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  1. There is not remote.xml file in the keymaps folder as there was no need.
  2. Not entirely sure what you’re meaning. Xbox games go in E,F or G:\Games\ just like every other dashboard. Roms require a corresponding emulator or you will get the above error. There is no point in scanning in roms if there is no emulator to play them.
  3. It should be loading D:\OtherSM\default.xbe It’s working as it should but for some reason it’s not loading the xbe file or it’s hanging.
  4. DLC may require the latest version xbe file, next to the DLC in downloader. Can’t remember what version is installed 1.5 or 1.6 with the DLC.
  5. 480p and 720p are set when you install my softmod (patching eeprom data section) so they are enabled. If it’s failing to save he settings the shadowc partition may have become write protected. Just run the upgrade older softmods option from the extras disc to reinstall everything. (Games, apps eg... won’t be effected)
  6. If the original drive is softmodded it will crash after the Xlogo screen, so you will need to boot a disc like hexen to get access.
  7. Rocky5


    No, each XISO is placed into a folder with (ISO) at the end. Unfortunately there is no voidable cue as there can’t be and I won’t edit the games xbe title to add (ISO), no point. Press the black button and it will tell you.
  8. Just put the chimp folder that’s inside the E Partition folder in your apps or applications folder on E. basically you install it like any other application, it’s just hardcoded to the E partition.
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Le6yN43YCRfThA8W6dKAwj_F6Ij892Yb/view 600 odd skins
  10. It’s not just a skin, before you starts taking the skin folders from the skins folder. it requires the custom build of XBMC that comes with it. (It’s a XBMC mod and skin combo)
  11. Controller means you have played the game. Little grey circle is the trainer found icon, it turn yellow when you enable a trainer. Both can be disabled in the skin settings > toggles menu trainers also go in Q:\system\trainers by default, you can ch age this in the programs settings menu.
  12. No fixed what you put, I folderize the XISO so all you do is fire them into the games folder I do the rest. the reason it reboots games is because of what I done to the source to spread up the menu loading. (It thinks all things are xbe files, so the gamename folder you see is a folder and not an xbe) disable faster game parsing and you will see what I mean.
  13. Here you go, works on all bios since it’s patching a BFM bios. unfortunately ind-bios5003 won’t work 100% and 5035 doesn’t work either, so we need to use M8Plus to get it working 100% (this goes for BFM or flashed) this package should be self explanatory. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14XYrIpqEhsREMEy5LM0u6lgqJV1T0XK5/view?usp=drivesdk if you use XBMC4Gamers you can use the XISO to HDD script to parse and process your XISO files into folders and it will also populate the attach.xbe with the correct certificate information of the game so trainers and save managers work properly. Note: if you want it to load on each boot, just get your bios to run C:\Bios Virtual Drive Patcher\default.xbe on boot. it uses my dashloader so any patch my softmod loads this loads also, you can create a dashloader.cfg file and put a custom path to a dashboard of your choice in there to boot that first and you can also populate the dashloader.rec file with a path to a recovery dashboard if you want to use the start+y feature of dashloader. (This is handy as a backdoor incase you arse up your dashboard and it loops)
  14. You need to use gentoox and a 256kb bios or xblastos and a 256kb bios as you have a winbond. (Evox cannot flash this) but thats questions for abother thread as eat as this is about softmodding, so wish you all the best in updating your bios to a more recent one.
  15. Your Xbox is TSOPPED. Softmod won’t work on it.
  16. Like I said it looks like it’s TSOPPED (softmod won’t work as it’s already modded) Copy dashloader from C:\nkpatcher\dashloader\default.xbe copy it to the root of C and name it evoxdash.xbe now install a dashboard to E:\dashboard\ using the extras disc and reboot. If it loads the dashboard you installed it’s TSOPPED, if it tries to load xboxdash.xbe we will need to check some more things. (Do not remove anything from C)
  17. Sounds like it’s TSOPPED, if it black screens after the Xlogo screen and never loads stage two then the softmod isn’t loading. It’s crashing. I take it you have enough space on E? (Over 30MB)
  18. You will need to add the remote.xml https://svn.exotica.org.uk:8443/xbmc4xbox/trunk/system/keymaps/
  19. You can’t there is not native VGA support, so it’s green tint if you don’t have a monitor that supports sync on green. This is why I don’t have it in the video menu, as it’s useless to 99% of folk. (It’s there disabled in the config)
  20. disable the fast game loading in the skin settings toggles
  21. Haven’t a clue when it comes to LCDs, none of the code was changed so unless it’s not saving to the LCD.xml or where ever saves to then I’m stumped. Also thank you, glad you like it.
  22. Rocky5

    Sid Meiers Pirates

    You using the Xbox artwork installer?

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