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  1. Hello ! So is there any hope of getting all of that sweet artwork that had to be taken down from the google drive page ? the 24gb pack. Cheers !
  2. Follow up : I just took a blind shot and softmodded (again, over the UnleashX softmod) with Rocky5 by FTP'ing the files and using the Splinter Cell Pal method, now the app is booting and all is fine. I hope this helps others. Cheers !
  3. Hello ! I really tried looking everywhere but I can't seem to find anything regarding my problem. I have a softmodded box with UnleashX, normal stuff. I have downloaded the Rocky5 Mod, I have the Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc.iso put in the Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc folder, which is next to the Detacher folder. Both folders are in the apps folder on disk F, they show up in the Applications menu. So I start up the Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc app, I get a black screen, and after a couple of seconds it just gives me the UnleashX logo and boots in the normal dashboard with nothing changed. I can't seem to find anyone else having this problem, don't know what to do.

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