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XBox 1.6 Wont Power Up

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I believe my Xbox is a 1.6 - it has the Xcalibur chip. Correct?

I purchased a new power cable for the unit. It still does not power up. I ripped it apart and it looks like there is a short on the power supply board. Does anyone know where I can find one for sale for the 1.6? or how to fix this? Picture below. Hopefully the pictures are clear. 

What else could the issue be???

Your help is appreciated!

I am planning to update and revisit this project from 10 years ago. Current Mods - SmartXX mod chip with 180gb HDD. (Nothing special)





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I assume the best thing it to find another one on eBay? 

Do I need to find power supply board specific to the 1.6 or any power supply board will work?

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8 hours ago, OneFellSwoop said:

I believe my Xbox is a 1.6 - it has the Xcalibur chip. Correct?


Yes it's a v1.6 Xbox console.

You'll need to find an Xbox PSU specifically for a v1.6 console and match your input AC power specs.  (e.g., 120VAC or 220VAC).

Looks like IC21 blew out and blew the top off that capacitor with it.

The Xbox Repair Guide isn't going to help you for component-level repair of a V1.6 Xbox Power Supply Unit (PSU).

ebay, craigslist, offerup etc are you best bet to purchase an entire used 1.6 console for spare parts.  Years ago, there were a few 3rd party vendors that made replacement power supplies for the Xbox console; however, they've been out of production for many years.

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If you really want to test the power supply unplug the Molex connector going to the hard drive. Turn on the system use a Multimeter one and black one in yellow if it reads 12 volts then it's good period one in black one in red if it reads 5 volts and it's good if it's off of half a volt or I would be concerned.. I've noticed in my own experience a lot of the 1.6 revisions have issues with the capacitors around the CPU processor. Close to where the power supply plugs into the main board. There's either three or five of the same capacitors. 3300 micro ferrets at 6.3 volts. And I've also seen revisions having 1500 microfarads at 6.3 volts. I would take a look at that as well

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Okay, so now my power supply has been installed. I see the red and green led lights on the mod chip on. However, when I press the power button the Xbox does not turn on. It is for sure receiving power, but seems dead.... The fan does not turn on nothing turns on but the modchip lights...

Any ideas???

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Tested the transistor and it is under 3.0.... it is like .14 on the multimeter. Is it possible I have the wrong power supply board???? It was labeled 1.6 power supply on ebay but who knows...

What transistor should I order to make this fix?

Is there any way to bypass the transistor so I can test if this  will fix it?

Used this video as a reference.


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