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How To Show Pictures of the Games In UnleashX?

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I've seen several UnleashX skins show the game picture/icon next to the name of the game.  But they don't show up with any of the games i've put on the hdd.  Am I missing something in the game folder itself or a setting I need to modify in UnleashX?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Depends on the skin you are using if it displays the icon stored in the game's default.xbe file.

From Please login or register to see this link. 's skinning section, an example Menu tag with optional attributes (page 26 of 32):

<Menu Smooth="True" Align="Middle" ShowIcon="False"
Rotate="False" ShowArrows="False" Horizontal="False">



ShowIcon determines if the game Icon should be display before the game name.

There's more information in the PDF file linked above on skinning and GameIcon display settings as well as UnleashX usage.

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