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25 June 2019

  • How To Clone Sata Hard Drive To Ide Drive - Yes You Read That Right!
    Hi - I have a 500GB SATA drive upgrade complete with Startech SATA to IDE connector and 80 pin IDE cable. However, I still feel my 400 GB IDE xbox loads coin ops games quicker. I bought a new old stock 500GB IDE drive and now I want to clone my SATA drive to my IDE Drive. Is this possible? I could use Chimp or could I use HDM V1.9? I would Prefer to use HDM V1.9 but I'm not sure it would recognise a SATA drive even if it is connected using a Startech SATA to IDE - anyone shed any light on this? Thanks
  • Modchip Aladdin XT
    Hey guys, I just bought a bunch of Xboxes and try to preserve them. Therefore I remove the clock capacitor, bring on some new thermal paste and install a modchip. Now I ran into some problems on my first box : Box autostarts immediately after plugging in and restarts even after shutdown. Modchips works and boots from Slayers EVOX CD. Is there anything I made wrong so that it starts automatically ? How can I change the modchips behaviour so that I won´t have to push 3 seconds on power to start it ?
  • Video Output Failure
    Hi. I lost ability to use component cable in my one project xbox. It worked fine at first but now it only shows black at my screen. It only works now with composite cable. I have two component cables and they are fine, I tested them with my other xbox. Is there a possibility that some component in the motherboard is damaged or should I look problem at software side? I'm running unleashX with aladdin modchip on a 1.6 revision xbox.
  • Been a Long Time - Need Help/Instructions On Bert Ernie Exploit
    I have a 2 modded xbox which have been sitting in a box for 10+ years - one is chipped (bought it this way and don't know the chip), and the other softmodded (I did it with the Bert & Ernie exploit 10+ years ago). I recently took them out and having a great time playing some old games on them. So at a local yard sale I picked up a xbox for $5. I want to softmod it, but forgot all the details/instructions. I just ftp''ed into my softmodded and see I renamed the c:/fonts to c:/f0nts and in the original c:/fonts have the 2 bert and ernie files. From memory I think the xbe files...
  • Coinops Premium 8 Ui
    Recently had occasion to grab CoinOPS Premium 8 lite while trying to assist someone with what ended up just being a bad download. I actually kinda like it, but the artwork really bothers me. Mostly in that quite a bit seems to be reused and there are a LOT of League of Legends characters in there. It’s kind of a garbled mess, visually, and IMO the artwork isn’t always thematically consistent with the game it’s actually attached to. Are newer versions any better in this respect, or is there maybe a more stripped down version of the UI available? Would rather not download a bigger...
  • Fried X 2.1 Lite?
    hey guys, tried to use M7 recovery BIOS on one of my systems when I guess I decided to get a little too creative and attempt the pin header install. Improvising a pin header out of a busted IDE drive went great, but I guess I installed the chip backwards. Xbox doesn't show any issues besides the obvious bad flash, but either 10-wire or pin header installs result in a straight FRAG (three reboots and all) as soon as D0 is grounded. I tried going through the chip and just tying D0 to one of the pads on the board. My Aladdin gets here on Monday, but is there any known fix here? My...
  • Crystal X3cp and Halo X3cp for Sale
    Selling my x3cp unfortunately both are in great condition I’m USA based shoot me offers
  • [rel] Gta Vc Ultimate V1.0
    HELLO TO EVERYONE!! After a long inactivity in this community , I come back with a game, it may be the first time to be modded in xbox, like this one. So I replaced some old textures with better and with a higher resolution (512x512) that the xbox support. And THx!!! Here some of screenshots: DOWNLOAD & More in MODDB
  • Repository for Hex Edited XBEs
    Hello everyone. I was hoping OGXbox could start a repository/collection of HEX Edited XBEs. I rip most of my games from disc using DVD2XBOX which helps in patching the 480p but there are many other XBEs available with various different functionality such as: 720p Widescreen Running from Hard Drive 128MB RAM Xbox Upgraded Processor (1.0 or 1.4 GHz) Would it be possible to post/discuss the available XBEs on this thread or, better yet, collect/link as many as possible and create a MEGA/Google Drive link to them? There are already quite a few XBEs...
  • Looking for a Original X3 Protect Button for My X3cp
    Looking for a original X3 Protect button for my X3CP
  • Looking for a Crystal or Crystalgreen X3cp
    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a Crystal or Crystalgreen X3CP. I am willing to pay well for this if they are in mint condition. Thanks
  • Original XBox Parts: Specifically Dvd Drive
    Iv got an ogxbox with a faulty dvd drive. Really struggling to find a replacement online. When I first modded an original Xbox the mod scene was thriving and parts could be found everywhere. Any idea where I could find one now?
  • Looking for Black X3cp
    I’m looking for black x3cp
  • Unexpected Error 6
    Hey guys! Got a bit of a weird one here, as usual in the Repair subforum I guess. Buddy of mine had been begging me to set him up with a couple consoles to system link at home, so on the promise that he’d play Doom 3 through with me I just let him walk with them. 15 minutes after he gets to his place and sets everything up, I get a picture from him with the console showing Error 6 on boot. I believe this is incorrect HDD key, which isn’t much of an issue as I knew better than to let a system out the door without backing up its keys. Here’s the rub: I was playing Halo...
  • Completed Builds. Opinions Please :)
    I rarely post anything. Just wondering what people think about the painted case, DVD window, and jewel. I would like to improve future builds, I plan on making a bunch and retiring. may sell my whole collection soon. I use 2TB drives because some people believe I'm wasting space since Xbox Linux only sees 2.2TB. My personal are 3TB. Almost all of my builds are 128mb RAM upgrades, some of my favs will not work on a standard Xbox. Every inch is clean as a whistle, you can lick the motherboard it is cleaner than the plate in your cupboard (except the other OCD people). I...
  • What Is the Most Popular Skin?
    What skin do you all like? I'd like to use xbox xbmc emustation but I can't seem to get Coin Ops Ninja Massive to appear on it - so I'm looking for an alternative skin - any ideas greatly appreciated - thanks.
  • [SOLVED] Rocky5 Wont Load
    I'm trying to upgrade a already softmodded xbox with rocky5's Build v1.1.6. All I get is blank screen I have tried burning the extras disc to DVD, also I FTP'd the quick upgrade to E:\, and also FTP'd the extras disc atacher (with extras disc iso) folder to E:\apps. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Weird Freezing Problem
    Hello people. I have a weird problem here. In the last few days i noticed that Forza randomly freezes(3-10 minutes of gameplay),but if i play it with the default xbe not patched with flicker fucker,the game runs fine.This problem happens to all 4 of my xboxes. I remember that in the past i used to play it fine and i think that it was also flicker fucker patched. Any idea of what the problem would be? Thank you
  • Lifted a Trace Trying To Tsop
    My old eyes and lack of soldering skills has caused a problem. Plan was to TSOP a 1.0 Xbox. Top side bridge R7D3 went fine, but on the bottom of the board at R7R3 I burnt off the pad and the trace lifted up (bottom arrow). Can I solder a wire from the lifted trace to either the pad above it if I can get it to stick or the surface mount resistor above that pad (seen in pic)? Xbox is softmodded and still working. Maybe i should just quit while I am ahead lol
  • Duox2 Lite Always On Wiring Question
    I've installed some aladdin chips and wired them by soldering the "BT" point to the ground pin on the Xbox LPC. I figured that would be the same for the Duox2 lite chip, however I found a couple pictures online showing that the "BT" point on a Duox2 Gs chip (Dual Bank) was soldered to pin No. 9 of the LPC which is 3.3v. I just want to be sure that I'm soldering the "BT" to the right point on the LPC in order for it to always be powered on.
  • Upgraded 500gb Ide Hard Drive Stuck On XBoX Screen At Startup
    I successfully created and locked a 500GB IDE Seagate Hard drive using HDM V1.9. I transferred it to my xbox and it gets stuck at the xbox splash screen at start up for ages and then goes to Error 13 - any ideas? (It can take 2-3 minutes for the word "Microsoft" to appear under the xbox splash). Thanks
  • Change Default Dashboard On Startup (Tsop, Softmod, Hardmod)
    Hi everybody. From what I can understand there is a difference in how to change the default dashboard to anything you want (If you have a tsop, sofmodded or hardmodded box.) In my case, I have a TSOP modded box and I would like to have xbmc4gamers or xbmc emustation as my startup dash. What should I do here? I have read somewhere that I should make a shortcut in a program on my computer to redirect it to where I have the dashfile. Please feel free to fill in the blanks for me to understand this matter better. / David
  • Fix for Garbled Games On 1.6
    Okay, I don't have a ton of time but I just found a way to play games such as JSRF, Fable, and the others on a 1.6 console without disc swapping, requiring the original dash, anything. This, however requires a softmodded console with UnleashX (May work on other dashboards, I have not tested) The steps are as follows: Turn on your console and allow it to get to the dashboard. Select system, then settings. Go all the way to the bottom where Video Display is and select it. Turn off 480p and if not turned on, turn on 720p, and 1080i. Then, have fun and...
  • Upgraded To Sata 500gb Now Dvd Drives Don't Read Disks
    So I got a STartech Sata to IDE adapter and successfully made and locked a new SATA 500 GG hard drive using HDM v1.9. i got an 80 pin cable and connected my SATA drive and sure enough it booted to the Xbox dashboard. I had my Rocky 5 softmod files and Splinter Cell diskready to go but I can’t load Splinter Cell - I get a message reading - “Your Xbox cannot recognize this disc. Make sure it’s an Xbox game, DVD movie, or audio CD. Also check to see if the disc is dirty or damaged.” I have tried a different dvd drive from another Xbox that I know loads the game and I...
  • Found Locked 300gb Ide Hard Drive Buti No Longer Have the XBox It Came From - How Do I Unlock It?
    I hace a 300gb IDE hard drive that I used in a sodtmodded Xbox back in the day - only realized this evening that it is locked and that I no longer have the Xbox I made it for - is there anyway to unlock it - I have softmodded xboxes lying around - would they help unlock it? Thanks