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  1. I decided to upgrade from the SID 5.12 softmod to the latest by Rocky5. I was able to load up a couple of games without issue. It seems something was repaired with the softmod upgrade.
  2. Hey guys, I have a v1.1 xbox that I softmodded a couple years ago. It's running the Unleash X dashboard, and I was able to play xbox and emulator games through the regular composite connection. I just purchased a Kaico HDMI adapter, in hopes of getting a boost in quality. I hooked up the adapter, and the xbox boots up okay. I checked the signal, and it's showing 720p from the main menu. This is good. Problem is, any time I try booting a game, whether it be a game from disc, or any game off the hard drive, the xbox loses its signal, and I can't get the image to come back on, with

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