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  1. I have this problem too. Could it be some bad rom-package Ive gotten my hands on? When Im autoscanning I can se the N64 in the "startmenu" of emustation but it says "0 Games". When I start the emulator from the fileexplorer it works though.. ?
  2. I did try with the shortcut and I found it working on the first try. Did a backup of the original evoxdash.xbe and copied it to my backup folder. Thanks again everyone! Now I just need to get XBMC Emustation to work with the artwork on all the emulators. I have got it working on all my xbox games with the built in artwork but it doesnt seem to work with the other emulators.
  3. Thank you again Gingerguy! Can I make this shortcut right on the xbox or do I need a program?
  4. Hi everybody. From what I can understand there is a difference in how to change the default dashboard to anything you want (If you have a tsop, sofmodded or hardmodded box.) In my case, I have a TSOP modded box and I would like to have xbmc4gamers or xbmc emustation as my startup dash. What should I do here? I have read somewhere that I should make a shortcut in a program on my computer to redirect it to where I have the dashfile. Please feel free to fill in the blanks for me to understand this matter better. / David
  5. Thanks for the information buddy. Will check it out now
  6. Ok! Thank you very much for all the help. Im inside xbmc 4 gamers and downloading some artwork and I think this will be fine! You are awesome!! / David
  7. Okey I've got the latest and the greatest bios of X2 256kb bios. I'm wondering if there is any chance of deleting everything on the box except the OS.
  8. I'm on hexen now. I can see that I have a v1.4 Xbox. And I guess I need to go to tsop flashed xb tools.
  9. I will make a DVD of hexen and come back with the info from there thank u very much buddy!
  10. This is the boot screen
  11. Yes it says something about tsop Whatddo you think is the best way to get go for me now? I want to get the latest bios and I would like to to get this box fresh from games the other owner had on it.
  12. The version of dash is +3935 What is the best way for me to go now? Burn a DVD with Rocky5?
  13. The thing I thought I knew was wrong lol. It seems to be softmodded if I'm not mistaken? Look at the pictures. Does anyone know what version of Xbox this is?

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