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  1. If that is cool with KaosEngineer I can upload them too, but want to make sure it won't cause any issues.
  2. The 616F did require some "plastic surgery" in order to function correctly. I don't see anything indicating that the 616T needs any fix.
  3. I have 3 different tutorials for the 616T and one for the 8163B which I will upload. You can make a determination which ones are best. The 616T ones use several different approaches. SammyHi.pdf samsung2.pdf samsung3.pdf Tutorial_GDR-8163B.pdf
  4. My initial question was about solving a problem. Now we're fielding questions about tutorials for both the 8163B and the 616T starting with Floyd. He's a nice guy but I'm not sure it belongs in this drifting thread.
  5. Several PC drives from the same era are able for use in the OG Xbox, including the Hitachi/LG 8163B and the Samsung 616T. They do require a firmware mod and some minor rewiring.
  6. I have successfully modded multiple LG 8163B drives before.and like the performance. I managed to get several of the Samsung 616T DVD drives and am now attempting to mod them for use in the Xbox. For reference, I am using instructions from this document: The definitive Samsung SD-616T modification tutorial - By: A@ron (Assembler Games). I used the 616T to read several discs before starting the project to be sure it was operating correctly. I then flashed the 605 firmware, switched the motor leads, soldered wires to the 8 points on the board and subsequently connected them to the proper Xbox yellow cable. Here are the results: the drive opens and closes correctly but will not read any DVD's - "Empty". I have checked the instructions and my work several times. It all looks right to me. What am I missing? Has anyone else ever completed this mod? Thanks
  7. That's wild. I think I have both of those. Never knew the one with a 9v battery adapter was for the Aladdin. What software did that one use?
  8. Yes. There are several Hexen ISO's available on this site which include a fairly simple process for changing the bios. Burn the ISO to a DVD, boot the DVD (be aware that you need a good working DVD drive in your Xbox - I prefer a Hitachi or Samsung), select the TSOP/Modchip menu and then choose your model and bios. The opening menu normally displays your model number. The rest of the bios menus are pretty good at offering guidance on which bios to select for your model #.
  9. AlaskaCC

    XEcter 3

    Pressing and holding the white button on the controller at startup will take you to the X3 menu where you can look at the LCD options.
  10. I don't recall where the contacts are for the readings. I can take a look this weekend and let you know.
  11. Have you been through the process of cleaning the laser lens? It might be worth doing that first before attempting to adjust the laser pot. I typically use a 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol, a cotton swab and a careful, light touch. Avoid pushing down on the lens. Look carefully to see if there is any debris or film on it. In my experience, the age of the lens makes pot adjustment success a low probability event. Still, it is kind of rewarding to extend the life of our old gear. I have adjusted the laser on multiple Thomsons and a few Samsungs. Finding the right points for measuring and then adjusting on the Samsungs took a bit of work. It is also a time-consuming process. It has been a while and I can't really help you on the Samsung specifics. Do a bit of research and report back here. Good luck!
  12. I have reconditioned dozens of the Samsung DVD drives. A good cleaning and a fresh belt will certainly help. However, the sticking problem is most often caused by the magnet not releasing. There is a very simple fix. Get a circular sticker like the ones shown in the attached photograph and place it on the plastic spindle. It helps reduce the magnetic connection. I suppose you could also use some masking tape cut to size, in a pinch, which I have done. I keep multiple sheets of these stickers because every Samsung eventually has the same sticking issue.
  13. A fellow Xbox fan requested that I put an X3 modchip in his Dev Box so he can use all 128M of RAM, although we had a conversation about the limited library. He wants the modchip instead of a simple TSOP. I have the mainboard and drive working. It boots to the MS clock/calendar initially. After setting the time I am able to see 3 standard menu options: Memory, Music and Settings. Clearly it has not been updated to include Live. The only game save is Revolt (Microsoft ATG). It will not play a game but gives this message: "You need to connect the DVD Playback Kit receiver to a controller port to watch movies. Remove the disc to continue." I have a brand new DVD Playback Kit so I put it in. No luck. Tried a movie DVD. Still the same message. I pulled the EEPROM using PonyProg. It looks okay although it will not load into LiveInfo. ConfigMagic also rejects it. I have looked through the raw edit of the EEPROM but am not sure what to look for. This one seems like it is above my pay grade! I am hoping for another perspective on it. I must be missing something here but don't know what it is. Any help? Thanks.
  14. A friend gave me a v1.0 board that was causing problems for him. I put it in a standard early case, attached everything and proceeded to test it. I wanted to update the BIOS (TSOP) so I attempted to run the Hexen DVD. The DVD tray would open, I placed the disk in the tray and pushed the button to close. The Unleash X menu continued to show "Open". I tried this with two known good working DVD drives - one a Samsung and the other a Hitachi.. I changed cables and PSU with no difference. I also checked to see if there were any bent pins for the DVD power cable. All good. I switched-out the power button/DVD drive button harness. No difference. Then I tried a good Thomson DVD drive. Everything worked flawlessly.. What is that all about? Is there a different command structure for the early v1.0 boards that limits which DVD drives will correctly operate with them?
  15. I will have a look. Thanks.
  16. Thanks @XPeter. I had looked very closely at those images and determined they were from a 1.0 or 1.1 board. The silkscreen labeling on my 1.4 version board does not look anything like that, which is why I was hoping to get some input.
  17. I have a version 1.4 console with a modchip installed due to a bad TSOP flash. I cannot seem to find the location of the A15 point to attempt the repair process. Can anyone point me to an image? Thanks.
  18. I connected with BennyDiamond regarding a TSOP recovery. I was hoping to get one of his XBlastLite modchips. All gone now.
  19. Thanks for this tip. I have one of these cables laying around and will give it a try.
  20. Great work! I really value the Hexen DVD. It is so helpful.
  21. I have compiled a small collection after downloading skins over the years and also purchasing modded consoles. I'll comb through what is uploaded here and do some comparison.

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