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  1. Thanks. I will attempt a return and exchange. I wonder if I jacked it up when I removed the two solder blobs. I did remove the protective film but almost didn't notice that. I'm going to buy a solder kit with the sucker for my next attempt. Luckily I have the Rocky 5 softmod installed on it but was wanting to play the xbox games via disc. It is a huge bummer it didn't work out.
  2. Hi, I just replaced my Philips VAD6011/21 Disc Laser Lens with a Disc Laser Lens for Xbox SPU-3141 Philips Microsoft original from ZedLabz https://www.ebay.com/itm/Disc-Laser-Lens-for-Xbox-SPU-3141-Philips-Microsoft-original-ZedLabz/333312052835?hash=item4d9af24e63:g:khoAAOSwGcpfEEyk Unfortunately it is still not reading my xbox games discs. I have the Rocky5 Softmod and it states a DVD drive status of "unknown". It seems like I did it correctly and desoldered those two points on the new Disc Laser Lens. Sometimes I will get the "Empty" status too. I tried Pot tweaks on the
  3. Thanks to Rocky 5, he told me to "Show Hidden Files" in WinSCP on youtube so I can now see the .emustation folder. I thought I'd post this in case someone else experiences this. However, I don't understand how to have roms/games show because it seems like I ftp them over correctly to the xbox. I have everything in the E:\ drive in the xbox and my Emulators, Media, and Roms folders are set to Q:\emustation\emulators and then the same for both media and roms in the UI of XBMC but when I change it to E:\ my path is much longer for emulators, media, and roms it still does not work. I tried E a
  4. Hey glassweezer, what did you end up doing because I have the exact same issue (I think)? When I ftp over to the xbox, I can then get into XBMC-Emustation but no emulators show. In addition on the xbox they show in file explorer but in the FTP my .emustation doesn't seem to ftp over. Thanks.
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