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  1. Is it possibe to create a boot cd and pop a black hdd in the laptop and boot from cd to build the xbox drive on that internal drive? Then maybe add some of my backed up stuff via ftp afterwards?
  2. Thanks for the replys guys. I'll have a look into the modchip rout if it's cheap enough. But for now i'd still like to get my softmod back if i can as i feel it's doable (somehow) without having to shell out any money. Yes i have the eeprom, so if anything i should be able to build a new hdd. I found a forum post explaining the -h -d smartct1 error and how to correct it with batch file code. https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4789&sid=80533ba6c8978c32d5720e72215fe093&start=20 Also added few pictures of the c drive and errors
  3. I have a backup of my entire softmod/og xbox hdd that i did when i did the softmod on it. It's in a .iso file. It contains everything on it from c,d,f partitions and has the backup of the eeprom in it. My evolutionx dash, skins, few programs like dvdtoxbox. I softmoded it with the sid 5.0 and game exploit, had Evolutionx dash. The hdd i upgraded to 360gb hdd. I must have made the backup before i started burning games to the drive. I have no clue what i did with the original drive, i probably chucked it as i had the backup. How do i take this backup .iso and put it on a new hdd to put in my xbo

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