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For the past few weeks i've been looking into modding an xbox, and i've bought quite a good amount of stuff to prepare. I understand that there are like 15 ways to do somethings and it all depends on specifics ecct.. but I just have a few questions. For starters, I understand you have to soft mod your xbox before tsop mod, and you can change out your hdd either after the tsop mod or after softmodding, which way should I do? Also, I would like some emuls so which bios should i be looking into? All I want to do is to be able to boot a few games without putting them in the disk drive, and play some older games, on top of having a nice dash board and boot up screen.


Among the things I've purchased, I also got a ghost case, and I would like to paint my jewel. anybody have advice on that? also, any good looking led mod kits? I've seen a couple, but if anyone has a link to a good treasure trove of either led strips or something to put under my jewel, I would appreciate it. Also, why do some people while installing the ghost case (clear case) not change out the disk reader cover to the transparent one? 


Haven't opened my xbox yet, since its the one from my childhood, I'm trying to save it, but if I can't find a cheap one to mod out, Ill be using what i suspect to be a 1.3. 

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Oh, and also how would I go about improving the quality of graphics? Im playing on a 4k tv with standard hookups, is there a large improvement with hdmi cables or the older 6 pin connector av cables, or are neither worth looking in too?

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I think the best start is to look at some of the soft mod tutorials. there are various videos on Youtube, i recommend the ones by JCRocky5.  Softmod or hardmod is really a preference thing, both will get the job done. I personally like TSOP mods, but when i started out I did the softmod, and got familiar with setting up by back games etc.  perfoming the actual tsop mod is quite easy if you are somewhat comfortable with a soldering iron.  Seems like you have a lot on your mind on what you want to do with this setup, but start small and tackle one thing at a time. Before you know it you'll be teaching other people how to do this.  In order to get further help, learn the ropes a bit, watch some vidoes. This way when you have specific questions, people can help you. Good luck. 

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Please login or register to see this link.
This link for rocky5 softmod

Looks like this link has some good info on the jewel.

easiest to just clear it. painting is always trickier because paint is chemistry and every good painter will insist that "rattle cans suck" any backyard expert like myself knows good results can still be achieved. but clear on your ghost case would look pretty cool.

I've used this info in conjunction with other info to make a diy component cable that works very well, otherwise buy the chinese one on ebay and its actually ok. lacking quality shielding that disrupts the clarity.

As far as the TSOP mod and selecting a bios. there really isnt much to say from my perspective. i have ind-bios on mine, works great.
start with softmod and move to tsop as your hobby hours open up to accomodate it. always more fun doing the tsop.

thats all i can say tho. otherwise like incursion said, have some fun, do the homework. surf and dig. you can find loads and loads of info out here.

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I wrote the original Jewel post.  I swear by Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer..  I also use Gorilla Double Sided Mounting Tape.  It is similar to the original material in strength and thickness.  Also, as long as you are painting a solid color, the Jewel does not need to be perfectly clear.  It just needs to be smooth and clean.

Jewel Supplies.jpg

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