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Tony Acto

Xbox With Code 21

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i have  a used xbox that i bought just recently paid 10 dollars was softmodded with soft mod deluxe v3 and have a code 21 the sticker that says the year has been wiped clean and i cant make out anything on it if anyone can help i would appreciate it is their any way to put it back to original the xbox and the softmod it then tsop flash it back to the original xbox software 


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If it was softmodded you should be able load a hexen disk.

First thing you should try is loading the hexen disk, and then installing a dashboard using the install dashboard stuff (havent looked at the menus in awhile)


Alternative option: So burn a Hexen 2017/18 disk, go into settings somewhere once its loaded, set network to DHCP, FTP to the xbox from your PC, then put in a clean C/E to that you know work.

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3 hours ago, Tony Acto said:

Yes I burned a coppy of hexen 2017 and just reinstalled a dashboard for original Xbox  and it fixed that 

What revision xbox did you end up getting?

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Board Life Status

Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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