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  • Hard Disk Locked
    Have a two original hard drive from a dead xbox but do not have a eeprom.bin or a hdd key backup, is there a solution to unlock? or a cloning hd from a working xbox?
  • XBoX Psu 110v To 220v Converter
    Have a NTSC xbox 1.0 console but live in Italy here is the 220v current,you can mod the PSU to 110v to 220v? at the moment use a step down converter and works fine.
  • Best Place To Purchase a Soh-DX1 Replacement?
  • File Format for Emulators
    Hi, Is there a post or a PDF that shows all the file formats for the emulators that go on the OG Xbox? I found some roms for the Snes but when I try to launch them in the snes emulator it does not see them, so I just want to make sure I have the right file format first.
  • Start 3 Times Then Red/Orange
    Hey guys, sold one of my chipped boxes, shipped her properly and she worked before, now we have the 3 times start and then red/orange flashing. All solderjoints were resoldered without and change in behaviour... Any ideas ? Dead ?
  • XBoxdvi Project
    This is a copy of portions of my thread over at BitBuilt https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/xboxdvi.3304/ As some of you may know, the original xbox is really lacking in video output modes for the modern era. It is only capable of analog video out, and doesn't even support VGA through that. Early versions of the xbox use a CX25871 as the video encoder, which can take a variety of digital inputs and in turn outputs analog video. https://html.alldatasheet.com/html-pdf/153349/CONEXANT/CX25871/384/1/CX25871.html My suspicion is that the xbox uses the...
  • XBox Psu Project
    This is going to start out as just being copied directly over from my thread on BitBuilt about the project. https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/xboxpsu.3387/ The xbox has some mildly odd power requirements. It uses the same 20 pin Molex MiniFit Jr connector that an ATX PSU output, however the pinout is completely different. As it stands, the typical solution is to use a PicoPSU, a small ATX PSU, a modify it to work with the original xbox. PicoPSUs can be had for around $15, the power supplies for them can be had for around $10. It's a very inexpensive solution....
  • Mountain Dew Dvd Bezel
    Hi - I'm restoring a Mountain Dew Xbox and when it arrived it didn't have the DVD Bezel...no joke! Looking for anyone that may have a Mountain Dew DVD Bezel they would sell or trade me? Please let me know.
  • HeXEn: Unable To Flash Bios. Error Reading Bios File.
    Unable to flash BIOS. Error reading bios file (see pic). To me it sounds like I have a bad DVD burn? Just wanted to confirm. I did burn at the slowest write speed. Will re-burn again. -v1.1 mobo -XeXEn 2018 -Using Verbatium DVD+R media -Attempting to flash iND-BIOS.5004 (F and G) to use 2TB SATA HDD. Thanks in advance.
  • OpenXEnium 1.6 + Lpc Rebuild Board Installation Guide
    Hey guys! I made a video guide on how to install / setup the OpenXenium modchip on a 1.6 OG xbox including an LPC rebuild installation. These chips are not much more than the Alladins prebuilt and significantly cheaper if you want to build one yourself. They're way more feature rich as well and support multiple bios' + LCD support. I'd highly recommend these chips my dudes. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.
  • Jsrf
    I’d like to pick the single disk copy of Jet Set Radio Future. I’m also looking for a Panzer Dragoon Orta Booklet.
  • Can a Gpu Be Replaced or Reballed?
    google was very unhelpful. does anyone here know?
  • Hdd Issue
    Hi all, I have an X3 with a 1TB inside. I formatted and prepped it with the SLayers Hybrid installer. I am getting errors while trying to delete from it, write to it. Certainly the F and G partitions. Ive tried to format it with Xbox Partitioner 1.3 and that shows drive G as "ER" instead of 64 (Clusters). The split is roughly 130G and 880G. It seems just be cartain sections of the disc that are effected, as I have just copied over 30GB no problem. ANy ideas on how to proceed?
  • Screen Misaligned?
    This is probably a very easy thing to fix, but I have so far failed to come up with the appropriate search terms in Xbox OG forums such as this one. In some of my games (for example; Spider-Man 2, Tenchu: Return from Darkness and Darkwatch), the game is displayed incorrectly like in the screenshot below. I'm using Rocky5 and didn't have any problems with this before softmodding the console. The video output is through an OSSC (which I used before the softmod as well, without having this issue). I've dabbled with the display options in the softmod settings menu but nothing has made a...
  • Got a Weird One for Y'all
    i bought some broken xbox's. one of them says it freezes after playing for a while. i booted it up and the date was 04/13/44. i changed the date and unplugged it for a while. i then plugged it back in and it had the 04/13/44 again. i have never heard of that being the xbox's default date and i'm guessing it has something to do with the problems that it is having. what the heck would cause one to act like that? it's a version 1.6.
  • Upgraded Ssd Project Complete
    After several attempts at an refurbished WD 1TB SATA HDD, Kingwin ADP-06 adapter and 80 wire IDE cable, I threw those all into closet storage and went for the best instead. A brand new Samsung EVO 500GB SSD, Startech adapter and a Rontech 80 wire IDE cable...and an 80mm Noctua. Results are pretty cool to own:
  • Hdd Upgrade
    Is it possible on a softmoded Xbox put an HDD larger than 120GB? If it is, how? Is it the same process as for the 120GB? Thanks
  • Scummvm 1.4.1
    Hi, I`ve downloaded ScummVM 1.4.1 and ftped it to my xbox. What kind of "roms" will it work with? I mean, i guess i have to get xbox-specific roms of the games i want such as Monkey Island 1, 2, 3 etc? Tried googling, and searching here but have not found useful information. Thanks a bunch!
  • Splinter Cell Chaos Theory System Link Disconnects
    Hey Guys! I have 2 Xbox consoles and I try to play Chaos Theory in System Link Mode. Both Xboxes are connected to my router. I can find the other console, I can join a game. I can start the game but as soon as I move one player the game instantly disconnects Does anyone know why?
  • XBox Source Code Leaked. )
    Like the titel say... Source: https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/21/21265995/xbox-source-code-leak-original-console-windows-3-5 Have a nice day guys.
  • Aladdin XT + Lpc Rebuild Help
    https://imgur.com/a/P7rnmgZ Hi everyone Yesterday I ran into an issue with my install - I have a 1.6 Xbox so I picked up an Aladdin XT and a rebuild board to make the job easier. Should be easy right? - apparently not as I stuffed it up. Basically I made the mistake of following a video where the rebuild board had a much larger space around the pins which allowed for quite a bit of solder to be flowed onto them - I followed those instructions and when I went to put my board on it didn't sit flush. So for whatever reason I decided to solder it in and see what happened....
  • XEcuter 2.2 Lite
    I have a xecuter 2.2 lite here the bios switch connector fell off so i soldered wires too the points all works fine 30 USD OBO Shipped
  • Running 2 Dashboards
    Hi Guys So I have a 1.6 xbox NTSC-J xbox running an aladin chip. So if I just press the power button gently it will load the stock bios with the modchip disabled. If I hold it in for about a second, it'll load the mod chip which is running unleash X. So what I'd like to do is load a different dash board when I run the stock bios as its pretty useless considering its NTSC-J. My question is, is it possible to simply replace the MS dash board ".xbe" file with a shortcut to another dash board like XBMC4Gamers. If this is possible, what is the file that the stock xbox bios...
  • Enter the Matrix On 1.6 XBox
    Hi Guys I'm getting this issue with my Enter the Matrix game(NTSC). I am using an NTSC-J 1.6 Xbox with an aladin mod chip running M8plus (EvoX). I tried ripping Enter the Matrix to the console and when I play it, I get a black screen with a couple green dots. I then tried to run it straight from the Disc and get the exact same error. I then put the game in my 1.4 softmodded pal xbox and the game loads just fine. Does anyone know why this is? I have attached an image of the blank screen with dots.
  • Need a Schematic
    i tried soldering in a pin header for an alladin modchip. the modchip didn't work so i need a schematic to see which part of the board each pin is suppose to connect to so that i can check my work with an ohm meter. anyone have that schematic? it's a version 1.0.