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  • Qwix 101 (Retroware)
    Qwix101 Ftp to your xbox Create xiso's extract xiso's patch default xex and more.... Change Log: Note: Please read the Qwix_FAQ.htm file included with Qwix! Even with that file included in the RAR, many of those questions come up all the time. This is a bugfix release and adds no new features. Qwix 1.01 fixes: - Reworked FTP transfer buffers for improved Windows performance during and after transfers, which can also increase transfer speeds (especially boost mode). - Changed default transfer buffer size from 512KB to 1MB. -...
  • Evox Skins (18+)
    Some skins I came across on a box when repairing. Thought I would share as these are not on the Slayers Auto Installer Skin.rar Just FYI there seem to be alot of adult skins
  • Evox Trainers
    Small collection of Evox trainers I had you can simply ftp them into your trainers folder. Trainers.rar
  • A Hello To Everyone
    Hi all, Thought I'd join up and say hi. Glad to see people still keeping the original Xbox going. In my opinion the best console ever as beyond it it's just a graphics race and with emulators it can play most stuff before it. Very interested in reading and discussing more about creating a laptop version, but keep getting lost on what to do and how I want my attempt to turn out. Anyway that is a debate for a different thread so I'll end things here and hope to talk more soon.
  • Audio Video Format That Original XBox Can Read
    I'm interested to know once the original Xbox is modded what can can the king of emulation play?for movies what kind of movie formats can she play? For example MP4 Avi Etc. Also would be nice to know what kind of music and picture files will work with the original Xbox for example MP3? Wave? Jpeg? Either a list or a link would be great. I got a lot of cool stuff that can go on the Xbox and we all know how FTP speeds are..lol Thanks Frank
  • XBmc Wide Banner Icons
    Ok, so I'm looking for a few of the banners/wide icons for xbmc. I've already downloaded this: http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/other/xmbc-wide-icons-pack/ which includes all of these already: http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/homebrew-apps/937-xbox-wide-icons-for-xbmc-games/ I'm looking for a Coinops 8 banner, and the Adults Only banner. If they're in there...I can't find them. ANy help is greatly appreciated. TIA! Dan
  • 720p & 1080p Upgrades
    Ok, so this eBay seller (who doesn't want to share his secrets oddly enough), says that his xbox's are the only ones available with 720p or 1080p. I know there's a way...I can't find it because I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for or more importantly how to search it. here are the links: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Modded-Original-XBOX-Highest-Quality-Build-25K-Games-1TB-Loaded-/162667846744?hash=item25dfc25c58:g:PzkAAOSw881ZtMKA...
  • Game Night 9/23/17 8pm Eastern
    Please download and install Xlink Kai. Go to configuration and set your port to 30,000. Port forward both TCP and UDP ports 30,000 in your router to your pc that is running xlink Kai. Do this BEFORE game time, so we can help you. No help will be given after that. Post the System Link Original Xbox game you like to play. Join the discord voice chat.
  • Clone XBox Hard Drive.
    I currently have an xbox I bought that was already soft modded several years ago. It has a 750 gig hard drive in it. I was wondering is it possible to clone the hard drive thats in it, then take the cloned drive and install it into another soft modded xbox? Is it possible lock the hard drive with the new eeprom from the 2nd softmoded xbox? trying to save a lot of time If I can do it this way...thanks
  • X2.6 XEcuter Chip With No Switch Pcb
    Hi, I have put this on the Facebook group also. I have an X2.6 chip in an old v1.0 Xbox and I was going to pull it out and put it in a different one however the PCB with the bank switches has gone missing. No idea where it is. What are my options? Ideally would like to have the full functionality and flash it again. Anyone have the switch PCB and want to part with it has anyone done their own switches for it? The ribbon cable to the non existent switch PCB is intact.
  • Aladdin XBlast Modchips
    https://youtu.be/U9RTT-PHad8 Aladdin Xblast Modchips Domestic: $20 USD SHIPPED TO USA International: $20 USD SHIPPED TO MOST PLACES (minimum order, 4) **21 Available** more on the way Features: -1MB 49LF080A LPC Flash -Supports 1x 512KB Bank and 1x 256KB Bank, also lets you boot from onboard TSOP!! -Banks are software controlled from XblastOS embedded into Bank2, -NO SWITCHES! -D0 point for 1.0-1.4 Xboxes -Dedicated LFRAME point for 1.6 xboxes that releases after boot to avoid damage. -Pre programmed with the 1.6 versions of X2 5035 F and G...
  • Amd Duo X2 / Duo X2 Gs
    Just picked up a couple Xbox systems last night one of them had the AMD dual x 2 GS chip. I also have an AMD dual x 2 chip... I was wondering if anyone knew the difference between the x 2 and the x 2 GS. Thank you very much
  • Just Got a XEnium Chip What Are My Options
    So I just scored a xenium chip, which came free with a broken Xbox. the seller just said it was broken, didn't even know the chip was in it. Its a 1.1/1.2 and the board looks like new. Turns out the old owner has never flashed the chip and was running the stock dash, but had some how managed to switch the chip switch so it was half on half off, so it wouldn't boot. well I fixed that and slapped a new drive in to take advantage of the set up tools. so now I have two dilemmas. 1. what's the best bios to drop on this chip, it's currently in the 1.1/1.2...
  • Soldier of Fortune II - Saturday 23rd September 2017
    I'd like to invite everyone on ogxbox.com to come play Soldier of Fortune II with my group this Saturday. We're starting at 8:30pm Eastern Time, and the game will be dual hosted on XLink Kai, in the Soldier of Fortune II arena, and XBSlink, on the xbslink.baseq.fr cloudlist.
  • Financial Disclosure
    I'd like to thank each and every one of you for being here whether it's the fb group or these forums. As I'm sure you've noticed, the site has ways to donate as well as purchase premium memberships. These are NOT required and this is actually the first time I've publicly mentioned them that I can remember. I don't intend to keep bringing it up because the site is for you and I don't want to shake you down for money. I do feel though that taking donations means I owe an explanation of where that money goes and want to disclose how much has been donated. I believe in full disclosure. So...
  • Ide To Sata Adapter Comparison
    Results Below! I compare load times while controlling all variables of the startech ide2sat2 adapter vs the cheap adapter that most people recommend. There are significant differences in both price and performance. cheapo ux bootup 2:28 - 3:09 = 41 seconds halo 2 load 4:11 - 4:56 = 45 seconds coinops dd3 5:42 - 6:25 = 43 seconds startech ux bootup 8:00 - 8:20 = 20 seconds halo2 load 10:05 - 10:25 = 20 seconds coinops dd3 10:57 - 10:40 = 43 seconds CoinOps was 43 seconds for both tests. This implies that the wait isn't due to throughput of the...
  • Hello New Person Here !
    Just joined up after finding the site while googling some Xbox related stuff. Been into modding for longer than the Xbox has been a thing. Had a bit of a break from it all and recently decided my stock pile of OG Xboxes needed some love. My background is electromechanical engineering , but now work in IT so I guess modding is in the blood. I always look at electronics and think I wonder what it looks like inside. Glad to be here and to have found an active site that's not got posts that are unanswered for ten years. Hopefully I can learn and teach in equal measures.
  • Hi Everyone
    Hello all, thanks for the nice forum. I am an original XBOX fan. Slim
  • Tsop Version 1.0 Board
    Can someone please confirm that only the Pads at R7D3 (on the top of the board) and the Pads at R7R3 (on the bottom of the board) need to be soldered and there is no jumper wire or other modifications needed if the TSOP is a Winbond TSOP and not a Sharp TSOP.
  • Welcome Rocky5!
    I'd like to take a moment just to welcome one of the biggest if not the most active contributors to the Scene. Rocky5. He has his own section here now and we're honored that he's here with us. Please check out his section. Chances are you're using something he made. If you're not you should be.
  • Yooo
    Hey Xbros (and sisters). Don't know why it toom me so long to type the url I see everyday in the facebook group title.
  • Glossary of Terms
    In Xbox modding, there are some terms used and people seem to get confused on them. One of the most common is: "You have to softmod to TSOP flash" No you do not. The confusion is over what an exploit is and what a softmod is. An exploit is required to run the softmod, but they are not the same thing. The exploit is a buffer overflow or some other sort of attack that can be done on the unmodified software, to make it run unsigned code. Since each application still has to pass the checks that the retail bios runs on it, we have to sign each application. Therefore,...
  • Hey Everyone
    hi everyone. i joined here because i recently bought a new modded xbox original and i want to see what exactly i can do with it
  • Hello All
    Love the site, been in the Facebook group for a long time now. Started modding Xboxs in 2002, recently got back into it. This site has been a real help to helping me catch up and remember old tricks.
  • Team XEcuter Custom Hardware
    Hey Guys, I'm going to try to compile the parts and hardware that Team Xecuter Created for the Original Xbox. Please Correct me if my Information is wrong. For those who don't know much about the hardware, I can talk about each one at the bottoms of the picture but here's a brief explanation of these valuable work of art. Xecuter 3 Control Panels were a replacement for the original xbox face plate. which is only compatible with the Xecuter 3 Modchip. These were the bigger upgraded accessory that brought full compatibility to their Modchip which includes a built in XLCD, two USB...