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  1. The wait time was set to 30, I set it to 0. Auto detection didn't have a 0 in the version of crystaldiskinfo I found, just 5, 10, 20, 30, disable. It was set to disable. Tried with the wait time change and same issue. If I check headparking, what do I want it set to?
  2. I built my HDD using FatXplorer because I don't have a dvd drive in my computer to burn a setup disk. I used the Clean C and E files found around to make those partitions, and used the process in the reddit thread above to set the dashboard for booting. I had a xbe shortcut made to point to e:\XBMCEmustation\default.xbe named exox.xbe. I was using a basic Evox M8+ 1.6 bios edited with EV tool to skip the dvd drive check. When that didn't work I posted this, but I have since tried without the xiso bios and just tried to boot to xbmc emustation via a shortcut named evoxdash, then moved emustation to C and renamed default to evoxdash, then finally pointed the bios to E:\XBMCEmustation\default.xbe. All tried with and without the dvd drive connected. Not sure where to go from here. Edit: Using a Startech Adapter
  3. I tried that bios, no dice. I'm using a 1tb WD blue
  4. Yeah I've got the 1.6, I initially used the NoDVD bios but tried with the yesDVD one and the dvd drive plugged back in. I have my hdd set up as you said in this reddit thread about booting xisos (https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/comments/t3oc5y/dashloader_hardmod_xiso_loading_w_xmbc4gamers_m8/hyu5x3i/) Maybe I messed that up somehow?
  5. I've just installed a XeniumICE chip into my 1.6 xbox, and I can launch the stock dash fine but when I try to launch evox m8plus the console shuts down then boots back to xeniumos. What's going on here?
  6. Thanks guys, got it fixed. I sanded the paint off the flat tops, but when I turned it on I got error code 09. Luckily I had a new 80 wire IDE cable for upgrading the hdd, and that fixed it. Guess the original IDE cable was busted as well. Now that I've fixed the issues with that, hopefully the modchip installation goes smoothly!
  7. I bought a 1.6 xbox with plans to modchip it. The first time I booted it I got a FRAG, then after turning it off and on it was fine. I tried booting a few times and everything worked, so I chalked the first frag up to disuse for years. I opened the xbox to clean it in preperation for the modchip, make sure caps were fine and all. The metal shield was pretty rusty so following some advise from other posts here I sanded it and painted it with Rustoleum. Other than that, I didn't do anything to the rest of the box. Since putting it back together it FRAGs every boot. Did I cover a grounding connection and need to clear that? Unsure of what move to make. Here are some shots of the board. https://imgur.com/a/iuc8fc1

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