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Dvd Drive Replacement Laser Availability

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Hi Guys. Does anyone know where to buy a replacement laser for a Thompson drive and a Phillips drive? I have two XBOXs with bad drives. I have tried cleaning the laser with alcohol and adjusting the laser but they went from reading some games to reading no games. I have looked on Amazon and eBay but have not been able to find any. Are replacement lasers no longer available for these drives? What are you guys doing with these failed drives? Are you running your XBOX without a DVD drive? My concern with doing this is how would you reload with a disk like Hexen 2017 without a working DVD drive if you ever needed to?

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i couldn't find the eyes but i would try a whole new CD drive 

i just stack them up in the garage with any other scrap  but i keep my best CD drives off unless i am going to use it

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psnap, i've got a slim box with no drive in it. the scrap drive that was in there i harvested the board from in order to run it with softmod only (v1.6)
it worked just fine. i have since installed a cheap modchip in case what you're describing happens and i lose a drive (you can null with rocky softmod i am unfamiliar and will leave it for another poster)

What im getting at if, a pc dvd drive (i happened to have an ide dvd drive kicking around) will work. you need to have the power hooked to the stock drive and then ide hooked to pc drive while powering it with an outside source (or splitter but 3 drives is pushing it and likely wouldnt work on xbox PSU)

The question is "do i really have to go through all this hassle to set up a new drive with hexen" the answer is you likely wont be doing many times if you are just using this for standard homebrew application.

The PC drive will not play the xbox games because they are read in reverse or soemthing like that. I looked into dedicating a new pc drive to the box but for what its worth DVD is a media i do not support... the only dvd i use is hexen.

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    • By InvasionSurvivor
      Hey lads, I'm having a bit of an issue here.

      Recently softmodded my xbox and cloned a 2TB Hard Drive over. It has been working fine, I Ftp'd over some stuff and they run fine on the drive. So here's the problem.

      When I started my xbox today, my DVD Drive was working fine. Albeit I didn't stress test my Hitachi-LG, it immediately booted MechAssault which was in the tray. I've always had a sticky disk tray issue, so I keep a disk in tray so it will open. I Ftp'd over my stuff, moved to the new dashboard. The game also booted fine there. 

      Then I booted DVD2Xbox, and this is where everything stopped working. I tried to rip the game and it failed, about 5 files in, said it had failed to copy over 100 files. I tried to see if maybe the App was just acting up. So I went back to my dashboard and tried to boot MechAssault. It went to a black screen, and then rebooted the dashboard. So... I kept going. I went back to Rocky's softmod dashboard, and when the disc tray initialized, it read MechAssault as the title in the softmod. Hit "Launch Disc", and... no dice, it boots back to the dashboard. A friend suggested maybe clearing the cache, so I did. 

      After clearing the cache, I got the game to load, but first it went to a red patchy screen, and loaded 15 seconds after. I played a round of Grinder, but when I quit grinder... black screen, went back to dashboard.

      I can't stress this enough, it only stopped working the moment I ran DVD2Xbox. My fear is that I'll probably need to clean the laser, and if it doesn't work, it may mean I need to get a new drive. I couldn't unplug its power cable when I was softmodding [I was desperately careful], so I put it carefully on the table, It flopped over once, and I'm afraid that may be what has killed the drive. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
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      Thanks for any help.

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