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  1. also welcome i to am new here but like yourself im back at it i did quit a few consoles back in the day all using executor mod chips i lost all the software along the way but i am fortunate to have found this site very helpful
  2. i did say they were old it was around 2004 to about 2006 i used them last hence the missing software and accompanying literature i am only great full for all the help i have tried previously to find information and software but was unsuccessful i have an old dell desktop pc running windows xp or i to would not be able to get these to work
  3. thanks for that my executer is back to life
  4. thats the problem its been that long since i used any of these i cannot find the software hence the post if there is any chance you can help me i would be most great full
  5. executer 2.6 and if i recall the the green one was for alladin but it was a long time ago
  6. I did lots of chip installs back in the day 2004 to around 2006 still got the programmers but for the life of me I cannot find the software

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