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17 September 2019

  • Wtb: 128mb XBoX Board (Aus)
    Wanting to buy a 128mb Xbox motherboard, I would prefer it to be a 1.2 or any revision that doesn't have the single row PSU connector Also I'm only really looking for people in Australia to save on postage cost @SS_Dave would you be interested in selling me a 128mb board since your in Australia?
  • Softmod,Modchip,Tsop Flash
    If you have read some of my replys to posting's you may have noticed that I am a bit anti softmod. For me If I get a Version 1 to 1.4 (1.5?) I will flash the thing if it's a version 1.6 it get's a chip. Me I use the 007AUF game hack to flash a new xbox and I have seen the compleate kit's popup on Fleebay (The game disk,USB with game save,USB to Xbox lead) it sure beats softmoding to then flash a XBOX especially if your going to do more than 1. I know some people can't solder but with the early box's conductive paint is the go. If you cant solder print the instructions and go...
  • Install XBoX Games To Your Hdd Over the Internet Using Ftp Complete Tutorial Guide
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyfbxuMgI4M&t=480sHello everyone! First post, and happy to be here. I want to share something that will add value to the community. I've put together a video tutorial on how you can install games directly to the XBOX HDD through the internet and FTP. All you'll need is your softmodded XBOX, an Ethernet cable, and the HDD Ready games you want on the HDD. You'll be up and running with it in no time. Full how-to video is below. Please let me know if this video helps you so that I can make XBOX content that makes your gaming experience more...
  • Logitech Wireless
    I got a some Logitech wireless ones, but they are drifting. Was thinking of giving them away for p+p if anyone is interested. I dont have any pics of them until ater this week, but will post here then. Just checking if there is any interest in them.
  • Missing Games
    I am getting all xbox games, except all the sports games like fifa and so on. But my "collecting" stops at 99,9%, it has been for a long time. Wondering of just ending it, but do i miss something good then? I havent played the games that i missing, so can someone enlighten me. Missing games (not complete that is): - Silent Scope - Terminator 3 - Samurai Warriors - Wrestlemania 21 - Tak 2 - Staff of Dreams - The Suffering, Ties that Bind Worth waiting for any of these?
  • Gamestop
    Got this in and cracked it lol 😂 The last pick is for a guy that want a few of my Xboxes All original no idea what he's gonna do with them, 🙄(Did you count them?) Yes one was the Gamestop Xbox
  • Collecting Microsoft Company Disks
    Hello Does anyone collect Physical copies of Microsoft Company Store Disks? There Rare? So u had to be a employee of the company to buy this ! I got a few and wondered that's a sub set collection ? Kinda like Platinum hits subset. Plz let me know thanks K9
  • Error 21 When Trying To Boot Oem Dash
    Thanks to SS_Dave I put the OEM dash file on the Xbox to try and boot to there from UnleashX. However when I try to run it I get Error 21. I think it got messed up by whoever soft modded the console before I bought it (it had been sitting in that shop for a few years), but even then I did a clean UnleashX install with Rocky5's tool. I'm pretty confused on what to do. Will I need to put in Halo 2 or something with XBL to update the OEM dash, and then reinstall UnleashX using the Splinter Cell exploit?
  • XBox Giving a Bogus Ip
    My Xbox keeps giving me a bogus IP address I've been able to reset it going into system then miscellaneous Advanced Network stopping the FTP server will reset network restart Now that isn't working I've tried changing ports on my router it still gives me a bogus IP Is there any way to fix this
  • Futurama Bender(Skin)
    Thunder is my favourite character from Futurama So here's a skin to celebrate his shiny metal ass Futurama Bender.zip
  • Doom 3 (Skin)
    here is a Doom 3 skin Enjoy Doom3.zip
  • Gears of War (Skin)
    Here's my Gears of War skin Yes I know the game never made it to the original Xbox But there are okras timeless so I thought I'd make a skin for it Gears Of War.zip
  • Red Dead Redemption (Skin)
    My final skin of the night This has become one of my favourite games on the original Xbox Red Dead Redemption So I decided to make a skin for it enjoy Red Dead Redemption.zip
  • Skin Skywalker Vs Vader
    This is my third skin for the Xbox Skywalker vs Vader I wanted to do a video skin but I can't find a property way to get video to work Vader vs Skywalker.zip
  • Morah Mills Adult Skin
    this is my second skin it's all adult star Morah Mills adult skin Adults only please Moriah Mills.zip
  • Hackdabox Hotswap To Flash !
    Requirements.Working Xbox with a Pinheader Install and a Working Modchip with a Hacked BiosHackDaBox Re-Flash DiscWith the working Xbox turned off Remove the lid , the screws from the hard drive bay and DVD-ROM drive. Remove the hard drive (still connected ), lift it up and over slightly, now lift the DVD-ROM drive up ( still connected) and spin it around to face the opposite way. So now the DVD-ROM is facing the wrong way round but still connected . Support the DVD with something underneath, so it sits level. Now put the hard drive bay back where it used to be ( covering up the power supply...
  • Aladdin XBlast Chips
    Hello all. Just recently got into making my own Aladdin xblast chips. I've noticed a few people around here have been looking for them. Currently have 4 Aladdin chips in stock. The CPLD will be flashed with xblast by this weekend. Please bare with me, if I am out of stock, as my current job only pay's minimum wage, and it is quite difficult for me to purchase materials to make the Xblast chips. I am working to make some more soon. In the mean time, if you need one I'm selling.
  • Unopened XBox
    Hi All What would a unopened Xbox meaning the carton is unopened so New In Box be worth ?
  • I Have a Old Executor Soft Dashboards
    I want to share my dashboards for free, can i do that? And If yes how? Also may have some Roms and things old school ones for free , if yes how? Do I do it on the forum Thanks sorry I'm learning this is my First community I've joined and i want to help out 👍
  • Make Dashboard Skin for Original XBox ?
    Okay I'm looking for tutorial to make my own custom skins for my dashboard Has anyone got one what tools do I need
  • Questions About My Modded XBox
    Hi guys, First off I want to thank everyone for their help along the way I've learned a lot from this forum sure I could have had other people do it for me But honestly I wouldn't have learned as much but I still have a few questions so I'm going to go ahead and post them here (1) I have a whole bunch of burn CDs for the Dreamcast could my Xbox read them? (2) with my 500gb IDE drives now installed 110 gig devoted new Xbox games another 80 for coin-ops and probably another hundred for SNES What would you add now if you were me (3) I'm thinking of skining my...
  • Smartxx Lt OpX XBox Crystal 1.6
    Located in sweden But Will ship worldwide. Can sell board only and without psu/heatsinks etc for cheaper shipping its up to you stock hdd can upgrade to 2tb if requested
  • Iso XEnium Sp Ice
    Please refer to image. I am looking for almost everything in this image. Though I have the 24k so the actual mod chip is optional. -iRuinLunches
  • Aussiechip Dual Mod and Cheapmod Build Files
    Hey all this is my first post on this forum. Thought I should share the schematics for the old AussieChip Dual Mod and Cheapmod mod chips. From what I understand this company went under in 2003 when the Australian government started to try and outlaw mod chips; the same time when many other governments were trying to do the same. AussieChip decided to give back to the community and release the build entirely for free. The files are for an old program called Protel though it is now called Altium Designer. Altium is very very VERY expensive (7k+ a year) though they have a free trial if...
  • Weird Dashboard Issue
    I recently picked up a 1.6 Crystal at a thrift store for cheap. It even had a replacement 160gb installed with the newest build of EvoX Dashboard defaulting, a couple of games, emulators and movies. Pretty good score! But I'm not the biggest fan of EvoX. I can work with it (and XBMC is also installed) but I'd rather do UnleashX. However, when I FTP up a copy and try to run the dash xbe, I just get kicked back to EvoX. Trying to boot the MS Dash gives me the same result. Interestingly, XBMC dash does start properly. Any great ideas? Could it have anything to do with a bios version?...