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  1. But if the drive closes all the way then shouldn't the DVD still be recognized and the game started?
  2. When I insert a game I hear some quiet chirps from the drive then nothing. No error or change in screen, just the menu. It's as if the drive doesn't detect a disc so maybe my question is does the laser itself detect the presence of a DVD? Or is there a dedicated sensor to repair? It's a Samsung drive. I didn't think this was related so I'm saving the repair for later but I have to manually eject the drive. It also needs a little nudge to close. I tried searching but everyone gets error messages or at least a splash screen. I couldn't find my specific problem. I'd really like t
  3. I was going to check the charge current and voltage while console is on then see if I can rig a rechargeable battery set up. A couple AAA or AA in series batteries might be perfect in terms of voltage, they'd last long as they'd never be kept at full charge but I'd need to see how many amps the capacitor receives.

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