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[your] Favorite UnleashX Skin

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Post a link or attach the skin's file archive (max 1 per post please) to your favorite UnleashX skin.


>/dev/null 2>&1

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    • By XboxMon
      I successfully cloned my 100GB Maxtor to a Seagate 1TB drive using CHIMP.  All my data, games, skins, etc were intact on the new drive.  Then I went to use CHIMP to extend my partitions on my master drive (the Seagate) so it would recognize all 1TB but much to my chagrin when I rebooted I seemed to lose everything, including my skins, my emulators, and my Xbox games (there were about 100GB worth).  The menu shows the categories and a barebones UnleashX skin but nothing inside them.  How do I extend my partitions on my cloned drive so I get the full 1TB without losing my current UnleashX setup?
    • By immaburrama
      Pardon the noobness but I've currently resurrected an Xbox and cloned it to a 2TB hard drive.
      I've added the latest version I can find of XBMC and am able to see the G: partition in FTP sessions but looks like Unleash X still can't see it?  
      I have a copy of Please login or register to see this link.  and wanted to upgrade to that but can't find any resources for updating without the live update feature.
      Can anyone link any available documentation or possibly some advice on how to proceed?  
      Also, if there is any go-to guides to getting everything current can you please provide some links?  Reddit seems to be a little dodgy with content.
      Thank you for your help!
    • By Tony Kuberka
      I am filling a 2tb drive and the bigger i make the menu, the slower it boots. is there any way to get unleash x to not autoload the menu's so it will boot faster?

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