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Trying To Upgrade Hdd ( Tsop Flashed ) 1.0

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I have been working on my first moded xbox i Tsops flashed ind bios on it and all went well next i was working on a HDD Chimp would lock up every time the new drive was plunged in so i went to format it  useing HEXEN 2017

it did finish the format when i boot this drive i get to a Black screen no errors and i can reboot hexen tried it 2 times last night any ideals of what i can do

info on this hdd

its on the list for 1.6 with 80 cables i figured it would work on a 1.0 with tsop and 80  cables

its SATA have a converter with compactors and a jumper and padding on back

im at a Total loss at this point

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Chimp is only for softmodded systems. You dont need to lock a hard drive on a TSOP modded Xbox. Just start over with HeXEn to set up your new hard drive.

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problem finally fixed thanks  i went back and was looking at tsop tools they too have a hdd upgrade there  that one worked :P

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