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  1. Maybe but its not a permanent fix. With how cheap they are now you might as well go to a value village and grab one. Last time I was there they had 3 and they were $20 a pop.
  2. really not much in regular xbox games, its mainly for emulators that need more than the 64mb and it helps in kodi. I may be wrong but 1.6 cant have memory added. Id suggest getting a pi for the price/time you'll spend.
  3. I can't remember if its a 1.6 or 1.6b. Ive had it opened before when I was looking at the clock cap and changing the thermal paste(over a year ago). I actually did a tsop flash last week to a 1.0 I have(found it at a electronics surplus. Needed a few caps replaced). So what are your thoughts on cutting the trace? I know some people are real sticklers for cutting it. Thanks for your input. Thats actually amazing.
  4. Hey guys, Due to the current situation in the world I have decided to finally install my mod chip. I do have a few questions regarding the install. I have read many guides and watched several videos on how to install these chip(aladdin xt plus2) and I rather not cut the trace on the motherboard. I found this video and I do like the idea of having the chip not light up while the xbox is off and not cutting the trace, Now that being said I know the internet is filled with people who find ways to do things differently but are not the right way to do them(I am not bad mouthing this gentleman) . Now my questions are 1- will installing the chip this way damage my xbox(short/Long term) 2-Is there any guides that you know of that are better(please link if possible) 3-is it possible to have the chip setup/installs so I can still boot into ms dash.(I read it is possible to set it up so a long power press will start the chip) I do not plan to use a lpc rebuild, I can just do it with wire. Thanks in advance
  5. Id normally agree but during covid19 people are not meeting up for anything. I tried to buy a switch from someone that lived 10min away and he refused. wanted to ship it... no idea how that would be safer.
  6. your best bet is value village. I have gotten multiple ones from there for $5.99.

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