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  1. Is there a type of video output that uses RCA cables like I've got above that isn't analog? I struggle with the different terms for these things but the review I found stated the tv doesn't support analog component video. I think maybe component video means that you've got 3 cables where as analog composite video is when you've got 5. If so, then maybe I can get things going by following this tutorial? Does this sound right to people? I don't want to destroy 2 cables for something that's never going to work. Cheers, Pete
  2. Yep, pretty much that. This picture looks almost exact :
  3. I bought a new OLED65B9PTA tv but am having issues connecting the XBOX to it. I can hear audio but don't see any video. The tv has a 3.5mm socket labeled 'AV1' and an adapter cable that goes from white/red/yellow TCA sockets to a 3.5mm plug and that's what I've connected to. When digging for info I found https://www.cnet.com/reviews/lg-oled65b9pua-review/ which says 'Unlike many of Samsung's sets, this one actually has an analog video input for legacy (non-HDMI) devices, although it no longer supports analog component video.' I'm not very clued up on exactly what the different outputs are. Is the xbox output analog component video and that's why I'm not seeing anything? I double checked plugging into my old TV and the XBox itself definitely still works. I'll appreciate any tips you might have. Cheers, Pete

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