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  1. Yes sir! I had convinced her to let me look over her Xbox because I thought surely the clock capacitor would be bad. Isn't it interesting that it is not? I will go ahead and replace it anyway. I have ordered the other caps as well. I'm glad they're all the same type and that they're cheap and easily available. Her Xbox had never been opened. It was super clean inside. Apparently, this was her third one and the previous two had burned out and been thrown away back in 2002-3 I opened the one I bought and confirmed it's a 1.6. It has the Excalibur chip. I'm excited for my mod chip and RAM to arrive. All three xboxes use the same RAM, but I think I will only upgrade my two. Does anyone know anything about Dev Kits? Can a regular Xbox with upgraded RAM be converted to a Dev Kit? Does having a Dev Kit help you write emulation? I used to be a programmer... not in C, but I find the language easy to understand. I'm tempted to see if there is some way I could contribute.
  2. The serial number identifier's guess is that the borrowed Xbox is a 1.1. But my guess is that it's a 1.3. It has a Samsung drive, a Seagate ST310014ACE, Conextant video encoder, Samsung RAM, Delta power supply. Clock cap looks fine but there are three identical ruptured caps in front of the CPU.
  3. The component cable belongs to the borrowed Xbox unfortunately. Someone is selling one on FB about 75 miles north of me, but they can't be bothered to ship it. As I understand it, putting in a 2tb hard drive requires TSOP as well as a softmod. Softmodding is far more demanding than slapping a chip in, even on a 1.6. I can do it faster than it takes to watch the how-to video, not including all the time and effort it takes to find the game etc. That's a new clock capacitor in the first pic. I have a pack of them and these other Xboxes will be getting them ASAP.
  4. And here is the 3rd Xbox I'm currently working on. Not sure if I will mod this one or just refurbish the drive and replace the thermal compound. It belongs to a friend of a friend. My original xbox has an issue with the Ethernet port I'm guessing that doesn't allow ftp to write to the HDD. I'm planning to swap over the xecuter chip to this Xbox temporarily, then use it to set up the 2tb for my original Xbox.
  5. Literally just bought this 2nd Xbox an hour ago. It works but you have to force eject the drive. Haven't gotten into it yet but the sticker says 2004. I hope it's not a 1.4 cuz I want to use the HDMI adapter I bought. 1.4s cause interference. I ordered two Aladdin knockoff mod chips to try out. Mod chips still look to be better and much less a pita than tsop modding. First game I played on it was Colin McCrae Rally 2005. Fantastic game!
  6. My younger brother gave me his Xbox in 03-04 because you had to slap it just right to get the drive to open. I took it apart to try and repair it without success. It's a little unique since the problem is a little piece that guides the drive snapped off. So when the motor first pulls the tray, it tugs unevenly and needs a little push. This lead me to modchipping it so I could copy a couple games onto the HDD (Fable, mainly). I also put a couple early emulators on, and when XBMC first came out I found it pretty interesting. A rekindled interest in Emulation has brought me back to the Xbox. I'm currently attempting to upgrade to a 2tb HDD and adding two more RAM chips.

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