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  • No Flash Bios?
    Sorry, guys. I tried to flashare the bios of an xbox 1.0 with Hexen's dvd. I wanted to put the M8 F&G on but when I press Y nothing happens. I wanted to make a way n to remove the DVD control to be able to put double hd with switch, but nothing, does not erase me the old and does not make me flashare the new. I mount an Aladdin xt chip.
  • Hi I'm Looking for a Patch On Worms Siege
    Hi like the title says I'm looking on a patch for worms Siège I want the possibility to cancel the god worm it's impossible to finish a game within 30min and the animation took too long that ruin the game. Also does anyone ever made an homebrew Xbox game I'm looking to find some or even making one myself
  • XBmc4gamers Fan Art
    Hello, everyone, I have updated xbmc4gamers to include it on partition F. I also downloaded the FanArt package for xbox games but even though they are active only 2 games have images. Where can I see the partition where the FanArt was downloaded, and especially where should I place them to have all the images and covers of my xbox titles? Thanks to everyone.
  • Thc Original
    Just wondering if anyone has this dash it’s a dark blue ms copy and please not thc lite iv found them only after the original thc which seems lost after all these years remember when it first got released and really wanna have a play with it again
  • G: Unavailable
    Heyy Since I fked up my awsome rocky5 softmod (deleted root files) And instead of uploading all those games, emulators and art... I decided to be lazy... and install this prefabricated HDD (https://www.arcadepunks.com/2tb-origins-original-xbox-fully-loaded-front-end/) I had to do a TSOP and download for 16days and Raw copy for 10 hours..... sooo kind of lazy but still... So I finally managed to get this working, but unfortunately my G drive is unavailable 😢 Could someone help me? 🤔🙂
  • Bluetooth Wireless for Controllers?
    I just watched a cool video on how you can use a simple bluetooth USB dongle to use new PS3 and PS4 controllers with a PS2. This happens with OPL on a Free Mcboot PS2. I understand this works by the OPL app translating the bluetooth controller's messages and emulating a genuine PS2 controller for the system to understand. Could a similar thing work on a modded Xbox? I would love to use a Xbox One controller on my OG Xbox. I lowkey hate the S controllers I have. I know that Ryzee made a neat Arduino solution to use 360 controllers, but it's so expensive.
  • Moving From Softmod To Modchip
    So I have a v1.6 softmodded system currently. Do I need to uninstall my softmod if I want to install an Aladdin XT chip? I want to upgrade my system to a 2TB SATA drive. I'm convinced this would be safer for the Xbox's longevity. After I get the Aladdin installed, can I just swap to the 2TB drive, and use Hexen to format the drive as a fresh system?
  • Hd Skins for UnleashX
    Does and anyone have HD Skin they want to share>? Looking for some👍 Like the one below unleashx-hd.html
  • X2 - Wolverines Revenge Black Screen
    Hello. Recently i tried to install X2 - Wolverines Revenge on my 1.6 hardmodded xbox and got black screen right after launch. I know there is an issue with 1.6 and HD output with some games but im using composite cable and CRT TV. Really cant figure out this problem. Any1 can help?
  • How To Mod Soulcalibur 2 XBox
    i am trying to figure out how do i change the models and stages in soulcalibur 2 xbox if anyone knows how to do it please help me Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UAFxYAU5-Y
  • XBmc4gamer /Emustation Boot
    Evening, guys, Having Aladdin XT modchip with ind-bios, I wish I could use xbmc4gamer or emustation as a dashboard at boot. I tried to look for a guide to talk about it to a Moon like me but without success. That's the way my partitions are: C Microsoft Dash F Dash no boot (Evolution, xbmc4gamer). Who can tell me the right guide? Thanks to everyone as always.
  • XBox 2 Hdd?
    Good morning, guys. Would it be possible to have an xbox with 2 hdd by eliminating the dvd player? For example: Eject button dvd= hdd1 Power key = hdd2. Are there any tutorials or guides to make this change? Thank you all.
  • Hdd Activity Light Not Blinking?
    Hello, i'm trying to finish up this Millennium Falcon mod i'm working on. I soldered a wire to the #39 pin to the negative leg of my led and the other leg of my led to the 12v and the 5v wires on my molex connector and light comes on but never blinks. It just stays on constant What am i doing wrong?
  • Kegsx (How Does It Work)?
    Hello all. I cant figure out how to run this emulator(apple 2gs). I downloaded it together with 2 roms,but i cant figure out how to run the roms. Anybody has any knowledge on it?Thank you
  • Hdd Lock
    Evening guys, a friend of mine got his xbox fried and gave me a 640 gb hdd sata. The problem is that the hdd is lock. Is there a way to recover this hdd without the xbox it was mounted on?
  • XBox Cpu Tualatin 1.4 Ghz Upgrade
    Hi! I have a topic to start. I'm already happy with my og Xbox upgraded with another 64mb of ram, but I would love to have it modded with 1.4 Ghz Tualatin. My console inside is 1.0 revision motherboard and was manufactured in Hungary, it is also modded with dual tsop and xblast. Do you know if somebody is still doing that upgrade? I've already PM'd to N64 freak but I'am waiting for his reply, so meanwhile when I am waiting for that reply I decided to find out if there is someone else for that job besides of that, I've read that he is only doing 1 Ghz, not 1.4 Ghz anymore - but I already have...
  • Can Use a Burnt Iso On a Dvd To Run On My Unmodded Xbox
    please help me i have an error 13 on my xbox and i was wondering if can use a halo 2 iso burnt on a DVD to fix it
  • Disk Tray Is Being Blocked?
    I have a vanilla Xbox (never modded or anything) that was working completely fine earlier today, but suddenly developed an issue where the disc tray won't come out. We had no idea what caused this, and trying the easy fix that seems to be common online of cleaning the little rubber-band belt did not solve it. So we opened up the Xbox and found that when the metal casing is removed from the top half of the CD drive, the tray opens up just fine. The same goes if we put metal top to the drive on, but don't push it down snuggly or screw it on: the drive will open fine. But when the top...
  • [Solved] XBox Randomly Rebooting After Switching To 720p
    Hi I have a PAL 1.6 xbox that I've recently rebuilt the LPC, added a Aladdin xt+2 modchip to and upgraded the hard drive with a larger 2tb. the system runs fine in SD via the standard AV cable (RED/WHITE/YELLOW lead) once I switch the console over to NTSC video settings and reboot the console with a component lead it switches to 1080i or 720p fine but will randomly reboot. Has anybody come across this before and know a fix? Thanks in advance
  • App for Extracting Multiple Iso Redumps At Once
    Hi! Is there an app for windows that allows extracting multiple ISO redumps for og Xbox? Note that I mean ISO, not xiso, regular extracting apps doesn't work bc those ISO files have more than one layer. I've only managed to extract single file at once, I have a lot of those redumps and it takes a lot of time to extract them.
  • Can I Transfer Files From Hdd?
    Hi, Basically I want to transfer files from my Xbox hdd and make a backup onto my PC. my Xbox has a sata drive installed via IDE to Sata adapter. If I was to just take out the Sata drive and hook it up directly to my PCs motherboard via Sata cable could I put the contents of my hdd onto my PC? Using xplorer or is that not a quicker way to add/remove games? Most people say ftp for everything I’m relatively new to modding any advice is useful thanks
  • Dead Board?
    I have been given a board to try and repair by a would be customer... the board does not power up at all. At first glance there was a cap with only one leg connected to the board, this has been replaced with a new cap and is all good. However the board still does not power up at all, nothing happens when the power button is pushed. I spoke to the guy about it again and he informed me it did work until after he replaced the thermal paste on the chips. my question is can too much paste cause the board to not power up at all?? I wouldnt think it could but hey I could be wrong... I...
  • I Need Advice At Having All XBox Games From F and G Showing Up.
    I have (purchased from a friend) a x3ce modded Xbox that boots into XBMC and it has a 2tb HDD installed. He has about 330 Xbox games in folders on the G partition, and it's running out of room. I have another 300+ games that I would like to install to F and just wanted to see what needed to be done to get all the games from F and G to show when I click the "Games" tab. Is the a CFG file I need to edit in XMBC or am I stuck with 2 separate sources (Games and Games 2)? I hope I explained that well enough. Thanks in adavance.
  • What Is It Worth These Day?
    What could I expect to get for my old modded xbox? Xecuter 3 chip, control panel and lcd screen. Blue light in the top. Upgraded hdd I think is 250gig. Xbmc, xbox games on the hdd, emulators etc. Dvd remote, 2 controllers.
  • Unlocked Hdd
    Hey, I should introduce myself.... I'm Noob🤣 sooo... I've modded my xbox (I guess its a softmod, but since I upgraded the hdd to a WD Blue 2TB I guess its a hardmod..) First I followed a tutorial to softmod my xbox to get unleashX, but after that I upgraded my xbox to rocky5's emustation. After downloaded tons of games and different emulators I gained to much balls and deleted wrong files.... nothing too bad, because the emustation still works, but I want to transfer files using my desktop instead of Ftp(filezilla). So I unlocked my hdd using configmagic (something like that) and...