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  1. Hello OG Xbox forums, I've worked myself into a pickle again. The short version: I need to get a file off of an HDD that throws an error 16 (won't boot, Corrupted dash) but still works. Can I get it off using a second Xbox and a file manager, or do I need to buy an adapter and use Xpolorer 360 to get it off? The long Version: While preparing to TSOP flash my Xbox, I was copying saves over from the had drive onto a memory card for safe keeping. However when that didn't work with the UnleashX dash I tried to switch over to the default dash. This corrupted the files and now the Xbox throws an error 16 whenever it tries to boot from the HDD. Since it is an error 16 I can't boot from disc since the Xbox preforms the time check before it checks the DVD drive, and since the Xbox was only softmoded I can't just format a new drive and throw it in. From what I've found online I can use CHIMP and my working TSOP'd Xbox to recover the dash files on this second one, however I need the EEPROM.bin file. Can I get it off using a file manager that can detect both drives using the working TSOP'd Xbox, can CHIMP find the EPROM.bin file on the slave HDD and recover from that, or do I need to purchase an IDE adapter to connect my Drive to a PC via XPLORER 360 and then transfer it over to the XBOX? Thanks.
  2. Get the new UIX Lite dashboard on there! A lot of the dash replacements seem like they want to "upgrade" and "modernize" the look of the Xbox dash, but for me personally the look and feel of the Original dash is really cool. UnleashX comes close but its not the same. UIX Lite does an amazing job at retaining everything that made the OG dash what it is, Without the instability of the original UIX dash. I know that UIX Lite is lacking in a lot of features, but as long as you have the other dashes installed as apps you're fine.
  3. Woah, didn't know the servers were still up a month after Live 1.0's execution date! How many people were actually on during that post-mortem period? Could you still find matches a month out?
  4. Cool! so even back in the day one person could pick up the disc, rip the content, and then share it around to all their friends. That's just crazy to me, considering Microsoft won't even let you play your OG games in a Series X without the disc being present, despite the content being installed on the hdd. Are they really that concerned that people will rip & resell their 20 year old games that they already made their money on al long time ago?
  5. Hello, OG Xbox noob here. I was wondering how expansions & DLC were handled on the OG Xbox since I don't have any on hand to mess around with. Stuff like the Halo 2 multiplayer map pack & the DOA 3 Booster disc. (those are the only two I know of that were released physically, if there are any others let me know.) was it all just copied from the disc to the hard drive? If so was there any form of copy protection? If you have a modded console with games ripped to the hard drive do expansions still work properly?
  6. Just looking at that picture makes me think its a prototype for a memory card slot based series of retro controlers that you daisy chain through the Xbox controllers like the Panasonic 3DO. Awesome stuff.
  7. Man I wish I knew this a few days ago, I actually effed up pretty bad while trying to troubleshoot. I thought that what was happening was the BIOS was looking for a dashboard to boot to and that the softmod dash was incompatible. (Not too far off but wrong in a few key areas.) I booted into the extras disc and attempted to install one of the hardmod compatible dashboards. Big mistake. It errored out and wiped the whole C partition. I was panning on installing and building a new hard drive anyway, so once I get the right IDE cables in from amazon I'll just build a new drive from one of the boot discs, but it sucks that I no longer have the stock HDD to fall back on. I figured that doing a hardmod from a fresh softmod with the extras disc would be relatively safe since they were built to work with one another but I learned my lesson to not make assumptions with this kind of stuff. If I ever find another cheap Xbox out in the wild I'll know for next time its just a matter of deleting one file.
  8. Cool. I still can't find a reformat option on the extras disc, so gonna go track down some more DVD-Rs to burn one of the restore discs. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your help!
  9. Any installer disc you would recommend? the Rocky 5 disc boots into a separate "hard mod mode" now so there is no longer an option to uninstall the soft mod. will HeXen work?
  10. Hello, I am stuck in a pickle and hope someone can help. I just TSOP flashed in my Xbox and it is now stuck in a boot loop. The Xbox logo appears along with the Microsoft logo and then the system resets to do it again. I first installed the rocky 5 softmod, used the bios checker disc to make sure it was ready to flash (it displayed "TSOP?") and then used the TSOP flash mode of the extras disc to flash the system. everything went like normal and then after the BIOS was flashed and the system rebooted it just kept rebooting itself. It is at the 3:56 mark in the attached video . I'm new at this and out of my element here, please help.
  11. Hello, I am new to the original Xbox community (Recently picked up a 1.0 and am working on getting it modded) and was wondering if there are any benefits of having a modchip over TSOP Flashing. I know that 1.6 rev. boards need a chip to be hard modded but I've also scene people install LCD's of the front of their chipped consoles, so I was curious as to what kind of info gets displayed on em, and if there are any other chip-exclusive functions.

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