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Mod To Use XBox 360 Controller

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I have been thinking about doing a mod to allow for the use of a Xbox 360 controller.  I used to have a wireless S-controller rip off which worked great but I lost it during moving some time go. I also have the Logitech one, but I really despise it. It just feels wrong and in no way is as good as the s-controller.

I do love the 360 controller and use that for my 360 and my Opensuse based media centre. So I would also like to use it on a Xbox.

I was thinking of using a Raspberry Pi, a Xbox 360 usb receiver, custom usb connector/output to connect to the Xbox motherboard and connector for auto on/off with the xbox button on the 360.

On the Pi I want to load a lightweight Linux with the Xboxdrv driver to take the input of the 360 controllers and translate it to the OG xbox controller output, using some of the code from this same driver which also supports the original xbox controller.

A bit worried about lag and my ability to mod the driver code, but seems like an interesting challenge.

Any one seeing other challenges or maybe has tried this and found it impossible ;)

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arent 2 CY7C68013A-56 EZ-USB FX2LP USB Develope Board Module or somiliar be easier?
1 acting as a host, translating the packets to buttons and variables the other will reply as client on the xbox? this board is used as a usb debug and USB devices aswell. Im thinking of the following Please login or register to see this link.
(I got 2 of these to sniff USB and debug my laptop, but havent used them yet... so no real world experiance with em yet)

Or, get a OG xbox controller IC and reroute all buttons of the 360 to the very similiar classic one? looks easier.

Else, yeah Linux/Rasp method migth be a trick: Please login or register to see this link. the RaspberryPi zero has OTG apparently so maybe you could turn the Raspberry into a HID device: Please login or register to see this link.
For reverence: Please login or register to see this link. and Xqemu emulator source might help you first with making the Raps act as a controller
But I personaly have enough ControllerS to just take the pcb, and put em in a 360 controller shell with cutting and such. Remmeber that a Rapsberry AND a 360 controller take alott more power from the USB port. and the XBox only has USB1.1. And no way of replacing "drivers" so it either act as a Xbox classic controller or use it with homrebrew software that supports whatever HID device your "emulating"

My 10 cents :D

Edited by codeasm
added application note that Im thinking of as example

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