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  1. Thanks Rocky5, I take it that the program you wrote will do this. I'll look for your videos
  2. I currently have an xbox I bought that was already soft modded several years ago. It has a 750 gig hard drive in it. I was wondering is it possible to clone the hard drive thats in it, then take the cloned drive and install it into another soft modded xbox? Is it possible lock the hard drive with the new eeprom from the 2nd softmoded xbox? trying to save a lot of time If I can do it this way...thanks
  3. Dave, Just noticed you had a white belt on the drive. I know that's why my drive is not ejecting right. Did you replace that? if so where did you get it? thanks
  4. Nice Guide!! downloaded that for sure. I'm about to try and fix my laser in my dvd drive as well..
  5. I"m looking for one for the Samsung SDG-605 cheapest i could find is like 25 just for the laser but out of stock!! ugh! ah, just found one on ebay..after shipping 30 $ better off finding one at flea market or thrift store hoping its drive is working.

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