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  1. I tried 200 Ohms and I got a bit of a buzzing sound, which seems incorrect. I have resistors to work out 180 Ohms and will try that next. This R5N1 resistor connects to a voltage regulator with transistor U5B1 that outputs 9V. The equivalent on a v1.6 outputs 5V. This is concerning, however in general v1.6 voltages run lower than other revisions, particularly v1.0. (v1.0 northbridge/gpu and southbridge voltage is 1.66V, while on v1.6 these are just 1.32V). The presence or absence of R5N1 does not have an effect. @Benur75 What do you mean a mobile P3 won't work? I have read that it works wi
  2. I have a BGA rework station and decided to upgrade the CPU in my v1.0 xbox because why not. The operation went fine, except when removing the awful plastic clips for the heatsink attachments, my screwdriver slipped and knocked off 2 components. I did not notice this until after the operation. One component knocked off was the RP5N1 100 Ohm terminator block for the RAM. This was easy to replace. The other component knocked off was the R5N1 resistor. None of the resistors around it report any consistent value, so I can't just guess at it. A 128MB RAM upgrade guide here https://quad

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