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  1. New programmer with 3D case… still needs a little work like titles for each led But almost complete
  2. I now blue available. So 1 black, 5 blue available
  3. Modified SMD Now I can program just the CPLD and Flash chips
  4. Shutdown (can see power LED functionality)
  5. Xenium-Programmer-SMD Made a revision to the original Xenium Programmer. Now shows you which step you’re on in the programming process. And the Power LED functions correctly (showing you when pi is powered up and running vs just has power available) thoughts?
  6. The board with the switch is mounted external. So you can plug in the wireless receiver/8bitdo/usb controller.
  7. You can use the ports… but not at the same time. An external switch controls it (on same board as usb port). When enabled… internal (ogx360) only… when switch is off… controller ports only. as for price… I’m not sure. I’m at $102/board right now (cost) and still have a couple small things to get. Will probably be at ~105-110/board in costs. So probably around 130/140 ish depending on bad it is making all the cables and soldering
  8. I currently have an order for everything. It’s the really nice one (5 boards) and allows you use wireless, and disable it externally to allow normal Xbox usage. Probably won’t be ready for at least a month though. Just ordered everything last night and knowing china shipping…. You get the idea. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I had to do a lot of extrapolating since there wasn’t any documentation.
  9. 1 Sold, 1 Remaining.
  10. Boards now complete with connector. $55 + Shipping
  11. The naked version is sold.
  12. I wouldn’t think so… but you have to have a modded console… or their modded game save file… so locked/unlocked wouldn’t matter at that point. But time will tell
  13. All of them are gone...
  14. 3 Sold, only 1 remaining. and Unfortunately I am unable to make any 2 player versions.

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