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24 March 2019

  • Question About Dvd Drive
    Hi witch bios allow to boot the xbox without a dvd drive ? and witch config i need to change ?
  • Theoretical Gpu Overclock
    Hello folks, we all know the XGPU is sort of cousin to Geforce 3 and Ti200, Ti500. Just found a tutorial on how to overclock the Geforce 3 series, basically it is about increasing voltage on the GPU core and RAM chips, by adding resistors to so called voltage controllers. The voltage controllers on the Geforce 3 series are SC1175CSW, similar controllers are on the Xbox too. One located unde the CPU, named SC1186CSW (PII, PIII voltage controller). And another one SC1110CS (voltage controller for DDR memory) located near the GAME1/2 connector. Need help of guys who know electronics,...
  • V1.2 Mobo W/ Ram Upgrade
    Selling a tsop'd v1.2 mobo w/ ind-5004 bios & 128mb RAM upgrade... $80
  • Alternative To Pound Cable.
    How about this as an alternative? Cheaper than the Pound Cable (If i factor in shipping to New Zealand) If anyone has tried this im interested in your feedback. HDMI Link Cable for Original Xbox
  • 1.2 Mb Tsopd Ind 5004 & 128mb Ram
    Selling a tsop'd v1.2 mobo w/ ind-5004 bios & 128mb RAM upgrade... $80
  • Found My Original Modded XBox. 1 Issue Tho.
    Hey guys.... I just found my original Crystal modded xbox from years ago tucked away in a corner in the loft. Only thing is it has faulty Ethernet port. Is it easy to swap them out for a replacement? If so does anyone have a tut?? Otherwise i want to update the softmod that is in it..... I bought it already modded and it was supposed to be chipped but well i have opened it and there is deffo no modchip inside. Its also a 1.6 so no TSOP either so by process of elimination it has to be softmodded. My question is..... Am i safe to run Rocky5's softmod updater from the extras...
  • Running Coinops8 On 1.4/ 1.5ghz?
    Hi guys. Just got my upgraded 1.5Ghz/ 128mb hoping to have that extra emulation boost on certain games while running via jamma connector on my arcade cab. I just realized that CoinOps doesn't seem to be too happy about my upgrade since the preview videos in the UI won't play smoothly anymore. Also... I couldn't find a way to set a throttle for the games as they are all running way too fast now. There is the overclock feature ingame setting when pushing back and right thumb stick. Decreasing the overclock is not fine enough and I couldn't match the og game speed as well as the sound seems...
  • Nes To Xbox
    Hey everyone does anyone know how to hookup a nes or snes controller to a og xbox
  • Thepiratepimp Original XBox Collection
    Here's my tower of power My pure White #0108/1000 "Dreamcast" Here's my Hulk (came before the Dew's no matter what people say) Most of my controllers Orange Xbox Live Controller https://thepiratepimp.weebly.com https://www.instagram.com/thepiratepimp/ https://www.youtube.com/user/thePiratePimp
  • Include Softmod When Building a New XBox Hd From Scratch?
    While tinkering with my Ndure softmodded Xbox, I have managed to mess something up with the files on the hard drive. I now get error 21. I'm not too concerned as I was sure to back up the eeprom. What I would like to do is use something like xboxhdm to build a new hard drive but have the softmod files included when the hard drive was being built. This way I simply put the hard drive in and I dont have to go through the process of softmodding all over again as it was included when I built the hard drive. From there I will probably just go ahead and TSOP flash the Xbox to make any future...
  • X3cp Lcd Supported Apps?
    hi guys i was wondering if there was a list of apps that have lcd support?
  • Looking for XEnium Chip
    Hey everyone if you got a spare xenium chip im currently looking to buy one
  • 2 X3 Control Panel for Sale $300 Each
    Selling 2 x3 control panel great condition with all accessories works great one has to buttons missing but work great still $300 each shipped I’m firm on price
  • Scummvm XBox Question?
    Hey does anyone out there know if its possible to use a keyboard and mouse with ScummVM Xbox?? I wanna play some old school Sierra point & click games.... Ive tries plugging my wireless keyboard and mouse into the usb ports on my X3cp but no luck with that.
  • Slim XBox Build Log
    I'm starting a slim xbox project in my spare time. Updates may be infrequent. The idea is hopefully to keep the entire box under 50mm thickness. I want to try and cram in a 2TB 2.5" HDD with SATA adaptor, a picoPSU, and Ryzee's wireless 360 controller board. The motherboard is a 1.0 that I've TSOP flashed and upgraded with 128MB RAM. It's going to be a very tight squeeze for sure. I've modeled a case for it that needs to be 3D printed--though the expense from Shapeways is a bit much for me right now, and it's too big for the local printers! The edge of the case will be sanded and...
  • Lookin for Green X3cp Panel
    its a long shot
  • Complete XBox Game Collection In One XBox!
    Hi, I have just finished transferring the complete (or as close as possible, all NTSC and most PAL games) Xbox game collection to my 2TB X3 Xbox. I say complete but i am missing the "Club Football" games as there is about 20 of them and they are petty much all identical..... I will pick one club and put both of their games on but i haven't decided yet. I have about 26Gb of space left on my G drive which i am planning to use to go through the few Jap exclusives and add any that are actually playable without knowing Japanese Its taken me the best part of a week to FTP it all across...
  • What Dvd-R Disks Are Best?
    Hi, what disks are best for making a copy of the HeXEn disk and what software and burn speed would you recommend? Thanks
  • XEcuter 2 3b Lite ( Not Plus ) Install Issues Frag / Boot Loop
    Ok guys got an issue that is getting on my wick. Slapped a 2.3b Lite into a 1.6, used a clone LPC Rebuild Kit and proceeded to boot the console. D0 was connected to the board and ground was connected to the screw hole as usual. As soon as you put power to the console it will boot up then reset 2 times before FRAGGING. Only when D0 is connected and chip is off. With chip on with M8 1.6 Bios I can get a boot with Evo shield but it hangs after that and still turns on as soon as a power cord is plugged in. Front panel doesn't work at all. Remove...
  • Looking for XBmc Skins Pack
    Hey, anyone of you guys still have got xbmc4xbox skins pack, it contains the following skins: and THX!.
  • XEcuter 2 3b Lite Install Diagram. 1.6 Compatibility?
    Evening all i've got 2 2.3b Lites and one 2.6. Anybody got the install diagrams as I can't seem to find them only the 2.3b+. Also with my LPC Rebuild kit they should work for 1.6's as long as I flash a working bios / Cromwell before installing? As I've ran out of Aladdins and have a few consoles in need of work.
  • Banned From Discord
    Hey does anyone know why i was banned from the og xbox discord???
  • Red Flashing Led
    Hi all, I have an X3 modded box that I have been painstakingly adding the Xbox game collection to over to. Last night while testing a few games the screen froze and when I looked at the Xbox I had a flashing red led. I assumed I had overheated for some reason and so I went to bed and left it to cool down. i have just switched it on again and it’s stone cold and still had the flashing red led, also my x3 chip is always disabled. Anybody have any ideas what’s going on? Im going to take it all apart and rebuild it again see if that helps. The last mods I did were to replace the...
  • Rare XBox
    Hey everyone i was lucky enough to get this console its 1 of 5 in the world what do you guys think i would get for it if i were to post it online. Here is a video of the console i got
  • Install a X3 From the 1.6 Board To Install 1.0 Board
    Ok I want to install my x3 that is on 1.6 board to a 1.0 board the problem is that the modchip has all the bios flashed to 1.6 is it possible for me to reflash the bios to work on the 1.0 board don’t want to mess anything up