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  • Ram upgrade 128 MB
    Performed ram upgrade with 1 chip in area 4 near CPU using soldering iron using Ali express bought chips. X blast on spiderchip loaded first time but Ram test failed. Attempted reflow of chip using SMD hot air station. Modchip won't boot blue light on modchip illuminated. Xbox either goes on off 2 times and then flashes red and green or else when I disconnect modchip the Xbox logo displays with error 07 then flashes red green. Not sure if modchip isnt working now. Wondering is this normal behavior as I'm getting a normal Xbox boot up without modchip?
  • Pressing eject reboots the Xbox, what to do ?
    Hello, Got a v1.1 Xbox today that i wanted to TSOP flash, but it has some issues, before doing anything the console was tested. The hard drive is making some loud whirring sound, but it manages to boot to dash, this will be replaced with a bigger drive. The DVD ROM was locked solid, so after opening the console and the DVD ROM, and giving it a good clean, that is now working again. But when i tested the DVD to see if it ejects, which it does, every eject press the console now appears to soft reboot, i mean it restarts but doesn't power cycle. Anyways i soldered...
  • Weird screen
    Hi there, Suddenly my xbox has a blueish screen. When it boots what normally is green is now blue and also my dashboard is missing the green color. Does anyone has an idea? Ive ruled out: Tv settings Dvd drive Hdd Ide/sata adapter Video cable
  • Replacing the clock capacitor
    A while ago I removed the clock capacitor from an Xbox v.1.1. Some days ago came the new capacitor I had ordered and I got to install it. Now, since I'm a complete amateur on the soldering thing, I may have damaged the capacitor or the mb, or the soldering job I did isn't good enough, BUT, how long is the date/time expected to last with a same rating capacitor? I never actually used a new Xbox and I don't know. My first results show that I must have messed up the installation. As far as I can tell I put it in the same place where I removed the old one (there was a leftover...
  • Best output video solution with OG xbox . Here the results! 
    Listing of materials tested: OSSC Chimeric HDMI Konig component RGB AV optical Composite original Pound (2020) Mcable gaming Mclassic Monster component x400 Monster component x200 variety of wall chargers and HDMI cables All the combinations and configurations were tested. Tested on four TV and two Xbox : V 1.6 no modded, V1.0 XBMC ( no one did consequential differences ) Winner! xbox+chimeric+Mclassic mode green (alimented wall) +Mcable gaming (alimented wall)+TV....
  • Xbox crystal strong smel and bubblig noise
    Started my Xbox for the firat time in ages. i heard bubblig noise and a strong small hit me. So i pulled out the power cord and opend the Xbox. Could only find some liqud that Smelled stron on the harddrive pleas help.
  • [SOLVED] Duplicating Hard Drive for Xecuter X3 modded Xbox
    Can I ask the community for some help please: I’m trying to make a back-up of my WD Blue 1TB hard drive from my Xbox and can’t seem to get the duplicated drive to boot. My Xbox is modded with an Xecuter X3 chip and that is working fine; I have the X3 panel on the front which is lighting up blue and booting ok with my original drive – and it is booting to the X3 bios on my duplicate one. I’ve duplicated my original drive using HDD Raw Copy 1.10 (through two separate USB docking stations). Obviously I received read errors throughout the process; but it has reached 100% and...
  • Custom Xbox originally had 220v psu, when I installed the 110v psu it won’t turn on
    Ordered a custom og from the Netherlands and when I plug it in, the eject light breathes but it won’t turn on.
  • PC games option?
    How do you use the PC games option in the unleased dashboard? If your telling me i can get PC based games on my Xbox imma go dig out Soul Reaver for PC and get jammin!
  • Component 60hz
    Hello all I just started using a component cable and it is forcing 60hz constantly even though I have PAL60 DISABLED in MSDash, is that normal? On my RGB SCART cable I can always get 50hz, as I need 50hz for Amiga, c64 and Spectrum emulation but on the component cable it won't let me get 50hz even when I am launching everything specifically in PAL and have PAL60 DISABLED. The Xbox logo when it starts up is in 50hz but everything after that is 60hz constantly. I even have tried the emulators set to force 50hz in options and still they won't go to 50hz Thanks
  • OG case fan refurbishable?
    Hello all. I recently installed one of those ‘quiet’ case fans (Nexus 70mm Real Silent case fan) with the expectation that I would get quiet performance with the same cooling. I was shocked that I had to drastically increase the fan speed to get the same cooling performance. So, now I want to rethink my choice and see if the somewhat noisy stock fan can be refurbished. Other then seeing advice to clean the blades, I don’t see any other suggestions. Before I tinker for myself, does anyone know if the stock fan can be disassembled, and lubricated with the hopes of getting the...
  • Error 21
    I have a soft modded original Xbox with unleash x. Came across another original Xbox that someone attempted to mod unsuccessfully. When I try to access the “network” menu in the settings from the Xbox dashboard I get an error 21 . From what I could find it seems like this means there is part of the Xbox dashboard file that is missing or corrupt. My original plan was to just try re modding it which I couldn’t figure out . So now my plan was to try and bring it back to its original state and try starting from scratch. There are all kinds of information regarding this topic all with different...
  • C: is full and I can't figure out how to clear it out
    Hi everyone, Today I tsop flashed my V1.0 mobo using the TruHexEN 2021 disc and everything was fine until I used option 4.2.11 (install all dashboards.) Now I woulda thought that if my C had become that choked for space it would have simply asked me if I wanted to continue installing to the location I was, change location or cancel all together... but it installed to the C and nowits full and even using filezilla to ftp into the C, I can't peer into the "Do not touch anything in here" which I am suspect is the major culprit why my drive is claiming to be full.... anyone know of any...
  • Working DVD drive - any model (UK)
    Got a 1.6 crystal in pretty great condition here with one serious problem - DVD drive (SDG-605) is dead, error 12. Tried swapping a known working DVD drive in and using exactly the same power+IDE cable+HDD it successfully boots to dash so it's definitely the SDG-605 causing the error. If anyone has any working DVD drives they are willing to part with, especially if they're in the UK, that would be great. Otherwise, it's going to be the eBay lottery, and I'm not feeling lucky. 🦖
  • Is there anyway to change the profile select skin/background/color?
    I've been able to customize just about everything in XMBC4gamers, I have a softmodded xbox original, and I noticed in the profile select screen, where I can either select manage profiles, or select a profile with my xbox games or emulators. The profile select screen is what boots up for me right away when I turn on the xbox, so the first thing I see is like crummy boxes and a baby blue background. Is there any sort of dark mode? I don't need a crazy skin, I just want to change the colors, is there anyway to change a line of code in a file to change it? Does anyone know how to contact...
  • Can someone help me please
    Hello I need a little help I just installed an openexenium chip in my Xbox and made a copy of hexEn 2021 and have a 2.5 320gb hdd to put in until I can find my 1tb but can someone kinda walk me through what I need to do next please and thank you for any help and sorry if there is already something that says what I'm after I couldn't find it lol again thank you in advance
  • Can someone help me please
    Hello I need a little help I just installed an openexenium chip in my Xbox and made a copy of hexEn 2021 and have a 2.5 320gb hdd to put in until I can find my 1tb but can someone kinda walk me through what I need to do next please and thank you for any help and sorry if there is already something that says what I'm after I couldn't find it lol again thank you in advance
  • Bits for Sale - Modchip Joytech Screen Near Mint, UK
    Hello all, I have an Xecuter 2.6 New and Sealed and this - XBOX JoyTech 6" Screen NEAR MINT - Retro Boxed - Super Rare | eBay plus a RARE Xbox to Jamma converter and harness. I am also considering the sale of my arcade machine... Needs some TLC but not much - I am UK based Thanks Its open to offers as it needs to go... I will upload pictures ASAP
  • Very Weird"Game wont launch"Problem
    Hello People. I have a problem with one of my xboxes and i cant find any solution to this,so i would like some assistance. My problem is that one of my xboxes(v1.6 modchiped)wont launch forza. After i launch it,it freezes at black screen and i cant even use the in-game reset combo to reset the console,so to do that i have to press the eject button. It used to play fine some years ago,but after a save corrupt,it stopped launching. I tried deleting saves,reinstalling the game,signing and tranfering saves from my other xboxes,swapping the hard disc with one from another xbox that can launch the...
  • DVT4 PSU
    Hey guys! I have recently added a DVT4 to my collection , It is a 110v unit however I live in Australia and we use 240v AC here, Typically with my Japanese consoles I just switch the PSU out but in this case even tho I am 99% sure this is just a normal 1.0 PSU, While I take it apart today can I replace the 110v PSU with a 240 V PSU? I have one on hand I can steal from another console and replace! If any one who has experience with the DVT4 and could let me know if the PSU is the same that would be much appreciated I figure its better to be safe than sorry with something of this rarity and...
  • "Xecuter" Removed from Ebay?
    Once in a while I do my routine check for XCM and Xecuter stuff on eBay. I did a check maybe a few weeks ago and there were consoles, chips and pro switches on there. Correct me if I'm wrong did everything just sell out or did eBay remove anything with "Xecuter" related to the name. Because eBay is a ghost town right now. There's just LEs on there and some scraps. Anyone get there listing removed? I know Nintendo cracked on the team so maybe other companies are following up. This would be dumb because eBay have been collecting fees on modded consoles for a long time, they would...
  • Config magic mishap..
    Is there any way to restore a hdd after a config magic mess up? Was working on the EEprom of a soft mod hdd. Messed up rebooted now get error 5. Is this xbox unusable now?
  • Just installed OpenXenium chip. Retail kernel loads black screen / idk what to do
    What ups So glad I found this awesome forum for the OG. I installed an OpenXenium chip and now I don't know what to do. My goal is to swap the original HDD (which is EVOX softmodded) with a spare 1TB I have laying around. I tried adding the retail kernel to the launch menu but it isn't working. On the original HDD the xbox boots to a black screen, on the spare HDD the xbox boots to an error screen. What is my next step?
  • Returning to the classic after 20yrs !
    Since buying the classic back in 2001 & modding it, then three more in 2004 & modding those also, this week i decided to crack them all open and get them back up together after many, many years of service.... untouched! The upgraded HDD's are getting noisy & the rom trays stopped working way back when, so i would just ftp games across. I have so far stripped & cleaned them thoroughly, desoldered the clock cap in two and fixed the rom draw trays in all consoles.... however i need to advice on parts! At least one of the rom drives are failing to read discs so...
  • xbmc4gamers menu sound
    Hi all i have a xmc4gamers xbox. i just want to help to enable to sound on the menus and when you are going through games to select it used to make a sound but i tripped over my controller and did something and all the menu sounds have been disabled how do you enable them again thanks.



















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