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  1. You could actually use a 3TB HDD that will give you 186GB additional space. So there are some 700+GB unused space on that 3TB drive.. but hey.. at least it's possible
  2. Perfect. Thanks for the answer and all the work! There you go:
  3. I still have my first XBox from 2002 which was modded to death and never lost interest in the XBox scene. So... here i am back again I think one of the mods i did to my first XBox could be interesting for some: since i wanted a clean look i repleaced the On/Off button with a IR LED (to turn the XBox On/Off via the original remote control) and the Eject button was replaced with the "lid" (this translucent plastic that sits in front of the ir diode in the DVD dongle) but keeping the ring of light intact. Was a bit tricky but worth the hussle
  4. I really don't see a problem here: Try to force 480p via Dashboard or go the hard way and force it via BIOS: Force 480p Xbox Bios Collection! I have a Wii2HDMI adapter laying around and will give it a try in the next days.
  5. Correct me if i'm wrong: The version posted in the start posting is included in the resources pack from PsyKos posted here. But the resources posted by heresy are neither included in an updated version nor in the resources pack from PsyKos?

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