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N64 freak

1,4ghz Upgraded Xbox Consoles

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N64 freak    16

So for anyone who likes a more powerfull Xbox console i can offer 1,4ghz CPU upgraded Xbox consoles.

The Additional Performance is perfect for XBMC, Linux and Emulation. Retail games do need to be patched to work correctly though!

They have the Performance Reduction Switch like the DreamX1480 has that does reduce the performance to around 50%


The Consoles do have the following modifications by default:

-1,4ghz CPU

-128MB Ram

-Removed/Replaced Clock Cap

-Second Fan header installed

-LPC Header installed


The Consoles do come with the IND5004 flashed to the TSOP and have XBMC3.3.3 installed to the HDD.

The Price for a Console is: 210€ +shipping

Additional Upgrades like HDD upgrades, another Bios, a Xerc2 IR Mod or other mods are possible. Just ask!

To get in contact with me just drop me a PM here on the Forums and i can get a console upgraded for you!

The upgraded Motherboards look like this:






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    • By N64 freak
      So finally got the case for the HDMI cable finished!

      The cable itself does work good and is finally in the last steps off testing. Decided to add the OGX logo to the case to make it look even better.

      So a little more detail about the hardware now!

      It is basically a Component to HDMI converter that does reencode the Component signal to a HDMI signal.

      The Xbox will recognize the cable as a component cable and it is plug and play without the need for an extra psu or anything.

      The HDMI signal does provide stereo audio and there is an optical out on the pcb for digital audio.

      Can print the case in different colors once the cables are for sale! 
      Before a lot off people ask about them now they will be for sale in around 4 weeks and i will post the add here in the Forums.

      Will offer them as finished cable and as an internal install kit without the cable and avip plug for those who want to do an internal install on there Xbox.
      So keep checking the forums not just facebook
      And without further talking that's how the final product looks like:


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