PS.: Sorry for my English it is not my prime lag

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