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20 August 2019

  • Disc Read Error Mystery
    Hello. I'm a new poster here. I have a 1.6 version xbox that has notoriously gone through phases where it gives the disc read error for any and every disc including audio cd. After giving up on the system for days or weeks, I can return to it and it suddenly reads all discs again. Most recently, it was not reading anything AND the sticky tray finally quit working, so I removed, cleaned, and replaced the belt. Not only did the drawer work fine, but it started reading discs again. So now, once again, trying to play Deathrow, the drive tried and tried to load the game, green light was...
  • XBox Chort Circuited
    hello everyone. i bought a "virgin" xbox yesterday and just softmodded it. i was going to upgrade the hdd and, with the console powered off (but had the powercable connected) it made a spark near the IDE conector (pic 1) and turned the power down here at home. then i removed the board and saw that below it had shorted something and took a picture (pic 2). does anyone knows if this is reparable? when i turn on the xbox now, the front led changes color and it has no picture on tv. can anyone help??? thanks in advance
  • Hdd Raw Copy and Unlocked 500gb Xbox Drive
    Hi - I have an unlocked SATA 500GB xbox drive that is nearly full with games, emulators and the like. I want to make a backup copy of the drive using Raw Copy - any advice or instructions on how to do this? I have a PC with a spare HDD slot and and an external drive caddy. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Startup Hanging After Dash Mess Up
    Hi! New to the scene, tsop and softmodded, everything was going fine till I switched my dash to xbmc4gamers and FTP was soooo slow. So I tried updating to the latest dash and was dumb and tried FTP the xbmc4gamers flies while on the xbmc4gamers dashboard. Messed some things up, so popped in my evo tools dvd and file managed around to delete the xbmc4gamers dash folder, and reinstalled the stock ms dashboard. Now whenever I try to start my Xbox the opening animation starts, however it just keeps cycling any ideas? I want to use the stock dashboard (or whatever has fastest ftp) then later...
  • How To Change Language On XBox
    So I have UnleashX, and have noticed that under Xbox Info under the Systems Settings menu, the console language is set to Spanish (even though all the UnleashX menus and everything are in English.) I don't have the default xboxdash.xbe on my console, is there another way to change the language to English? I have noticed that a few backups I have tried to play have text and/or audio in Spanish, but I'm not sure if that's just from the game file itself or from my console settings.
  • Nice Score I Had Today.
    Just picked up the above this morning, 10 xbox's. And yes that top one still has the original MS polythene on it so im gonna say thats brand new and unused!!! Gonna go through them all and clean them up before getting them modded and re-sold. Will open each one up and read the eeprom and null the key as I have a bunch of hdds (ripped from Sky boxes) with nulled keys and Rockys softmod installer on them ready to go. It looks as though none of them have ever been hardmodded as all but one have never been opened, I may come across some existing softmods tho i guess. I have a...
  • New Schematics for Dport To Dport Intec Rca XBox Ready Wire Cable Diy
    So a member of the group was asking for a Dport to dport wire he was asking other members if they had one available because he had one of those LCD screens that go on top of the Xbox and use a proprietary wire that connects from the Xbox to the intec inc screen.. I told him it was easy enough to make that it was just a few wires he could not be bothered. This got me thinking maybe I should make an easy-to-follow schematic for this. I did not do any YouTube searches or Google searches. I clearly went off my HDMI schematic and figured out the rest for myself. There was an image going around...
  • Wrong Temperatures On UnleashX?
    So yes guys, that is my question. Does UnleashX give wrong temperature readings? My Xbox is 1.6 made in 2005. Here is the thing, I always get 51C degrees on idle and about 57 when playing games according to UnleashX. I don't think those are bad temps, but according to the INTERNET those are a bit high for the OG XBOX. So I tested another dashboard, this time XBMC4xbox and at the same time/day/moment when UnleashX was giving me 51C on idle, XBMC4xbox was giving me 40c on the CPU and 30C on the GPU. The lowest I have had just sitting there is 38C on CPU and 28C on GPU, now...
  • Help Getting 500gb Hard Drive To Work
    Hey I was here about 8 months ago when I first got my modded flash xx chipped xbox. I installed a 500gb Hdd and it shows it as only 120gb any response would be appreciated, thanks!
  • Could This Be an Original 360 Component Cable?
    So yes, guys that is my question, please help me here. I am trying to buy an original component xbox 360 cable, to then build an Xbox component cable (using a tutorial from the forum). I live in south america and buying internationally is not an option (2 to 3 months of wait). Could this be an original 360 component cable? Don't laugh if is not, it looks kinda of in bad shape, but it has a similarity to my composite cables for the OG Xbox. It the ONLY one I have found in my entire country (seller SAYS it's original):
  • Devkit & Recovery Collection
    Thanks to einsteinx2 over at ObscureGamers for upping original scene releases of some XDKs & recoveries, I've put those together with some other ones I've collected over the years, you can find them at https://mega.nz/#F!tL4HDI7J!FN6cLvccOSvXkomVrcyDhQ Collection includes: Still lots of XDKs that were released that are missing though, hopefully they'll show up one day
  • How To Make XBox Image Look Sharper?
    So here is the deal, I have an OG Xbox for the first time in my life. Games play amazingly well, but I don't know if it's because of the fact that most games use AA, but they tend to look a bit blurry. I am using the Xbox with component cables on a Sony Wega CRT 29inch, it is a really awesome TV. But like I said the Xbox looks a bit blurry, the Wii/Gamecube through component looks cleaner in comparison. The PS2 also looks clean on my TV using component, but the PS2 image quality is crap anyways so it doesn't even matter. In essence what I am asking is: Is there an APP...
  • Freefall 3050ad Unreleased XBoX Game
    If no one had seen this yet, just yesterday Modern Vintage Gamer released a game called FreeFall 3050AD for the OG Xbox, which he helped finishing after 15 years being lost! The links to the game are in the Youtube video below! This is really wonderful
  • Identifying the Modifications That Were Done
    Hello everyone, so here I am, a person with nearly no knowledge about the OGXBox 😊 Here is a little backstory and what my "plans" are. Four or five years ago I bought off a xBox from eBay with the goal to softmod it and play backups from the harddisk. I already hat a 120 GB HDD laying around. So I messed a bit around and got it pretty easly running and finding out, that the XBox was already somehow modded. Long story short: I swapped out the HDD and played for a couple of months with the OG Xbox until I moved into a new appartment with my wife. At my job I found two 750 GB HDD...
  • Looking for X-Tender Kit
    Also interested of incomplete/faulty kits. Please, let me know if you have one for sale. I'm located in Finland, Europe.
  • Wtb: XBox Debug Console (XDk)
    Hi everyone! I am currently seeking any sort of reasonable price for an XDK console. I am in need mainly for debugging my Xbox Live project. (Yes that’s right this entire time I’ve been doing it on a retail console lol) I have scrounged EBay and other places and even these days those are racking up in price. Please keep in mind I ONLY will purchase in CAD (Canadian Dollars)
  • XBox Overclocking Tutorial
    I made my first OG Xbox related video on my youtube channel and a good tutorial on how to overclock the xbox, take a look at the video.
  • Upgraded Hard Drive Cant Change Partition Size
    I upgraded the HDD in my Xbox to a 320GB SATA using a SATA/IDE adapter and upgraded the cable to a 80 conductor. The Xbox is a v1.0 with a AladinXT modchip. BIOS is iND-BiOS 504.67 (F and G) installed from a Hexen 2019 DVD. I prepared the hard drive using Hexen 2019 and everything works ok except I cant adjust the partition sizes in xbpartitioner. If I understand it right the Extended partitions 6 and 7 in xbpartitioner is for partition F and G. How do I take the space from 7 (G) and give it all to 6 (F)? I tried pressing the A button (and every other button for that matter)...
  • New : X3ce XEcuter 3 Kit
    What you see is what you get, brand new in package X3CE Xecuter 3 Kit. Accepting offers.
  • Board Faulty On Dvd Drive With Working Laser - Can I Swap the Board?
    I have a dvd drive that reads disks but crashes because the board is faulty - can I take a working board from a dvd drive with a laser that doesn't read disks? And If so is it pretty easy to do - any guides? Thanks
  • When You Have Damaged Your Pcb While Trying To Mod It.
    When your tring to solder to a circuit board and you damage it don't despair most stuff up's can be fixed If you have ripped the trace off the Xbox circuit board you need to STOP and try to relax, Walk away from the job for a minute or ten or more if neaded This is the trace that is damaged and need's to be repaired. This is a pic of a undamaged PCB same location. The red wire is what was suposed to happen 1st step Clean off the paint. I cheated and used a Glass fiber pen to do that but gentley...
  • Screen Calaibration
    I got a problem with a TSOP console but it may have nothing to do with TSOP. When I try to calibrate my screen and save, XBOX gives "unable to save" Error #3. Any idea what Error 3 is ? Thanks
  • Original Xbox Massive Archive
    hey guys i got something you guys will like im uploading my og xbox archive to xbox-hq so if you guys want to see some cool and rare files come and check it out make an account and come check out what i got https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/forum87.html
  • Xbox for Sale
    Original xbox softmodded 40gb hard drive power cord a/v cable 50usd shipped us only
  • XBox Drop
    Hello I know some of this stuff may already out and about but hey you never know. Some interesting things I have: gene_db_init.sql (Genealogy Database Init File which includes an online key for dev kits) webdb_partner_config.sql webdb_populate.sql npdb_config_environment.sql npdb_stringsvr_populate.sql public/private keys for all sorts of domains. (ActiveAuth, int-net, int-rps) xbcert, xpatch and xcontent (All with debug symbols) Some UODB stuff Other less interesting stuff: XDK Tools Installer (5849 and...