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  1. Your advice worked, thank you! When I hold down the power button, the Xbox boots into XBMC. What is the best way to bring the Xbox up to date from here? (I have already successfully removed the clock capacitor. ) Is it necessary to update the software / bios? According to XBMC the BIOS: Xecuter 2 4977 is installed. I have already downloaded the OGXBox Installer 2021 disc, but I am unsure how best to proceed. Thank you for your help!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! The Xbox boots into the original dashboard and there are no logos or other signs of a modification. Is this normal for this type of mod, or do I need to pay attention to something? And one last question: What exactly does this modificaton. What functions does this chip offer? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello Together, I bought an xbox today and planned to do a softmod. When opening the console to remove the clock capacitor, I noticed that a modchip is already installed. Unfortunately, I can't find any information about this chip. Can you help me further? Can I just ignore the chip or should I pay attention to something? Is it possible to simply install a SoftMod ! Thank you for your help !

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