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OXC Eeprom Read N Writr

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If i want to buy one... what i need to do?

They show up on ebay from time to time, which is where I bought mine. I use an old Windows XP PC to dump the EEPROM (since it has a built in serial port), and my Windows 10 PC to onlock/drives, since XboxHDM supports USB drives (I have an IDE/SATA to USB dock).  








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    • By AlaskaCC
      A fellow Xbox fan requested that I put an X3 modchip in his Dev Box so he can use all 128M of RAM, although we had a conversation about the limited library.  He wants the modchip  instead of a simple TSOP.  I have the mainboard and drive working.  It boots to the MS clock/calendar initially.  After setting the time I am able to see 3 standard menu options: Memory, Music and Settings.  Clearly it has not been updated to include Live.  The only game save is Revolt (Microsoft ATG).  
      It will not play a game but gives this message: "You need to connect the DVD Playback Kit receiver to a controller port to watch movies.  Remove the disc to continue."  I have a brand new DVD Playback Kit so I put it in.  No luck.  Tried a movie DVD.  Still the same message.
      I pulled the EEPROM using PonyProg.  It looks okay although it will not load into LiveInfo.  ConfigMagic also rejects it.  I have looked through the raw edit of the EEPROM but am not sure what to look for.  This one seems like it is above my pay grade!  I am hoping for another perspective on it.  I must be missing something here but don't know what it is.
      Any help?
    • By mikeaton
      I have a board I wanted to get out there in the scene but right now I’m getting out of the Xbox scene so I’m just dumping all my board deigns - OXControllr is a baord that slips into the controller port and gives you full usb and a power button if you have done the power button mod

      OXControllr v2.zip


    • By Frank D'Agostino
      I'm interested to know once the original Xbox is modded what can can the king of emulation play?for movies what kind of movie formats can she play? For example MP4 Avi Etc. Also would be nice to know what kind of music and picture files will work with the original Xbox for example MP3? Wave? Jpeg?
      Either a list or a link would be great. I got a lot of cool stuff that can go on the Xbox and we all know how FTP speeds are..lol
      Thanks Frank

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