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  1. Since i Softmodded it before knowing about the chip, i don't know how to reach if possible the original dashboard, however i have this from the eprom backup It splashes Unleashx if i press once the power button it starts green, i remember back when i was a kid i configured for it to be orange when running on the hacked version, when pressed longer than 1 second it turns orange but know loads into the same dashboard. Should i resolder D0 and try again? either way i need to remove the clock capacitor if your goal was to change the Hard drive, would you just get a lockable drive and clone it? do you think the current modchip would allow it?
  2. version 1.4, yes it's not connected; i'm thinking about removing this chip and going TSOP i just want to extend the HD size, its still with the 8GB i still need to clean the Motherboard and remove the clock capacitor,
  3. thank you for your help; i tried +20 seconds, nothing flashed; heres the info 49LF020 is it better to just get a compatible HD and try clonning the Hard drive? I'm concerned about the solder process, also D0 its not going anywhere
  4. Hello to everyone i've been trying to find a solution for hours reading posts but i don't find my specific case: Xbox: 1.4 Winbond version i opened my Xbox and found out it had this aladdin version i thought it was softmodded; i wanted to TSOP to increase the HD (No locking on the drive i have) so i thought oh, i could just update the Bios then to support HD creation then i tried with Hexen 2019 installing BIOS Evo m8 plus F; but it says: no write access allowed, i tried pressing the power button 2 seconds while booting up( to enable flash write) nothing happened, same error; Anyone knows the best way to update the bios i just want to change the hard drive into a larger one (<1tb) but the drive i have has no locking features I already also softmodded this xbox ( i didn't know it had a modchip)

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