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Michael McBride

How To Unlock an XBox Hard Drive With Hdat2

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Here is how to unlock an Xbox hard drive with a program called Hdat2.

Software link: Please login or register to see this link.

Software is in attachment also. It is a Boot able iso. 


I've done a YouTube video showing how to unlock an Xbox hard disk with HDAT2 link here for the program Please login or register to see this link.

This is a WIP, there may be some errors :( I will try to update the videos and instructions over time ;) 

6th April edited YouTube video
9th May 2017 v60b4, new YouTube Video and updated instructions

Set up your PC with the Xbox hard disk as Master and the DVD drive as Slave.
Set the BIOS to boot from DVD/CD first.
When the program loads, be patient it takes a little while ;) 
Type "HDAT2" at the command prompt.
Select the hard disk by using the cursor keys and pressing enter.
Scroll down to "Security" press enter.
Scroll down to "Unlock device" press enter.
Then press "I" to change from User to Master.
Pressing "K" will scroll through a list of built in passwords, if you're lucky it'll be one in the list.
Xboxes are usually "XBOXSCENE" or "TEAMASSEMBLY" which are near the end of the built in password list.
Press "S" to set and then "Y" to confirm.
NOTE: You will only get 5 attempts, and then you will have to re-boot, and start again :( 
You can also enter a password manually by pressing "P"
Passwords can be entered in User mode, but you don't get the "K" option for the built in password list.

If you have "zeroed" your hard drive password then 30 HEX is DECIMAL 0.
Hopefully the video will show what I mean :) 

Please login or register to see this link.

HDAT2 also has other useful hard drive tools to repair bad sectors, erase etc...
Have a look at some of the other YouTube videos by other users ;)

Video Below:



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