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    I would like to remove the DVD drive on my 1.0 tsop . Occasionally the Xbox will fail to boot because of the drive, and I have no need for it. I looked around on the internet and my xbox, although I know it can be done; I am not seeing clear way of performing this mod. Assistance would be appreciated.
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    I want one pls!! With support for 4 controllers.
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    So sounds like I could add the power switch then... I'd probably do that on pins 2, 10, 1, and 9... Take that back I'd probably just put the switch on the ground... Thoughts
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    The Extras Disc ISO is on google drive, not in the github repo - at least not anymore. Try here in Build v1.1.6/Extras Disc for the disc image.
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    Working on 8bitdo usb adaptor support! It was very picky and needed a sequence of usb packets on initialisation to keep it active. Still testing but should support everything the 8bitdo website says. (Bluetooth xbone, ps3, ps4 all 8bitdo controllers etc.)
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    here's the link for the 3d model in Tinkercad u can personalize it yourself quite easily thru your browser enjoy https://www.tinkercad.com/things/kJb02GCUetG
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    If I can get it working, and it is the full game I will share for sure.

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