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I have an unmodded Xbox and would like to know if the following information I have learnt is correct if modding an Xbox. To softmod an Xbox you can use the Pal version of Splinter Cell Classic edition,  Also you can buy an Xbox softmod kit (2018) - A usb/memory card pre-loaded with the files needed to softmod an Xbox which includes Splinter Cell. You plug it into your Xbox and install the softmod by following the instructions.

Also I have 2 questions I would like to ask. 1st - Do you need to delete your game saves on your hard drive before you do this or can you leave them on the hard drive as I would prefer not to delete my saves on the hard drive. 2nd question - If you then change your hard drive to a bigger one after you softmoded your Xbox to a 2TB hard drive, is this easy to do, or dangerous to your Xbox, and how much does a 2TB hard drive cost (in pounds or euros if poss).

If you need to know what Xbox I have it will be the 1st Xbox as it came with a Thompson DVD drive (but got changed to Samsung by Microsoft after it became faulty-just for info).

Thanks in advance for any info and advice you can give me.




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You use the Pal version if you have a Pal xbox. No you don't need to delete your game saves. You can transfer your saves to the new HDD yes. Easiest way is once you have your dashboard modded, FTP to the xbox when it still has stock hdd, backup all your TDATA/UDATA to your PC. Then use "XSaveMgr" aka Xbox-saves Manager. This program is very easy to use. You just select the UDATA I believe, and it will FTP all the saves to your new HDD with no hassle. The new HDD has to have a dash and stuff obv to FTP to it.

Alternatively you can just use Xbox-saves Manager to backup all your saves in the first place if its easier.



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What's the reason for Splinter Cell and where can you get it? I have a V1.2 that the hard drive just died. Now I can't boot into the console.

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7 hours ago, skyking said:

What's the reason for Splinter Cell and where can you get it? I have a V1.2 that the hard drive just died. Now I can't boot into the console.

You can get Splinter Cell on eBay, Amazon, or anywhere else that sells old games. But if your HDD is dead, Splinter Cell isn't going to fix it.

Your options now are to extract the EEPROM and use it to lock a new HDD to the motherboard, or install a modchip which will bypass the need to lock the HDD, and then just format a new one with HeXEn.

Installing a modchip is extremely easy to do. I haven't had the need to extract an EEPROM yet, so I can't say from personal experience, but that too seems to be pretty easy due to PiPROM.


Also, since your Xbox is a 1.2, you absolutely must remove the clock capacitor immediately, if you haven't done so yet.

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