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  1. So wired controllers aren't usable anymore? At least for me that method with switch would be better so I can use both wired and wireless controllers.
  2. You'll be selling those? Lost Ryzee's selling Also are you willing to sell them without the atmega? I have dozens of them around here, lol.
  3. Hey Ryzee, is there any YouTube video showing it working? Looks very neat, specially because it's modular!
  4. Man, those 24 in are impossible to find here in my country, I searched everywhere. Had to use the 18 in and cut a little bit of that plastic support for the DVD and do some creative bending of the cable, but in the end it worked all fine. Got a 1TB HDD installed and it's running very nice.
  5. Is it the same cable used in a pc to hook up the optic disc burner? Im thiking about putting a sata HD from an old PC I have.

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