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  1. Xeniumos on my openxenium has onboard ftp access. The remote flashing works great, but other than that it's quite useless. I can only see the C and E partitions on my hdd, and with nothing in them lol.
  2. That worked! Got that mobo up and running with a modchip and was able to unlock the drive. Feel like a dummy lol, I guess I just assumed it had already been unlocked, but I guess the original owner installed and locked it. Works great as far as I can tell, no games but a bunch of old dash files it looks like. Once again, thanks for your help @SS_Dave!
  3. So I ended up reflowing everything and I scuffed up my grounding point a bit with a fiberglass pen and I got the Xenium booting now! Just wanted to let you know that your advice helped me out a bunch, so thanks Dave.
  4. Copy that, I'll try it. Thanks Dave!
  5. Hey all, I have a 1.6 aladdin chipped xbox that runs perfectly fine with stock hdd. I received a 1.0 a while back that the original owner had no idea what him and his kid had done to it, as it was so long ago. The mobo is pretty bad, but it had a WD2000 200gb ide hdd in it. So I yanked the hdd out, and threw it in my 1.6. Upon booting with no disk, I was greeted to Error 16. Reboot and I got an Error 13, which is persistent when booting with no disk. When attempting to boot any game, be it official or burned, I get an error 21. I figured it wouldn't boot to anything other than errors, but I have never done this so I was curious what exactly I would be greeted with. I then threw a verified working copy of Hexen 2018 in the dvd drive, where the linux logo and red ring popped up. It usually takes this drive about 30 seconds to load it up, but I am stuck at a persistent loading screen. Downloaded Hexen 2021 and the OGXbox installer disk and the same thing happened. I did, however, manage to get Slayer 2.7 to load up. Slayer is telling me that I have no free space in any of my partitions, and it states the I have an HDD unlock fail. I tried locking and unlocking the drive with no success. I've tried formatting and reinstalling EvolutionX and MS dashboard, and the whole process only takes about 8 seconds, so it's obviously not doing anything. Also my hdd activity light only blinks like twice. My questions is, is the hdd toasted? It's spinning and gaining heat, so I know it's not completely dead. I've never messed with xbox hard drives before so any advice would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for making yet another thread so soon after the last one, I just have a few projects going at the same time and I keep running into issues lol. I swear I'm not trying to litter up the forum lol. Thank you so much for your help.
  6. Okay, I will try and reflow the D0 point and try different ground points. When using the aladin, I soldered the alternative D0 point to the spot in the attached pic. Could I try and ground out the D0 with the open xenium as opposed to running the wire to the chip grounding point? To be fair I really didn't scuff it up much with a fiberglass pen before soldering though. I'm a shift worker so I'll be at work for the next few days, but when I get home I'll try all the different D0 and ground points and see if that works. Thanks for the help so far!
  7. I should have noted that when I tried the Aladdin chip, I did run the D0 to ground and not the chip. Still had the same result.
  8. Hey all, I recently ordered a 1.0 motherboard and hdd off of ebay and went to mod it. Before modding, I booted them up and found them to be working properly. The clock cap was leaking bad so I replaced that. I soldered up the pin header to the LPC, connected a wire to the D0 pad and routed that to the Open Xenium I have, and went to boot it up. I'm greeted with a solid red LED on the modchip, and the xbox booting up into the normal bios. Attempting to boot into XeniumOS by pressing the eject button yields the same results. This modchip did originally come out of a 1.6, flashed with Evox M8+ 1.6. Just to rule out the modchip going bad on me, I wired it back up into the 1.6 and it booted perfectly. I threw an Aladdin chip, that's also flashed with Evox M8+ 1.6, into the 1.0 also, and it will not boot into custom bios either. I've reflowed my joints multiple times, and my D0 solder job is good (I believe lol), so I'm really not sure what's going on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. LPC solder joints have been reflowed like 4 times so they look bad lol, forgive me.
  9. I think the newest version of your bios is 4981. I haven't had a chance to use the OGXbox installer disk yet, but I do know Hexen 2019 has a bunch of bios that you can use to flash your chip to the newest version. It's pretty simple, here's a video I found on it. Keep in mind that you'll need the 256k flash option.
  10. Thank you so much for this.
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the fiberglass pen worked like a charm. Got the vias exposed real good and was able to get the solder to stick, so thanks for all your advice!
  12. Cool, glad I asked because I was running 400°C. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for both the replies gentlemen, it's greatly appreciated! Now the pad was already ripped off when I got it, but you can see at the via that I was burning the board also, so I will certainly turn the iron down... what temps do y'all usually run your irons at? I also have awg30 wire, flux, and 60/40 solder. Only thing I'm missing is a fiberglass pen, which I now have on order. It'll probably get here on the 2nd, so I'll check in sometime after that and let y'all know how it went. Thanks guys!

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