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  • Making/Flashing/Xenium chip question
    Im gonna try to make my own OpenXenium chip. (orded components and card) But what do you guys use to flash the bios? (i orderd a xilinx usb flasher, but not able to get ISE 14.7 installed on any of my machines) Any suggestions on how Im able to flash the bios? Best regards
  • Will you will buy any new xbox console and the controller from the upcoming three new xboxes in this year 2024 yes or no?
    Will you will buy any new xbox console and the controller from the upcoming three new xboxes in this year 2024 yes or no?
  • V1.3 Slow Boot
    After I power up the console and it goes thru the start sequence it just takes longer than it should, compared to my other consoles. Probably twice as long. Other than that, once booted it works fine. Any ideas?
  • The fabled "Origins 2tb Build".... What a fu........ mess!!!!
    So out of curiosity I just downloaded the "Origins" 2Tb build, mainly to see what all the fuss was about and why people seemed to like it so much. But also I thought I'd see if I could maybe make use of the actual dash files and make a more reliable build using it. However, I just wrote the image to a hdd and so far have been checking it out on my PC with FatXplorer and tbh it is an absolute mess. Duplicated folders, little to no sense in the hdd organisation, random music albums (Papa Roach among others) and even a random movie (Central Intelligence) are just the start of the chaos....
  • Xbox FRAG after attempting to upgrade to 128MB
    Hello, I have a 1.4 Xbox I tried to upgrade with ram chips from a FRAGing 1.6. I put only one RAM chip on as a test and it didn't boot into XBlast OS. So I thought the RAM chip was bad, I removed it, checked for shorts and with the console back in stock configuration it still FRAGs on boot. What could be the issue?
  • How to remove Evolution X softmod and make sure original Xbox console works well?
    Hi, Just bought a second hand original Xbox from around 2002, it has an Evolotion X dashboard and has been softmoded. The dashboard also has the year 2004 on it. I have a few questions and very thankful for your help. I accidentally clicked on back up button from the menu on the Evolution X dashboard and then the power cycle button. What will this do? I have no back ups of anything. I was not the one who did the softmod. Can I use Rocky5 extras disc to restore it to factory reset and remove the Evolution X softmod safely? I am anxious I could...
  • Xbox and Speakers
    I use my Xbox with AV Cables, at least for now, and I wanted to try and use speakers. The speakers have the Red and White plugs in them. Does that mean I can plug the Yellow in my TV and the Red and White in the speaker, or do I have to do something else? Thanks!
  • OpenLara XBOX Tomb Raider 2 and 3, looking for working copies....... SOLVED
    Does anyone have TR2/3 working on their Xbox? Both games crash at the "loading...." screen after selecting "New Game" for me If you have working copies can you link me, pretty please For anyone having the same issue, make sure you are using the LATEST xbe from the openlara github page.
  • Fixed CCI file for Sims 2
    It seems a straight up Repackinator CCI conversion of the Redump image results in an error at launch. There is now a fixed version available. The clip below shows it being launched from XBMC4Gamers without any issue. It also fixes the crash some people get on the character creation screen when launching from XBMC4Gamers.
  • No Output
    I have a 1.4 here that won't output a signal. I've tried composite, component cables. I replaced the av port with a different one. Still nothing. When I pull the cable out of the xbox it acknowledges it by flashing. I have a Black Ice flashed with Cerbios. Any ideas on something else I could check?
  • Trying to narrow down why v1.6 won't turn on
    Hi everyone, I hope you're having a good summer so far! So I saw an ad for this v1.6 Xbox in my local Kijiji listings for $10 CAD (roughly 90 cents US...j/k). It was mangled, like it fell off a desk while the lid was off and the power rail caps were visibly leaking. I figured, what the heck, it's probably those caps - I'll replace them and hey, one more 'Box saved. So I bought it, cleaned it up, reshaped the frame and replaced the caps. Figured it would boot up right? Nope, absolutely nothing happened. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what the problem...
  • Ring of Light mod too bright... Any ideas how to dim it slightly??? FIXED :)
    FIXED SEE BOTTOM OF POST Hi peeps, I have just added a blue LED halo to my Xenium modded crystal. Its looks great, the ONLY issue is that its a bit too bright... Its a 12v halo for car headlights. Here's the link to the exact one I bought. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07G59CHT3?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details Here is what it currently looks like on my console.... And the view from above.... Its so bright that it leaves rings in your vision for a good 10 mins if you look at the console LOL I'm thinking that I should...
  • Looking for a DVT-3 or 4
    I am interested in a DVT-3 or DVT-4. I am interested in building a setup that makes use of the raptor PCI card, uses the DVD emulator, uses windbg through the serial port and I want to have a dedicated PC with XP on it. I want to put this setup on its own desk with a lamp on it, complete with a Microsoft mouse and keyboard. I do NOT want to have to pay 3000 dollars for it, like below. I would LOVE to look at the HDD on this thing, but not for 3000 bucks....
  • Loose TSOP Wire?
    I was cleaning another one and it booted to Avalaunch v0.49.1 Alpha 61 with an X2 bios. While cleaning it, the top wire broke loose from the MCPX area. It was connected right up against it, but I couldn't see the correct hole because the solder was so large. It was just flopping around. I barely snagged it with a qtip and it fell off. Anyone know the correct hole it's supposed to be in? If they bridged the tsop points previously, why the need for the blue wire? It FRaG's without it connected. I don't know if connecting it to a wrong hole would harm anything. The last pic is where I...
  • Problem with the 128mb screen frame mod
    I am making the 128 mb mod to my console, I guess this situation is happening to me, I soldered the first memory and when doing the ram check, when starting the xblastOS the screen turns into pure frames or as in the attached image it looks distorted, what is this about? The memories are Samsung and are from another Xbox.. HELP!! I have carefully checked the pins to verify that I do not have jumpers or tin balls, in addition to that there is no short.
  • xbmc4gamers trainers drive link? (offline xbox)
    hi does any one maybe @Rocky5 have the direct gdrive link to his trainers? my xbox has no way of being online and i would like to ftp the trainers to my xbox i do have an ethernet cord but the og is far away from the router (PS you cann dm me that link if you don't feel like putting it out on the forum as I'm sure i'm not breaking forum rules)
  • WTB - 2tb Origins imaged HDD
    WTB 2tb Origins imaged HDD in UK if anyone has one going spare give me a shout. Or if someone would be happy to lend me one to copy I’ll cover postage both ways and pay a fee for the service 😎 Thanks
  • Make Mhz Project Stellar with HD+ booting issues
    Hello everyone, I have a !.0 MOBO that I have recently installed Project stellar on along with the HD+ kit from MakeMhz. I had the ribbon cable to the video encoder professionally soldered on but the rest of the install I was able to complete myself. once i reassembled the unit I was able to get it to post with only the mod chip with no DVD or HDD drive but I had no audio only the splash screen. I then completely reassembled to see if it was an issue with no hard drive (shouldn't be i thought to myself) so unsurprisingly it still had no audio (but the picture is OUTSTANDING). anyway I took...
  • Galleon HDD rip size 343MB; Split ISO size 3.5GB, why use ISO format for this game?
    Hi, Regarding the game Galleon. I see on the CCI compatibility list the loading times are slow for this game when in CCI format, I then noticed it being a split ISO format on download site. And don't understand why the ISO's (combined) size is about 3.5GB, compared to a HDD rip being only about 343MB. There's probably a good reason for Galleon to be in ISO format rather than HDD rip, but I'd also rather save the space on the Xbox hard drive and have it as a HDD rip unless there's a reason not to do it this way? This goes for the ISO games, many are larger than when extract as...
  • Question about Trace Repairs
    Soon I'm gonna try and repair the traces on my Xbox. I've done my fair share of soldering in the past, and I don't think it's gonna be too hard. The only question I have is about what I have to solder. It seems I need to solder 4 points, but do I really? The power button still sorta works, and the Red LED light still works as well. Could someone give me a nice tutorial? Thanks! EDIT: Hold up, I was just watching this Xbox Repair video, and they turned it on showing the power board. But when it turned on, two of the LED Lights showed up. and they were both Green. I though that one was...
  • D0 and Ground point
    Hey team, Super new to this forum and to modding the xbox!I have been enjoying the scene and finally after all these years dipping my toes into the Xbox space! I was just wondering for ease of modding my xbox's, are there any PCB's or Gerber files to be able to print my own PCB's for ease of soldering the D0 and Ground points on the motherboard? I'd like to keep as much as possible wires off the board where I can and feel this could be one of those. Any help or useful files or links to purchase pcbs will be much appreciated, thanks guys!
  • Help! I bought a used modded OG Xbox, but the games on it won't load.
    Hi there. I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge of modding the OG Xbox. I've started collecting consoles and just bought an old modded OG Xbox on eBay. It has a silver toggle switch on the back, which enables/disables the mod chip. It's the version 1.0 OG Xbox. When I load it up it goes into the EvoX front end. When I go to the list of games, it shows quite a few on there. However, when I select one, it starts to load, and then resets back to the main modded menu. I've tried several random games on the list. Strangely though, ONLY the Monopoly game runs. I have also added more games via...
  • Is there a replacement power supply adapter for XBOX version 1.6?
    Hello! I hope someone is still alive here!! Well that's it, is there currently an adapter to replace the power supply of an Xbox version 1.6? Something like the AT2XBOX project launched
  • Game artwork
    Hey, does anyone have game artwork they would mind sharing? I am going to use XBMC Origins for my dash but would prefer to use already done artwork as it’ll be a lot to have to create my own from scratch. Thanks.
  • How would I setup Visual Studio .NET 2003 with libSDL2x?
    I've been scratching my head at this for a few days trying to get this to work with no avail. I've been using this library https://github.com/brentdc-nz/libSDL2x/tree/master but it's not very complete, so I tried using Lantus's libSDLx library (SDL 1.2) and I couldn't get it to set up properly. I'm on physical hardware running Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit. libSDL2x wouldn't work because it would break at SDL_RenderPresent() and spit out an error about memory allocation?



















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