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  1. just plugged it in and now it's not fragging? tf
  2. also, what's the pinout of the reset transistor?
  3. would finding the reset pins on certain ICS and pulling them out of circuit then testing to see if I get 3.3 volt over the reset line be a good way of testing it?
  4. oddly enough I'm now getting 1.7k ohms on pin 5 to ground but I traced it pretty far back, all the way to pin 53 of the video encoder and still get the same readings at all those points as I'm getting at the lpc header
  5. Yeah so mine is a cheap multimeter, if I put it in 2000k mode I get open circuit on 1 and 3 and then I put it in 20k mode I get 1k on 5
  6. Just tried out the chip in my other console and it works great, doesn't cause the console to frag or anything. So it's surely either gotta be damage to something to do with the HDD i/o or mcpx based on the pins(1,3,5) on the lpc not outputting correctly
  7. I'm 90% sure that either my modchip has died or the mcpx chip is damaged, do you know of any way to test them? I'm thinking about chucking the modchip into my other system to see if it works, if it does then testing the mcpx would be my next step but I'm unsure how to do that
  8. pins 2 and 12 are just shy of 0 ohms pins 1 and 3 are about 1200 ohms and pin 5 is roughly 200 I've been over this board with a fine toothed comb I'm 99% sure there's no solder splash
  9. Without the drives connected it still triple frags Checked the ide connector and there's no bent pins Powering on with eject button doesn't seem to make a difference to anything Original IDE cable doesn't seem to change anything either
  10. Re-soldered all the lpc headers just to be safe, still fragging with or without XeniumICE.
  11. So with modchip disconnected these are all the readings I get from the LPC header(grounded through the psu header that plugs into the main board) Pin 1: between 0.15 and 0.20v Pin 2: Nil Pin 3: 0.15v Pin 5: 0.18v Pin 6: 5.05v Pin 7: 3.2v Pin 8: 3.2v Pin 9: 3.2v Pin 10: 3.2v Pin 11: 3.2v Pin 12: Nil Pin 13: 3.2v Pin 14: 3.2v Pin 15: 3.2v Pin 16: 3.2v Figured I may as well add on the Main board pin header voltages aswell Blue wire: 3.2v White Wire: 3.2v Brown Wire: 3.2v Orange wire: 3.2v All red wires: 5v Yellow wire: 11.6v
  12. Precise voltage readings on the pins that aren't working are: Pin 1(LCLK): between 0.9 and 0.15v Pin 3(LFrame): Almost always has the same voltage reading as Pin 1 but they aren't shorted I checked Pin 5(LRst): between 0.18 and 0.20v All of these pins do have continuity with points I found online on other places on the board Edit: Should mention when testing the console was on(fragging) no av connector inserted and HDD and DVD drive aren't plugged in
  13. There's continuity between pin 5 and the via that's there, any other ideas?
  14. My V1.1 Xbox is triple fragging, this happened after I tried swapping out the 40 Pin IDE cable for a 80Pin one. I've done a bit of debugging and found that the LPC header pins 3 and 5 aren't reporting correct voltages both reading below 1v What I think has happened is when I installed the 80 Pin IDE cable I without knowing freed up one of the solder joints on the switch that's on the XeniumICE which switches it into recovery mode(I have resoldered the broken joint and it didn't change anything and yes the switch is in the correct position, though I've tried both positions and still a frag) and somehow that's caused something to get fried but I'm not sure what exactly Uploaded some pictures of my LPC header soldering and D0 point for shits and giggles I have done continuity tests to the alternate points and they're all reading with continuity https://imgur.com/a/rBbAdlR

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