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  • Original Modded XBox
    I have a v1.0 original modded Xbox, it had an old Aladdin mod chip, I wanted to upgrade the hard drive and after doing some research I found out I can brick it by flashing a new bios. The bios is unknown but after running bios checker it reads I have a lpc sst49lf020, it boots up xecuter2 into an evolution x dashboard. If I use the hexen 2019 disc, what steps can I take after I install a larger hdd? I don’t need to clone it, I backed up everything using ftp, and I want a fresh install. Here are some images that may help... Thanks for your time.
  • XBoX V1.2 - Does Not Power On Anymore
    Hi all, I have an issue with my XBOX that doesn't power on anymore. Model: 1.2 TSOP: Yes, iND-2003 Mods: None other than removal of the clock capacitor Misc: Using the Chimeric Systems HDMI adapter (which is awesome) Yesterday I received a new modchip from eBay, the Xenium Gold with the 24K OS on it. I swapped out my old Aladdin chip and fired it up with no issues. I proceeded to add EvoxM8+, iND-2004, and XBlast on it. I tested all 3 BIOS and they all worked fine. From here I decided to do the 128mb RAM upgrade. I've successfully performed this upgrade once before. I'm...
  • Swapping Controller Wires - Duke and S?
    Can I swap a cable from an official S controller and a Duke. I can solder so was thinking I could open my Duke as the lead is snagged - still working perfectly. I was planning on cutting the wire just inside both controllers and then soldering the non frayed wires from the 'S' to the Duke. Has anyone tried this? Should I just leave well enough alone? Thanks
  • Optical + Compenent
    First, do the tv play the video compenents (in) and the audio optical (in) at the same time if the connections are not the same and at the same place back to the tv ? - This cable on ebay output 6 compenents and one optical really or somme are optional only and not working at the same time ? :https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/274451042904?ul_noapp=true I can not teste myself. I don't have connection S or optical. So I will need to buy tv or buy adaptator.
  • Controller S Fault
    I repaired a black Controller S just replacing the worn joysticks with alternatives which have worked well. The controller had joystick centering issues which those replacements pretty much eliminated. The controller has been used quite a lot over the two months since the repairs without any problems and then last night (BTW still very hot ambient temperatures 85+F) the controller started acting up. At first I thought it was a game glitch or a corrupt game save file but after being returned to the pause menu multiple times or just freezing with no controller response it started to tell...
  • Ki-XXX and Killer Instinct
    Howdy people After a friend of mine saw all my hard work on my recently acquired xbox he asked if I could mod his and turn it into a emulation machine. I of course jumped at the chance to play with this system some more and try some emulation on it that I had heard so much about! I got Mameox, Genesis and SNES emus working great on it then I discovered you can get KI working on it to (which does not seem to load in mame) Being one of my fave fighters I would really love to get this going but I cant seem to find any instructions or tutorials for its use! Anybody used this...
  • Coin Ops and 3rd Party Controller
    Hi - are 3rd party controllers compatible with Coun Ops 8 and Massive or is it better to stick with an original controller?
  • Network Hub Vs Switch
    I was running some Halo system link no issue. When I switched over to Brute Force and Mechassault the link failed to see another Xbox.I am using a unmanaged switch. I used one of these back i the day https://www.ebay.com/itm/Radica-Gamester-RC73220-LAN-Party-4-port-hub-and-Gamester-power-supply/164263467360?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649. The question is do some of the old games need a hub not a switch for connection ?
  • Linux Manifacturing
    Hi. I want to test gameplay with different consoles releases and I saw on ebay a console manifactured by linux in 2004. It's not just a sofmod. :https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/Microsoft-Xbox-Original-Console-LINUX-cords-Collectible-Tested-Very-Rare/184022790146?hash=item2ad89cf002:g:XB0AAOSwGBRcGsOH Do it can to be interesting to test or it do any difference about gamplay? It's just for somes extra options negligible ?
  • XBox Smells Like Fish
    I have 2 og xbox 1.6 version. A little while ago I tried mod them and a bad Chinese adaptor for the hdd upgrade got them malfunction. So I ordered some good Panasonic capacitors and the startech adapters. Now that I think of it after the circuit malfunction I got them dedusted and rubbed them with isopropyl and a toothbrush. A fishy smell came out while I did the cleaning which means I have an electronic problem. On the boards I have one busted capacitor and no leak traces. One is hardmoded one is softmoded. How do I check exactly the problem before I try again to upgrade my hdd's? The...
  • Matt
    Hi all Wonder if you can help. I have a soft modded xbox with stock 8gb hdd, I have another hdd that's preloaded with tons of games that I want to install but not sure how to go about it. I have all the cables necessary and I have chimp installed on the original hdd. Can I turn the preloaded hdd into the master without formatting it and losing everything? Any help greatly appreciated.
  • Crimson Skies
    I recently picked up a box of original Xbox games and the crimson skies appears to have a autograph of some sort on it or a signature whatever you would like to call it I was wondering is there any known copies with signatures/autographs
  • Controller Duke + Smaller Release (Wireless)
    Need chip of controller ( duke- smaller realease original) modded for wireless or with the shell too.
  • Fluctuation of Capacitors
    Hi guys. Today i got the new capacitors for both of my v1.4 xboxes and measured them (because i'm nosy). The most of them are pretty close to the µF which are stated. The 1500 µF 6,3v (~1700 µF) what is fine, the 3300 µF 10v naild it but the 3300 µF 6,3v are going strait through the roof with ~4100 µF and i wonder if thats not a bit to much?
  • Duo X2 - Can't Launch Ms Dashboard
    Hello everyone, A week ago I've picked up an Original Xbox from a flea market. The seller said that it works just fine but he can't get the disc tray to open and that there is a game inside. Of course none of this was true The Xbox could not even start: after pressing the power button, it turned on and then immediately off and repeated this 3 times...and then it seemed to stay on but the LED was just blinking red and there was no picture. It is a 1.6. After narrowing down the issue to the motherboard itself (I have unplugged both the HDD and the DVD drive and tried another power...
  • When Booting Up Games There Is No Video, Only Audio.
    My Xbox is not modded in any way. It has composite cables as well. My Xbox will occasionally boot up games normally but most of the time it boots up every game with only the audio. I saw a post on a forum a while ago about how to easily fix this, but I can no longer seem to find it.
  • Lcd Display Marks Degrees Wrong
    Good morning guys, i bought a ryzee119 OpenXenium chip and installed it on my xbox 1.4. Everything perfect... I bought the spi2par2019 kit and the LCD display and after I installed it it has the problem that it marks the degrees with the abbreviation aC and not as it should (° C). Has it happened to any of you? Do you have a solution?
  • XBox 1.6 Image Drop.
    Hey there, I have a chipped 1.6 and I'm using it on my LG 4K TV via component cable, I'm experiencing image drop out (see the video below). I've tried 3 different sets of cables, I've changed the Xbox to NTSC to enable HD video mode. Is there anything you people can recommend for me to try? I'm willing to try anything just so I can get this issue resolved. Thanks! Video link:
  • Aladdin Xblast/Lcd Flashing
    So I have sometime on my hands and Ive been playing around with some cheap aladdins I have kicking around. I've managed to get urjtag to read my jtag programmer(HW-USBN-2A) but when I run the 'detect' command it tells me my that TDO is stuck at 0 or 1. I originally tried with a cheap USB blaster but it just would not work. Ive tried changing the wire, reconnecting the wires, powering the chip with the programmer, powering the chip with a xbox and powering the chip with a bench power supply.
  • Llamma.Com Forum Archive
    Hi, I have been looking around the old llamma forum archive and seeing how they used to fix the problems we still have, here‘s a link for anyone that is interested. https://web.archive.org/web/20051231231519/https://forums.llamma.com/
  • XBoxs Flashing Colors
    I have to xboxs that dont work, the first one is flashing red and 2nd xbox flashing orange
  • XBmc4gamers - Re-Initialise Network
    I’m still getting to grips with using the og Xbox in 2020, well setting it up. I’ve got a USB powered WiFi bridge that plugs into the Ethernet port, and is powered directly from the console. But the console starts up quicker than the the bridge can connect. Is there an option I’m missing that will force XBMC4Gamers to check the network again and then it’ll get an IP address? Ta Pete
  • Write Softmod Directly To New Hdd
    So I have a 1.0 with a dead HDD, I used PiPROM to recover the eeprom.bin so I can build a new drive. Is there a tutorial somewhere on adding a softmod directly to the new drive before I lock it?
  • Ogx360 Internal Install, Were To Put the Reciever?
    I finally got the parts for internal mounting of the OGx360, but i am not sure what to do with the reciever. Anyone got good ideas for where to put it internally, and in that case, how to get to the sync button easily? Is external mount best?
  • Cloning Hdd With Pc
    I have only 1 sata adapter and want to upgrade to 1TB. I have usb adapter, and i could connect my old 2.5" hdd to my laptop and use hirens CD to clone HDD. I think it would work, it would copy all sectors, but what about formatting?