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  1. No, the DIP switches are correct. I tried multiple configurations, none of them worked. The modchip is on, I can tell because of the activity LED which is off when the chip is in stealth mode. I do have the original cable, the leads are going on a little connector on the chip itself. This is not present on the Xbit 1.0, which is the chip used in all of the pics shared here. This is the Xbit 1.5 which I have, You can see the connector in the middle of the PCB (next to the little chip, not the actel one):
  2. A quick update/follow up. I think, the Xbit is dead. I installed it on my 1.1 machine (Which I thought is a 1.4, but it's not). - Doesnt work. I connected all wires as shown in the Xbit 1.1 install diagram, flashed a pre 1.6 bios (exo-X M8), connected d0, it boots normally. But as soon as I connect the DVD drive supply cable (on page 4 on this pdf http://www.ogxbox.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1094), christmas lights... Without it, regular boot with original BIOS. Meh.
  3. Edit - it doesn't work anymore. Something is wrong. Sometimes I get the Christmas lights again, when I press on the lframe wire it works, but I don't see any video signal. And sometimes it boots just fine... I will check all connections and see if I need to resolder something.
  4. Oh my gosh. It works now LFRAME had to be connected to the point below the cut near the Xyclops chip. This is strange since I already did this and it did not work... But I also noticed, that my ground wire became lose. Maybe this is why it did not work the first time. Anyway, I'm happy! Xbox alive and modded. Now theres just the XBIT to test. I will now install this into the 1.4 box and see if it's dead or not.
  5. All I could still try is to ground lframe. Because now it's connected to the dedicated lframe pin of the chip. But in 1.6 boxes, lframe is used as or like d0
  6. Update... I achieved some kind of success, i guess? First - The xbox isnt dead. Hooray! Second - Even with the LPC mod and a m8 1.6 compatible bios on the LPC mod, it still wont work. But as soon as I connect the LFRAME (well the cut pins), the xbox boots, but gives me an error 7. I dont know if my BIOS has a custom logo on it, it looks like the original M$ one. Now I'm getting other, very strange issues. I connected a DVD drive with Hexen to the box (the drive is NOT from this machine) and also one of the original hard drives. That's the point, I'm not sure if the HD is locked or not. With one of the drives, I suddenly don't get a picture anymore whilst boot. I first see a picture, and suddenly its gone. With the other hard drive (i think it's the one that came with this xbox), I see the boot logo, but instead of Linux at the botom (which should pop up with Hexen, so it did with my 1.4 where the LPC mod was previously installed), I see MIcrosoft. That's it, nothing happens. But as far as I know, Microsoft only pops up, if the Xbox recognizes a game disc (let's just pretend hexen is a game)... So, part success... Meh.
  7. As already said, even if I restore the LFRAME cut it won't work. Edit: I'll now take a look at this xbox if it is even working anymore or I really killed it. First, I'll take out the XBIT chip, reconnect the LFRAME and take a look if it boots. If not, the box is dead. If it does, I'll rip out a cheap LPC MOD V2 from a working 1.4 box and install that in the 1.6, before that I'll flash a 1.6 compatible BIOS on the LPC mod. If it then works with the chip, the Xbit is dead. If it still won't work, I just need to wait until my Aladin XT chips arrive, they're definitely 1.6 compatible. I will then install the XBIT in the 1.4 console (where I can also observe, whether the chip is dead or not). If it works there, I'll leave it in the 1.4 box, grab another <1.6 box and install the LPC mod there. Whew. What a hustle.
  8. Nope, still nothing Im starting to getting tired... I checked all connections - Multiple times. I did absolutly everything according to the instructions you've sent me, flashed all bios banks with different Bios'es, measured voltages, tried it with the connection of LFRAME, tried it without - Nope. Christmas lights of death.
  9. wow. That's a lot of effort you put in there. Thanks! I now try the way from the PDF.
  10. I just saw that your wrong wire was d0, which I didn't solder at all. And I did solder at the holes for the pogo pins, which I removed earlier. It''s just interesting, why the xbox won't boot anymore at all, even with connected LFRAME... As said before, this could either mean, that it's fried (which I doubt) or the chip is kinda working and tries to inject the bios but has troubles to it due to some reasons...
  11. Yep, it's a 1.6A I have multiple bios'es flashed on different banks to try that out, but none of them work. I have a evolution-x m8 1.6 by yoshimitsu and a different one (don't know the name). But both are fully 1.6 and 1.6b compatible. I will resolder that wire and tell you what happens
  12. Thanks for your self made pinout. I connected everything according to your description. I used +5v from the power regulator and gnd from a screw hole Still won't work but this time it still boots 3 times even after I bridged the cut lframe signal... This either means that the Xbox is now completely fried or the chip is working in some kind of way, but the bios is wrong or something...
  13. What about the RST lane? Do I need to connect it somewhere?
  14. Hehe, a few years too late But then I will connect it to 3.3V. Besides that, I followed all traces, pin definitions and so on, and found out, that the LCLK Pin on the Chip gets connected to the LFRAME signal on the xbox with a 1.6. But they also used this strange little adaptor I'm missing... Let's give it a try
  15. I checked it with my multimeter, it is gnd.

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