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  1. Yep that did it. Thank you. On a side note, if anyone knows how to make one of these xmv files, I'd be more than happy to contribute a Touge R preview.
  2. I'm missing three previews in this collection: Commandos Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Touge R Would anyone happen to have these or know where to find?
  3. Sorry if it is not obvious but where do you put box art, what should you name it and how do you choose it for each game?
  4. I flashed the 1.6 F & G but I do not have a G partition set up. I assume that won't hurt anything that way. So far so good.
  5. This fixed my issue. Hard drive space shows correctly now. Thank you. That was driving me insane.
  6. I have the EvoX logo. When UnleashX boots it only shows 123 GB capacity on F in the File Explorer. If I go to the HeXEn tools section and open it, it shows the full hard drive capacity on F. From some quick research, I should boot from the CD and flash the Evo M8+ F and G 256K BIOS. But I cannot decipher the difference between this BIOS and the "MOD" version. Is this what you are suggesting I do to resolve this issue?
  7. I'm afraid I do not. Are you talking about the Aladdin BIOS? I'll look into doing that.
  8. I swapped in a 1TB drive and an 80 pin cable into my unit. I went and formatted the new disk with the Hexen 2018 CD, and setup the Xbpartitioner with the extended partition at 948 GB in 64k clusters. So the space free for F shows 948 GB until I reboot into Unleashx. Then it becomes around 123 GB free. If I go into the menu and restart Hexen, it boots up and shows the correct free space. What gives? I have r reformatted several times

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