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  1. Though I've been lurking for some time... I finally got my crystal 1.6 set up the way I wanted it, so I figured what's a better time to actually introduce myself? I set it up with an internal ogx360/receiver, cool & quiet fan, 2tb hd, openxenium chip & front panel & controller lights, xerc 2 xe... that's all that immediately comes to mind.. https://imgur.com/a/HGlrd68
  2. Honestly, literally every cheap $13 xbox360 wireless controller I've purchased on amazon and aliexpress have worked. I'm currently using this one in my crystal: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00LUJTK3I and it works fine.
  3. I broke open the receiver case and took out the tiny circuit board, then I desoldered the USB cable, and soldered a new one to it that was just a few inches long... then I soldered a pair of wires to the 'pair' button, and connected them to a button I drilled out the back of the xbox, and then just used a piece of two-way tape to mount it to the top of the ogx360 xbox mount board I bought from tek nemesis. I don't have any photos of the receiver mounted, but it's mounted to the top of the ogx360 plastic in this photo: https://i.imgur.com/6A9PZUe.jpg
  4. Nevermind. It reinstalled the damn thing and it came back. Sort of. The xbox was acting very wonky. I don't *think* I did anything wrong -- this xbox has behaved strangely for a very long time; I'm thinking it's time to move onto my other xbox. (Not a 1.6.)
  5. Does anyone know a good resource for buying power supplies?
  6. Well.. I modded it. And it worked. Then I plugged in an ethernet cable, and tried to come out of the screensaver for the dashboard, and got a black screen. Then it stopped turning on. I suspect the power supply has gone bad -- or I've screwed something up, obviously. But I don't have another 1.6 power board to try out so I'm lost at the moment. Weee.
  7. Evening. I don't know how active this board still is, but here we are. I have a ridiculous video game collection, but I've been looking to consolidate and get rid of things as I clean up and work towards a very large move across the continent for my family later this year. That included picking up an aladdin xt for my xbox which I will be installing this week so I can use the xbox for a lot more than Microsoft intended. This seemed like a good resource for information on doing that. So: here I am.

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